Hey! My name is Michael.

ask-why-blog.com aims to help people start building a website or blog so that they can fund their lifestyle. So many people use their fingers for a living, work more than 40 hours a week, have never seen their children grow up, and cannot afford the good things in life.

I am there. 27 years old, engaged in endless work, trying to feed my girlfriend and our newborn baby daughter Elsa. I can barely see them. Only on Sunday when I am on vacation can I spend some precious time with my young family.

I have been working in web design and let myself do some freelance jobs, they set up blogs and create content for local small businesses. At that time I realized that I could make a lot of money by blogging.

As orders for blog construction continued to come in, I had enough money to start building my own blog and start earning a lot of cash just from the recommendations of previous customers.

I cover a wide variety of topics, from blog basics to more advanced techniques, such as getting more traffic from your blog.

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