Light the dazzling colors of the Raiders


Two months ago, I am ”
Although the tremor of Parkinson’s but became a good-looking photos accidentally “how to share a dual lamp
Rear-curtain sync with filters to create a psychedelic effect.

Today we will upgrade the entire lighting, color of light and shadow to create a more dazzling.

can be seen from the chart below, I played left and right side light staining the white walls of the bedroom. read more

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Studio portraits how light? Six points of light rays old cloth summarized photographer

portrait photography portrait photography more difficult as there is a lot of photographers shooting in a studio, it is difficult to express.
How vivid portraits taken, not only the photographer and the subject character good communication, more importantly, with their excellent photography, pave the way.
How to shoot portraits in the studio light, combined with his nearly 30 years of experience to share photography tips for light photography enthusiasts. read more

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Properties do not understand the ambient light, you think it really can make a good portrait?

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For portraits, the ambient light directly affects the color and tone of the work.
to understand natural light and take advantage of them, each portrait photographer is the most basic required course.

After the author released the following figure, some friends asked, “Why lit shots, the model’s back is still so bright and clear it?” read more

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Cell phone camera tips: 12 simple camera position, using a mobile phone to help you shoot beautiful photos

There are some recent small series of small partners may ask, how can we use mobile phones to photograph themselves look good, what posture to take pictures and have no skills, Xiao Bian today
this is a problem for everyone, for everyone to sort out a cell phone camera dry, introduced 12 mobile phone camera to take pictures of simple gestures, so you can shoot beautiful photos phones envy of everyone. read more

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According to the United States portraits at home, you can easily get the phone, you start from here!

National Day is coming slightly, we want to go play with?

Is not go out for fun

but felt holidays
where are all people … (not instant mood)

rare seven-day holiday

want more quietly at home

phone point photo shoot Xiu Xiu circle of friends

today, little to teach you the recipe indoor
Portrait quick fix

let the little friends at home can easily large areas read more

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Legend of the radome in the end how amazing? Why portrait lighting like to use it?


It involves portrait lighting, “radome” always not open around the accessory.

radome, English is called beauty dish, sometimes translated “beauty mask”, “beauty dish.”

This sounds seems to be born female portrait.

In fact, the radome is essentially in front of the hard bare lamp, a baffle was added.
It used to direct light to the face of that part of the light to the hardest hard cover.
Thus the ray of light and soft.
Of course, while the luminance is low. read more

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How mobile phones to take “suck eye shine”? These eight tips to keep your photos are no longer mediocre

Although with the increasingly powerful camera phone, such as portrait mode, professional mode, macro, slow shutter, night and AI camera, making the performance of the cell phone camera
a new level, but many people still can not get rid of “readily beat” the curse, not shoot good works.


in fact, to break the” dilemma “the best way
readily take is to change the mentality, on this basis, as long as they use the right techniques, you can no longer create mediocre works.
So, in the end should be how to shoot it?
We came up with the idea of ​​shooting eight tips for you, I hope to inspire you. read more

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How to shoot lighting effects using a mobile phone

What is the effect of light and shadow?

strong lighting effects using light and shadow to create abstract silhouette effect.
Especially in the case of the monochromatic light ratio, this effect can create a unique perspective.
When there is a scene in harsh lights or a bright light source, you can create a great light image.

shooting light and shadow on the phone: read more

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note! “Backlight Portrait” to this film would look nice!

Air monarch has something to say

spaghetti, do you when shooting backlit portraits, is not very easy
It appears the main exposure is not adequate or dark a picture of the problem?
Want to know how to shoot beautiful portraits at it?

Today let photographer Jun Air – mustard taking pictures, teach you the recipe tips, allows you to instantly become dark original piece fresh portraits at night.
read more

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“Skills” to photograph his girlfriend seven small tips will learn

camera is a technical job, will take pictures of his girlfriend boyfriend is one in a million, not to take pictures of his girlfriend boyfriend everywhere, so brilliantly friends
summarized as “girl selfie is a goddess! surgeon boyfriend like a ghost.”

Do you know the consequences do not know how to shoot photos Mimi da for his girlfriend do?
Legend, in the near future, there is one species will disappear in the world, they call “will not take pictures of boyfriend”!
(* ^ __ ^ *) …… just kidding! read more

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