Reincarnation of the road from heaven to hell: witnessed the rise and fall of commodity cycle industry felt

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Lead: The Golden Age if they would come back?

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I was suddenly
just think, I actually also meet this condition, called just graduated tax over a million.

what to say experience, can only say, now think of it, even warp.

I am a 2008 graduate, then we, no one thought we witness is the highest peak in many industries for many years, and there may even be the final glory.

That year, the price of oil washed up to $ 150 a barrel, we believe that non-renewable petroleum resources with a little bit less, only more expensive.

That year, the Shanghai government in the summer will take the trouble to broadcast warnings to conserve electricity, the plant will be shut down in turn protect the residents of electricity.

That year, China took a hand full of dollars around the world to buy buy mine resources, such tongue-twisting names BHP Billiton, Vale and even farms aunt heard overripe.

throughout China is a big construction site.
Full of projects, both in the construction, petroleum, electricity, coal, steel, shipbuilding expansion …… all in all in short supply.

I studied mechanical engineering, specializing in our hands every student is several offer, although wages are not high compared to what and IT, but the gap is not large.

Remember that time Sany, Huawei known construction machinery industry, in schools open lectures will be admitted once while dozens of people in the corporate propaganda, even on staff salaries are generous
Huawei’s ambitions to emulate.
Trinity boss Liang Wengen, is China’s once richest man.

at the time of manufacturing, giving the impression that the future is pretty bright.
There are some positions when wages are not so high, we all believe in the future “on the old worthless.”

I myself, at which several offer a selection of industry-leading foreign companies.

Just not long after the entry positive leadership came running to tell me: USA project now more a lack of people, you’d better prepare myself, go to the US headquarters reported that the United States support the project.

I went after he realized not only China, the whole world is thriving.

hundred and fifty dollars a barrel of oil, customers earn pours, to our project funding is extremely generous, only one request: Fast!
Fast design, fast construction, fast output.
Overtime, twice!
Flights to stay in the United States, reimbursement!
Car package back to the company for dinner daily pocket money.

My colleague once quipped that if you yell at a certain airport: I will do Finite Element!
Several HR company will immediately sprang to kidnap you go give you double wages.

In this way, my monthly income hit RMB card of more than ten thousand, not including the dollar income.

You have to ask what I was feeling?
Let’s just say that time I have never been the same, feel the sky is so blue.

I was out of town five lines of poor students, the best clothes to wear when the reading is Jeanswest, to the United States to buy their own good always felt that only a few wealthy people only dressed in Levi.
In addition, also fielded on Tommy’s shirt, Clarks shoes, IBM laptop that he felt himself struggled for so many years, finally the year and students drink coffee together.
Yes, I drank the first cup of life in the United States Starbucks, Wal-Mart also bought a lot of Haagen-Dazs ice cream in the refrigerator, because I remember Baby Anne described the beauty once holding the Haagen-Dazs in the taxi shed excitement

At that time our work is discussed in the Gulf of Mexico, is Australia’s iron ore, copper, or Africa.
We and the Americans, Indians, Singaporeans, Filipinos cooperation together with the pointing on the map, I feel the whole world is waiting for us to develop, think as long as we try, our future will be more beautiful than today.

weekend when we swim in the hotel’s heated swimming pool, BBQ in the garden, or simply drove to a distant city.

Some twenty-year-olds, male and female, driving a car, singing, traveling in the wide deserted highway, excellent air and blue sky overhead is, is around
Bihaijinsha ……

I thought we would have been so, so singing all the way to gallop forward.

Then, in September, we have seen the collapse of Lehman Brothers on TV.

Later, the oil all the way down.

Every day we stared at the TV to see the trend of oil.
Because the $ 60 a barrel, the cost of our line items.

Later, to $ 40.

customer chose to suspend the project indefinitely suspended.

We return home.

then not only oil, all commodities are crackling fall down.

behind General Motors went bankrupt.

Construction equipment began to sell, and then big companies recruit people, cutting back is a generous man.

struggled for half a year, the company’s business or no color, customers are basically halted all projects.
The company decided within two years of experience were all laid off.

I am one of them.

feeling unemployed do not want to say, understand people naturally understand.
So far I remember, at that time I saw a movie, Japan’s “Departures”, really good movie, the unemployment gave me great encouragement.

Then, behind four trillion thanks, I got a job again.
However, before the kind of mentality, you never go back.

Today in 2016, but also a new round of production capacity to feel is a reincarnation.

Oh, my first club, that when I was recruited to be ambitious in a few years the number of China branch to expand the number of how many people in the industry giants, two months ago completely shut down
the entire Chinese office, dismissed all of them.

A few days ago, I saw many resumes on my desk now the leadership, which I used to master.
Over 40 years of age, take great technology, a relatively junior job candidates.
Now the company’s HR people think that to do this job a little over-qualify, and that estimates do not long to be gone.

He thought a few years ago I drove to the Wal-Mart, go Outlets, go to Universal Studios, thought he devotes himself to his daughter pick Barbie doll look, and then think about his current situation,
I am a little sad.

possible, as the golden age never come back.

Those high-spirited year, carefree young people, are now over 30, married and have children.
In the winter of possible industry cautious preserved yourself a job, but also a ton output capacity may have been out to look for a new world.

hope that my companions were all right.

I kind of want them.

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