Peer stampede, officials difficulties, extortion gang fight …… dangerous jungle disappear coal bosses

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Lead: behind the huge profits, but also hidden crisis not known to ordinary people

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< p> coal bosses, a group with a distinctive brand of the times.
Since the late 20th century, with the economy flourishing coal prices soaring, the abundant coal reserves, Shanxi earth, untold riches myth born in succession.

can be produced but the coal flourishes modification also allows people tear.
For the coal bosses, the Shanxi that time full of opportunities to rewrite the fate of the poor, but also let them feel the risk of bunch, involuntarily.
With rising coal prices benefit the rapid expansion of space, but the attendant did not explicitly order.
Lack of rule of environment, people are accustomed to violence to solve problems with money.
Behind the huge profits, but also hidden crisis not known to ordinary people.
Peer stampede, officials difficulties, gang extortion …… exposure to dangerous jungle killing while coal bosses to win wealth, but unable to control their own destiny.

germinal coal bosses because the tide of the times, but also because the tide of the times demise.
After 2008, the rise of Shanxi vigorous restructuring and reorganization of coal, coal bosses holding a huge amount of money from the stage of history scattered away, each into the second half of life.
Coal so that they acquire considerable wealth in the era of opportunity, but also make them undergo destiny dropping after the tide goes out.
This black ore like God sent people fineness of test tools, how to manage wealth in the hands of domination, again looking for direction and value of life, later life became impossible to avoid the subject.
Differences in beliefs, different understanding of and response to current times, will have similar life lead to a different destination.

The first part:

One afternoon in early July, 47-year-old Zhu Xinning Beijing West Fourth Ring sitting outside a golf course VIP private room, shoved
smoking a few cigarette and kept sighing.
He looked out the window from time to time launched into golf: “Did you see that I just hit the ball out of those, like, is a step by step out of the Shanxi?.”

Eight years ago, his
life path was almost the end of World Trade hotel in Taiyuan, Shanxi layer 44.
At noon that day and he was talking about the business people, I feel a bit tired, deliberately booked a room to rest.
He drew the curtains, turn off the phone, want to temporarily isolated from the outside world, even if only a few hours.
But how he could not sleep, bothering played over and over in my mind.
Light is too dark, air-conditioning too cold in bed for a while, give birth to his extreme idea, he got up and opened the window and jumped down want.
Home county

Whether in Taiyuan, or more than two hundred kilometers away, he is the darling of successful people, the times in people’s eyes.
In this coal is the lifeblood of the province, he has the reserves of tons of coal, which is non-renewable resources, but also a steady stream of wealth.

can be produced but the coal flourishes modification also allows people tear.
In the past ten years, he often feel the fate of the coal kidnapped.
Twenties, his father took him a coal mine outside the village five kilometers away from the wellhead under contract, just to make a living, so people think highly of the village.
But then, peer reports, officials difficulties, extortion gangs, as time goes by, and finally he could not stand to savings.
Hire contractors for many years suddenly fell out, stated that it had evidence of his years of illegal tax evasion, extortion him fifty million yuan in cash, or put him in prison.
The money he can afford, but he swallow.

A few months ago, Shanxi coal prices experienced an unprecedented boom.
Before the end of the year he had a vow coal can be more than 600 yuan, but also a lot of little sharks.
The second year after the Spring Festival, between two or three months, coal prices will soar to 1,600 yuan.
This months to earn money, more than the sum of the past ten years, but he actually was puzzled and fear – suddenly acquire and pay for something that does not match, the appearance is lucky, behind is likely to be a trap, and even disaster

Zhu Xinning < / p>

he remembered the scene after setting jumped to his death, his family could not bear to withstand pointing people to talk, eventually he gave up.
He closed the window, step by step, pull back.

mood to calm down for a moment, his voice calm and call up a driver to pick him up, as if nothing had happened.
He manages nearly two thousand employees, and sometimes look under the walking posture, may be able to perceive each other recently was not really liking.
But on his own, the market is a battlefield, to survive in the dangerous, emotional control is a must and even camouflage capabilities.

Later he repeatedly reminded of that scene back at the window of.
He felt that people were born into the world, be a need to do, and second, to do to be respected.
He felt that the time was unable to do both, not willing to have died.

talk about the past eight years ago, his voice calm, now living and coal have completely gone relations.
After an attempted suicide a few months, state-owned enterprises to close at a price of nearly one billion yuan to go to his coal mine, left his 45% stake.

last three or four years, he used to stay in this private room, in fact, only occasionally end up playing more is to come into contact with the outside world as a stronghold here.
When the coal bosses busy accustomed to, even now nothing to do, he also hard to get used to stay at home every day.
His stature thin, used to wear sportswear, difficult to see from the daily conversation past the mark.
He knew Coal boss was a lot of people frown identity, rarely take the initiative to talk about his past.
Some of those who have experienced staggering envy, will be able to double the price of coal a month, some people live in fear, mine, jail, kidnapped and murdered.

second part:

at the end of a 7 night, a trader called coal Huang Zhihua Zhu Xinning about dinner.
Huang Zhihua was founded several years ago in Beijing over a company called Ah Ah group buy site of the Internet, defeated in the “Hundred Regiments”, back to the line of work of coal.
Although it has been done four or five years back Shanxi coal trade, but he habitually month stay a few days in Beijing.
He was afraid stayed Shanxi will not keep up with the times.
“Linfen life is too monotonous, in Beijing I can feel all kinds of living law.”

They chatted about the experience after leaving the coal industry.
Zhu Xinning from Shanxi to Beijing during rush, and even some means of escape.
The spring of 2010, a family of four with a few trolley case, was admitted to the Shangri-La Hotel Beijing, followed by Beijing rent, buy a house, renovated, we had a full two years, before becoming settled.

2009 Nian move had suicidal thoughts, shock fate continues.
Zhu Xinning fearful at the time of the soaring price of coal has been fulfilled in the future, those days, became the coal bosses doomsday carnival.
Coal merger integration

In September 2008, a Shanxi Xiangfen tailings dam, 277 people were killed, news shocked the country to curb the grounds of mine head start immediately.
Or become state-owned shareholders, or the coal sold to cash in any case choose, the private mine owners have not avoid losing control of the mine.
Coal boss this term, has since become the past.

For suddenly nothing to do with the coal bosses, how the power of money and time on hand, has become the number one issue later life.
Mind differences impact on the fate revealed, had similar life direction, begins bifurcation.
Zhu Xinning not willing to become part of it.

Huang Zhihua < / p>

the sudden wealth, and in fact he may feel regret.
He calculated reserves of coal, mined at least 40 years, probably more than just profit billion.
But he also felt some Xu Qingxing, because state-owned enterprises involved in solving the crisis blackmail him by the people, “be with the patron.”
In order to avoid getting involved in this kind of trouble again, he withdrew from the daily management of coal mines, with the whole family moved to Beijing.

If the value of wealth only to be assessed life satisfaction, you should feel satisfied when Zhu Xinning first arrived in Beijing.
But on the contrary, he fell into a depression most confused period of life.
He governs nearly two thousand people, a full-time drivers and assistants, who do not have time to go out with anything, there are people who take care of everything.
But in Beijing, in addition to a lot of money, everything has to start over.

to Beijing three months ago, his father died of gastric cancer exacerbated his depression, he more than once hallucinations, seeing his father’s ghost appears in the sky.
Lost against emptiness way is to sit at home playing computer games, playing day and night.
Ins and Outs of coal to make friends came to Beijing, there are many, often call him drinking party, but he rarely went, people getting on, and my heart is stimulated, flies well, the mood is contagious.
He plays the windows system comes with Spider Solitaire, no technical content, one can only won over one hundred to, but still day `play it, is pure killing time.
Every meal time, she is doing on the computer a bowl on the table, he does not speak, eat to continue playing.

lost discomfort, many coal bosses reacted together for that period.
Divert attention was immersed in the joy of desire in the release.
Four years ago I interviewed a man named Li Changwei coal bosses, when he had just come back to South Africa hunting, playing four elephants, giraffes six, five zebras, spent more than four million.
That year he has gone to Africa three times.
“Other people are like the antelope play, I do not play, hit a big fight before the rest of my life too depressing, since it would be fun had enough. You can understand that feeling it?”

Some people choose to participate in training and learning, to get rid of the upstart label, get more respect.
Datong coal bosses Pingxue Guang speech habits start with the old saying: “Learning While Learning, not a pleasure”. “Days Gentleman to self-improvement” from coal after he has enrolled in philosophy classes and Renmin University of China
Beijing University of Chinese culture classes, speech habit at that time, Students.
“People have a culture, a way to express the idea is certainly not the same as before. I have these ideas into the blood.”

Some people started to try a new career.
At the same time Zhu Xinning caught in the psychological panic, Wudaokou fifty-six kilometers away, a few from Linfen, Shanxi coal bosses have been gearing up ready to burst into a new battlefield, is the leader Huang Zhihua.
In Linfen coal bosses circles, he looked and others are not the same – a lot of people feel that the coal bosses equivalent to the lack of cultural upstart born in rural areas, but Huang Zhihua was born in the family of civil servants Linfen city, had been a soldier in the south,
side over the iron rice bowl Railway Bureau, in Shanghai, Beijing environmental Protection has done business.
He likes reading, enjoy Ayn Rand’s ideas, I think it is really worth living life.

Compared to other coal bosses, Huang Zhihua said goodbye to two or three years ahead of coal, to the south to start a water treatment business, missed the end of 2008, coal prices soared and the carnival.
But in the eyes of colleagues, and thus he know better how the world outside the coal operation.
They will gather together the wealth at hand, the establishment of an investment company, led by Huang Zhihua handed over to take care of.

Huang Zhihua that was 34 years old, belongs to the coal boss in a group of relatively young.
He longed to be higher than for coal more “advanced” business in Beijing.
“Coal bosses words subtext is the upstart. What is the upstart? Thought the level of knowledge is not enough to control so many assets, relies on some special way. To put it plainly, are kneeling to make money.”

About how the company name, shareholders have had their differences.
It was proposed to with the “Merchants” word, Huang Zhihua think the word to frame the landscape, eventually named “Union power.”
Coal boss of the label attached to the body for so many years, he wanted to tear off.

Part III:

“coal bosses” was what frequently occurs is after 2002.
Prior to this, coal in Shanxi is little interest in the door hard business, the courage to join them, are often lonely people no way to be found.
Investment, low profits, it is always being paid accounts, mostly caught in the quagmire of debt.
Today, the net worth of hundreds of millions of Zhu Xinning is one of them, in the late 1990s, he worked out three months before the Spring Festival two thousand dollars to keep his wife in order to avoid the New Year New Year can not afford, do not wear new clothes.

In Zhu Xinning memory, poor first half boring, full of pain.
The age of four, the village due to the large crowd out not receive food stamps, with his parents and two sisters, a sister, moved to another village thirty kilometers away, carpenter seeking a job to feed their families.
Six people’s belongings on a cart pulled all finished.
Carrying his father, and turned up a mountain, go all the way, all the way to cry.

time back three or four years, Zhu’s life is a whole different scene.
Zhu Xinning grandfather in Pingyao doing business treasurer, Shanxi whole are considered as rich people.
Six years old when his father, his grandfather died, my grandmother had to remarry, his family is declining.
But when the family component judgment for the landlord, with Zhu Xinning words, endless bad luck began.

At the beginning of the land reform, the compound will be public Zhu taken away, leaving only a narrow concubine, three spacious Zhaizi points to the number of each of the two dozen people.
Several dozen people squeezed into the courtyard, there are always disputes large and small mouth, because of the low class status, the most vulnerable are always Zhu.

Zhu Xinning by a single thought in my heart leapt up strongly: get out of here, go out into the world.
Reading was the only viable path can think of, he had no choice.
In the test when he was admitted to a county, all the candidates in ranked seventh.

This ranking has become the culmination of his schooling.
Family, knowledge, habits, hobbies …… All these factors constitute an invisible wall, his children and the county is divided into two different people.
He wanted to get rid of the countryside into the city to mark his efforts to spend time making friends, learning in the process but gradually fell behind.
To the High School next semester, he has been clearly perceived, open a new life through merit admitted to the University, was a distant dream.

When Reading High School, he fell in love with a female classmate.
His girlfriend’s father divorced a few years ago to do garment business in Shijiazhuang.
After high school, he went to Shijiazhuang to help take care of business and his girlfriend.
A few months later, his father told him a pair contracted the pithead, I hope he comes back to help.
The two together back to Shanxi, married.

Zhu Xinning < / p>

to enter the private coal mining from the late 80s, when it was to solve the problem of energy shortage, the central encourage bigger Shanxi coal industry, a time almost every village there is mine, ten thousand in number.
But state-owned coal mines is difficult to live, had contracted to individuals, the first “coal bosses” for us.

followed by nearly two decades, Zhu Xinning ups and downs of life with coal bound together.
When future coal prices skyrocketing, people have lamented he know the future in advance stood on the forefront of the times.
But at the time, but only reluctantly forced to make a living.
His father is paid $ 500 per month, two men and six women have to feed eight children.
At that time the father is a state of mind: as long as the line more than five hundred yuan more, if lost, would have no money anyway.
Contracting wellhead six million, thanks to the East to fight the West by.

At that time one ton of coal thirty yuan per ton earn thirty-five dollars.
Contracting in the first year, the mines out of the 10,000 tons of coal, but by the end able to recover the money but four or five million, even to the canteen to buy toiletries every credit.
The workers without pay, he sent a few people to follow him around to account, in the name is accompanied by, in essence monitoring.
Three or four years in a row, Zhu Xinning all year round in the surrounding counties to account, often to get back home in the New Year’s Eve night.

But the pace of time into the 21st century, mine owners who suddenly find that fate has changed – January 2002, the state canceled the guide price of coal, coal prices enter the market, turned up gu
Face fierce noisy fewer and fewer people, replaced with a big bundle of cash to beg people to buy coal.
Their smiles, to pull the coal mine truck long queues.

Under the temptation of huge profits, more and more people to throw away the past to join them to make a living.
Among these, including Huang Zhihua.
He resigned his parents orchestrated public rail system, opened a coal washing plant.
“Now the old saying outlet, what is the outlet? For that time of Shanxi, working on coal is the greatest outlet.”

Huang Zhihua sigh, then the money was too easy.
Then rampant tax evasion, not open with coal stamps, buy coal inspection station will be able to release.
Huang Zhihua once up the mountain with coal, spot checks to catch up with the province, and the brightest coal inspection station wagon outside a row of dozens of kilometers.
His dozen cars waited a day and a night was only released, but did not expect a blessing in disguise, overnight, the price of coal will rise by two percent.

that is, during those years, the original rustic Linfen city becomes colorful.
Coal led to the flourishing commercial prosperity, but also stimulate consumer desire Huang Zhihua pleasure.
Hand sudden wealth, twenty-seven, he no patience to stay coal washing plant, but day and night soak in the nightclub debauchery.
“In addition to drug crime, you can think of a man capable of evil, then the whole did.”

dream life life lasted two or three years will be difficult to sustain.
By 2006, coal washing business due to chronic mismanagement paralyzed, his wife could no longer tolerate his dejected state, he has squandered the money earned little.
He felt no face continue to live in Linfen, divorced, off the coal washing plant, she went to the south.

That year, he was just three years old.
Water treatment, although much less coal to make money easily, but he felt lucky, feeling a timely manner to recognize the true face of life.
“To be blunt, the method to make money out of coal too junior, the money you earn how long, how to do in the future?”

At the time he wanted to live farther away from coal as possible.
Two years later, the most crazy wave of rising coal prices soon, but it has nothing to do with him.
He thought it was unfortunate, but it is also lucky.
“When a person’s experience and mind control so much wealth is not enough time, too much money is likely to mean a disaster.”

Later, he had repeatedly heard the coal bosses gamble bankruptcy or drug killed
The story, the first reaction is not a surprise, but scared and glad.
“If not then close hand too early, I will probably ruin and death, is also likely to go to jail.”

Huang Zhihua in three or four years to bring the taste of the ups and downs of coal, at a time when Zhu Xinning, still deep
caught in the mire make ends meet.
After the wellhead five-year contract expired, he patchwork of six million yuan contracted another mine in the county, although substantial reserves, but need to develop from scratch, far not keep up the speed of recovery of funds invested.

Compared with coal, even more troubling is his people.
Who are charged with huge debts, while everyone around you was that he had become rich.
Recalls that when, 47 years old, he frowned, exposing helpless look: “Do you know what kind of feeling it like a piece of meat on wasteland, which are passing wolf bite you two?.”

part IV:

Zhu Xinning made a total of eighteen years the coal business.
He felt neither easy nor complicated.
Easy to dig coal to be able to make money; the successful coal mining complex thinking, must deal with conflicting interests intricate wound.
“This is human nature thing, very complex, it is unpredictable especially in Shanxi..”

Today, talking about the past, with a habit of saying Zhu Xinning: “Shanxi that time.” It was a he
heart disgust but have exposure to the community, the interests of the rapid expansion of space with rising coal prices of them, but did not consequent clear rules, spatial order is filled unspoken rules.

wellhead contract expires, he gave $ 300,000 per year price tag contracted another coal mines.
He did not expect the person in charge of the mine immediately changing nothing to obstruct him in the road surrounding the mine, planting trees, digging canals, dig coal, shipped out, often to support school construction pretext to pull coal from the mine, never to

Zhu Xinning upset, more than a year after the premature termination of the contract.
By the person in charge who directs, why make things difficult for him, in his heart is still a mystery.
In the future, this mystery has become commonplace.
Coal will be countless people gather together, giving people the interests intertwined conflicts of interest because they will be drawn into a web of disarray.
Place in them, which is difficult to control pull their forces will be.

lack of order in the world, people are accustomed to using money and violence to solve problems.
Industry and commerce, taxation, public security, environmental protection, security, power …… coal bosses while passively cope Chinakayao, while pondering how to take the initiative to find the right people to spend money.
With hundreds of thousands of cash mountain with coal disappear but the story is not unusual, coal bosses are accustomed to prepare a few dagger in the luxury car trunk or even guns for self-defense.
In order to snatch the site, mine owners often hire “protect the gang” large-scale fights, using machetes, shotguns, and even explosives.

It has been late-night knock on the door Zhu Xinning, the five hundred thousand yuan in cash on the table: I heard you good boy, we believe in you, that you need money, we have much money to 500,000,
to you.
“You say you dare to receive this money? Do you want to close, and since you are his ATM, haunt you for a lifetime.”

the face of violent fighting environment, he often feel powerless. ”
dry and my heart will not do, like eight thousand degrees Celsius steelmaking furnace burning in my heart. ”
When the situation is complex, he had kept one minute even hit 16 phone only then settle the problem, so after sit there, hours lost for words.

But he could not get out, I feel life is coal kidnapped.
The new contract ore reserves of 60 million tons, the return looks attractive, but increasingly stringent national policy, enhance the capacity of the standard stop, he had borrowed money to increase investment, profitability within the foreseeable future.

wealth brings his feelings begin to deteriorate – at first just want to make more money to lead a decent life, and later against being shrouded in fear.
Complex relationships hidden danger, too easy, it could be disaster.
Dealing with government departments, the rules on paper is often empty, accomplishing things can, thanks to private dredge.
Eli how to send is a learned skill, to send more, the future may have a big opening, sending less, actually offend people.

One year the Spring Festival, he gave the people of the Inland Revenue Department sent two thousand dollars shopping card, looked at the other side to take the corner, showing contempt eyes.
Zhu Xinning was both disgust and fear.
Later, he asked around and everyone else to send a million.

Along with rising coal prices, the number of spent RBI relations is increasing.
Holidays, coal bosses inevitably officials to keep the parties moving around, Howard drove past, the other repeatedly praised “borrowed experience”, who would not not good grace to come back again.

One year, he led the county to visit the new supervisor of coal, he praised his young partner, managing such a large mine.
He lamented a wry smile, the situation is too complicated, people do not live.
The caller said that otherwise sell it.
He did not mind, but the other later repeatedly raised, and the total for various reasons requiring mines to shut down, he came to realize that got into trouble.
Later he found through a network of city leaders, be considered to resolve the crisis.
“I cried with anger, hated that time really wanted to kill him.”

He carefully deal with the relationship between the parties, to develop a habit of last resort, every contact with a person, always
habitually suspect that something is not trying to calculation.
Because the human eye miscellaneous unassuming worry about people talking about something he rarely eat in the county, but to the provincial capital of Taiyuan.
“Internal and external problems, some people just do not eat never feed the wolf.”

But there are always not escape the disaster.
One year, he pulled a batch of explosives used in mining, mine soon came on board, said police received a report of his detention and the two men to the police station.
Famous policeman is his high school classmates to see him in the iron gate and handed him a box of instant noodles.
He joked with the students, your kid do not want to let me go?
Students sigh: I can give you is to do these, you want other way.

Zhu Xinning trying to clear the relationship, held a week before free.
Smuggling explosives on coal are common at the time, he can not figure out why so happened found in his head.
“My heart feels really stuck. A lot of things other people can settle, how I clash?”

He also often feel torn affection.
There are always relatives will arrange for their children to do things on his mine, he Mabu Kai face, he had promised.
He stole rebate without telling someone, someone on the bus appropriation of mine.
He sometimes angry for these things, he started to feel each other mean stingy.

ten years, there have been accidents on mine, too out of life.
One year coal mine gas explosion, three people died, fifty or sixty people rescue team busy for four days and nights.
One year, miners suffocated to death in 300 m deep mine.
Zhu Xinning initially panicked guilty, could not sleep at night.
The first fatality was a worker died of electric shock, he drove the bodies pulled the hospital morgue.
The door to the morgue, he got out, wanted to get the door opened, to carry the bodies into it.
But the moment touch the door handle, he suddenly afraid, turned and ran.

Later, once he saw in a funeral home, who just turned 18-year-old female Departures deadpan skillfully handle the body.
He could not help but ask you such a young age to do this job, you’re not afraid of it?
He said the girl, who is dead, there is nothing to fear.

Later, Zhu Xinning not afraid, I became numb.
Ten hours sleep a day, always feel very tired daze, constantly subjected to suspect that these things exactly for what, whether it is worth.

In 2006, a state-owned coal mine wanted his overall acquisition.
Zhu Xinning family and to this end had an argument.
“They think there is such a large enterprise, their faces are light, do not agree to sell, but I can not stand it. I’m in a whole pressure of carrying a person, who knows the suffering they suffer?”

< p> carefully calculated the coal reserves and liabilities at the time, Zhu Xinning out of 280 million price tag.
After several rounds of negotiations, the other party was willing to pay 260 million.
When deadlocked, Zhu Xinning anxious: the future you even more out of two hundred million eight, I can not buy mine.

He was just emotions come up, casually talk about.
I did not expect two or three years, this has become true.

Along with rising coal prices, black coal mines everywhere, mining accidents occur frequently.
Shanxi Province promulgated measures to stop illegal coal mines shut down, raise the threshold for mining.
The result is a cut in short supply, coal prices rise further.
So another round of the loop, by 2008, Zhu Xinning find it difficult to use language to describe that time of madness restlessness.
“Coal was counted by the hour, one hour before and one hour after are not the same.”

In the carnival feast for the wealth of more than grab a share of coal bosses busy with a variety of organizations
liquor Authority lobbying.
At that time the group banquet table, drinks alone will cost eighty-nine million.
Zhu Xinning this set of disgust from a young age, said that between Tuibeihuanzhan whole scene is insincere words.
But while he felt absurd, while efforts have to get together.
Everyone in the industry is so, do you have out.
“It was the social atmosphere on airs, how do you, how do you not follow the crowd? I hate dead.”

During that time, the head of the bank account numbers to a few million a day to speed
the jump, earning more than half of the sum of the previous ten years.
His one-time pay off all the debt, but actually began to sleep, twist of fate made him feel fear.
He felt like the ocean in a small boat, floating, and was instantly flung high waves.
When the tide will recede, where he was thrown to will, his heart did not count.

shock of fate than he thought it would be intense.
Then one year, extortion, suicide, transfer, escape, followed.
“At that time, you really understand what is beyond our control.”

Part V:

germinal coal bosses because the tide of the times, too
tide due to the demise of the era.
After vigorous restructuring of coal, coal bosses as a group concept, already ceased to exist.
But as an individual life continues, the coal bosses holding a huge amount of wealth, began to enter the second half of life.

Compared to Zhu Xinning, Huang Zhihua step earlier bid farewell to the coal business, but also began to try to stay one step ahead in transition.
When Zhu Xinning came to Beijing with a helpless, Huang Zhihua has lived here for two or three years.
After leaving the coal, his first in Shanghai doing water treatment business for a while, then the development of business to Beijing.
He will choose the residence across from Wudaokou Huaqing Jiayuan, Tsinghua Science Park, I would like to learn modern business knowledge and keep pace with the times.
Looked back, his eyes coal in a simple business became too dependent on human feelings, on the business logic from the rough to the almost non-existent.

near Tsinghua live a long time, he felt that this rule is simple and transparent, full of order and everywhere is full of passion and ideas of young people, as long as the ability and insight, everyone has the opportunity to have a place of their own.
In contrast, in the Shanxi coal to do, living in a bloody jungle complex society.

He wanted to wave on the times, do some “higher level of business.”
He soaked in Tsinghua University to attend business-related courses, lectures, found the wind of the times have changed, people rarely discuss the traditional industry, are keen Internet projects.
He lived Huaqingjiayuan then have the “Silicon Valley folk” in the title, the US group, deft, STORM and other companies are born in dozens of square meters of houses, the rest in the bedroom, living room office.
In this environment I spent a long time, Huang Zhihua also attractive.

Another big change he had felt, is the beginning of the influx of former colleagues after Beijing bid farewell to coal.
They bought the property after another, sometimes called the Huang Zhihua help staff.

Once, a coal boss surnamed Chen told him to go to Wudaokou Downing with one cell.
Chen on small units are not interested, but only three hundred and eighty square meters room 4 3 3 Bath large house.
Huang Zhihua think he just worked on the eye addiction, after all, have bought several suites in Xicheng, Haidian.
But he did not expect, Chen said nothing, paid the money.

This is just the beginning.
Chen dozen non-stop and buy a house.
In order to take care of themselves and other coal bosses friends, real estate, and later he even opened a special housing agency.

Huang Zhihua half surprise, half understood.
He felt that this is a retaliatory released after heart oppressed for too long.
“To be blunt, the coal bosses in the past have money, but in fact nothing dignity are kneeling make money, Nine Lives over. Now freed, wanted to spend a stand.”

Beijing, in addition to coal bosses to buy a house doing nothing, always looking for Huang Zhihua drink and chat.

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