Andre Iguodala for everyone willing to whiten, has his future colleague accompanied this

yesterday after the game the Grizzlies beat the conventional piston, Grizzlies players Dillon – Grizzlies player Andre Brooks talked about in an interview with reporter Mark Giannotto interview – Ignatius
Dara, Dillon insulted: “I first saw him, he was talking about us on television, it does not matter, Andre – Iguodala is a good player, I feel he is doing himself
career useful things, but we really do not care. it will not distract us, I like things always laugh it off, a guy on our team’s roster but did not want to come to our team
I can not wait for the team to trade him, so that we can against him, to show him the real Memphis look. “ read more

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Westbrook had projected future direction of the body in these attacks point guard predecessors

Kevin Johnson, 30-year-old data marked decline began, 34-year-old retired; Marbury, 28-year-old data marked decline began, 31-year-old disappeared in the NBA; Francis
27-year-old data marked decline began, 30-year-old disappeared in the NBA; Baron Davis, 29-year-old data marked decline began, 32-year-old disappeared in the NBA; Delong, 29-year-old data decline, 32-year-old disappeared in the NBA. read more

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All-Star Game in the fourth quarter LeBron, Ioannis and Leonard

2020 All-Star Game, can be considered since 2001, the most exciting battle.

finally get rid of the “we do not really fight, I am sorry really hit; direct dunk not have the nerve, it had to throw ultra-long-thirds, or fancy dunk it” boring repetition.

more of the “scrape together a group of five balls, all to fight it,” tolerance. read more

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The nation’s first disappeared! James’s eldest son, brownies may simply could not NBA ……

Recently, a teenager named Adin Ross teamed up with Brownie,
conducted online broadcast of a NBA 2K.
In the final two games 4-0 win over opponents, and win a $ 2,000 prize.
After the game, Adin James also got the opportunity and I call!

call this guy put a calm, said he is a big fan of James, hoping to offer the game in victory
to Cleveland (should not it be in Los Angeles).
Old Jim smiled and thanked and encouraged him to move.
After the call, Adin finally conceal their excitement, Shuangshoubaotou could not help exclaimed. read more

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McGrady shelling Leonard: holiday so good as to retire

Beijing time on January 11, NBA legend legend, the former Spurs Finals hero Leonard holiday McGrady comment on the issue.

McGrady said:? “In my eyes this is simply an incredible thing, a play of the year when the young man could not even fight back to back partner would not do even if a 40-year-old veteran of
this TMD is too outrageous! Although it’s none of my business, please, it is clear that Doc (Rivers) and test Wye privately reached any agreement. any coach will not allow players of all holiday season
the back to back games, especially the kind of coach Doc this and his previous coaching style is completely different. “ read more

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Why Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and other pupils despise James?

A few days ago, the god of basketball Michael Jordan answered more questions about James and Kobe Bryant who’s historical status, Jordan said: “NBA players ranked in the best history
I will LeBron over Kobe Bryant came in? no, 5> 3. “we all know Kobe 5 championship, LeBron only three crowns, it is clear that Jordan is suspected of LeBron’s championship too few. read more

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James: My son may not be able to play high school into the NBA bench brownie in the end what level

LeBron – James Anthony this season – playing so smooth under Davis’ aid, as of today before the Bucks 21 wins and 3 losses record with the eastern side by side
the league.
However, in his mind always had a little regret, that is not always too busy to watch the eldest son Brownie – James’ high school game.

To make up for this sorry, yesterday away to the Magic after the end of the game, James specially aboard a private plane to Ohio, where watched Brownie Sierra Canyon High School and his alma mater, St. Vincent – St. Mary High School
game. read more

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Emperor after all, or that the emperor

After Ingram received the pass, Staples Center erupted for a while “shooting” the cry, he shot, but unfortunately
He did not hit.
Along with a loud sigh, LeBron – James data Tonight fixed in 44 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists 3 cover – With these 44 points, he completed a career total score on Wirth – Beyond Chamberlain,
history of success among the top five. read more

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Underboss averaging 1 point! It really is the final team …

today still do not know what to write in the day, we still continue to archeology it.

2006-07 season, the Cavaliers in the regular season record of 50 wins and 32 losses, the second of the identity of the Eastern playoffs and compete in the playoffs has eliminated the Wizards, basket
network and piston, all the way to break into the finals.
It is worth mentioning that James was only 22 years old, and that was his second career playoffs. read more

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