Hanging open life: 39-year-old unemployed, from zero to 260 billion net worth, also became mayor 12 years

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Lead: article take you through the most powerful mayor!

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< p> in early 2016, the presidential election race Trump get a bad news: Michael Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg) is considering running for president.

Trump’s mantra is “I’m really a lot of money,” Bloomberg’s wealth is eight times Trump, its 2016 net assets of up to 400 billion dollars (equivalent to 2600
billion yuan), ranked the world’s eighth-richest man and is starting from scratch.

Even more important is Trump, Bloomberg also served as mayor of New York for 12 years, and the $ 6 billion deficit turned into a surplus of $ 3.6 billion, will even increase the average life expectancy of people
of 2.2 years.

I at first and there is nothing like the others, but my own efforts to get ahead of.

– Michael Bloomberg

a, not complain to change

Bloomberg deeply affected by his mother.

freshman year, Bloomberg’s father died.
His mother, a former housewife, faced with misfortune, she did not complain, but self-study skills, go out to work for Bloomberg and sister to continue reading.
Bloomberg said he inherited his mother’s attitudes:

do your best to do what you can do, and then continue to do the next thing.

Later, he had to deal with this attitude and downs of life.

from the Harvard Business School graduate, Bloomberg went to Wall Street firm Salomon Brothers.
That time, Solomon was a small investment bank, Bloomberg is the company’s only Harvard graduate, but not placed in a basement air conditioning, the number of bonds and stock certificates.

Bloomberg dissatisfied with this arrangement, but did not complain, he was trying to do a good job this “slaves of the” drudgery.
Three months later, he was promoted to the purchase and sale, and placed in the end of the trading floor, became a real salary is not low “staff.”

seventh year, Bloomberg has become a partner, lead the stock department.

but stocks took over the department after six years, Bloomberg was dismissed, transferred to manage the most desolate part of the computer.

It has not changed Bloomberg attitude, a collection of computers and the Ministry of prevailing market conditions, he proposed the idea of ​​developing a financial information terminal, and Wall Street was changed by manual updates of the situation,
to this end the continuous admonition to his boss.

But the boss did not accept his proposal, but the company’s merger with a publicly traded company, the abolition of a partner system, and fired him.

Bloomberg work at Salomon for 15 years, working six days a week, 12 hours a day, never thought to quit, he has to see the long-term, look at the big picture, try to protect the company, but was finally
kicked open.

That year, 39-year-old Bloomberg.

Faced with a huge turn of events, Bloomberg remains positive and optimistic, looking for new opportunities.
In October, he founded Bloomberg, the production of financial information terminals in their own care deeply about Solomon.

Later, the project was a great success, Bloomberg become the backbone of the business, now more than $ 7 billion a year in revenue.

“do not complain, to change” so Bloomberg continued success.

He said: “Life is a compromise, but I never look back.”

two, not long-term plans < / p>

Michael Bloomberg has often emphasized his reason for success, because never do long-term planning.

For his part, venture itself is the unplanned product.
He did not plan in advance how many years that I would be dug pot of gold on the terminal, and has no plans to enter early for journalism, but did not plan ahead too want to be mayor of New York.

But all he have done it, and done well.

Bloomberg do not think life is planned out, in particular, is not a business.

For example, he said he has time to participate in a potential competitor of the exhibition, its CEO through its Department of Transportation slide show, slide show did a great job, all the details are very realistic, but the company even
products are not, then do not do it.

At that time the rise of venture capital, the venture capital led by the “program start-ups” are everywhere, VCs entrepreneurs are required to complete the concept of the business model, product, market, revenue was planned
clearly, trying to decide the last step from the beginning.

Bloomberg feel that this business is absurd, because the entrepreneur does not know exactly what the final product looks like, who will buy, how much the price set appropriate, and order whole thing happened.

Plan-type entrepreneurs believe that the key to success is to predict the future, Bloomberg believes that it is impossible to predict the future, entrepreneurs do not need to predict the future.

He himself as an example: when doing financial information terminals, Wall Street has produced a manual update information demands end, but no one has made a good machine; then enter the journalism, the social Europe
also it had a need for financial financial information, and it is no one to provide good content.

Bloomberg does not predict the future, but he found unmet needs, and therefore success.

He said, “Every significant progress has made me or my company, is gradual rather than revolutionary, is their representative, rather than hit the Grand Canal.”

compared with the plan, he accumulated more attention, usually work as much as possible “to play a few card”, the accumulation of adequate resources to all, so that they have the ability to close the opportunity.

When the opportunity comes, he places sufficient flexibility to deal with.
He will develop a three-month, six months, one year short-term plan based on reality, but these plans will not be tied hand and foot, Bloomberg’s path of development is to be so adjusted out.

When employees are asked: boss, we will come to in the end what?
He replied:

Columbus did not know where he would go.
The point is that we are moving forward.

Third, you can not rely on popular and dependable money

decided to venture, Bloomberg set myself a principle: do not take the unusual way.

He do not do that, “Others can do I can do,” the product, and do those irreplaceable product that also has a wide range of needs.

He used to say, limited supply and huge demand means high prices, you can not make money on popular goods.

Bloomberg’s two major products – and Bloomberg terminals, are the product of this principle.

80 years, Wall Street bond become the fastest growing financial products, but before the emergence of the Bloomberg terminal, bonds using basic information manually update, efficiency is very slow, and very dependent on having a stake in the brokerage.
At that time, more advanced electronic machines are quoted Dow Jones Telerate system, but the system displays limited information, but also often crashes, far from user expectations.

Bloomberg determined to change this situation.

With the advantages in the field of finance and software, he developed a bond can display a variety of information in real time, and source independent of the terminal, terminal through which the user can understand at a glance what bonds cheaper
which expensive.

This widely praised by users, even opponents Dow Jones are in their media, “Wall Street Journal” issued a document praised the Bloomberg terminal.

strong product advantages allow Bloomberg terminal conquer one after another high-end users, including Wall Street firms, the Bank of England, the Holy See, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve and central banks, which in turn led to the high-end users
orders end users.

when to enter journalism, Bloomberg or take such” went straight to the first “product strategy.

After the Cold War, economic development has become the main theme, European and American people for financial news produced a huge demand at a time when the media people still immersed in the achievement of the Cold War, for financial news ignorant and contempt, cloth
Lomborg then learn to see opportunities.

1990 years he asked a former “Wall Street Journal” financial reporter founded Bloomberg, started offering to the public timely and accurate, in-depth analysis, monetary and financial content writing is wonderful.

a few years, Bloomberg Finance meteoric rise in the financial sector, a century rival newspaper “Wall Street Journal” and Reuters, and later the development of radio, television, Internet and other platforms, and now it has become the largest Finance
information society.

Four, and the strong alliance, bow

Whether it is strong to do or do Bloomberg terminal, Bloomberg beginning in a weak
position that he had been constantly ahead of the strong, largely thanks to his competitive strategy.

To be successful, there is a good product is not enough light, but also properly handle the relationship between the strong, Bloomberg’s strategy is to expand by means of strong, while avoiding the vigilance of the strong.

Bloomberg terminals rely on the strong alliance with the bigger, strong name is Merrill Lynch.

Bloomberg acquainted with Merrill Lynch through consulting services, marketing and management agency would like Merrill own terminal.
Merrill Lynch was also wanted such a machine, but to develop their own slow, Bloomberg said he could do six months out, and then pay out the product.

Bloomberg not only received an order from Merrill Lynch, where, also received an important source of information.
Merrill Lynch was the operation of hundreds of billions of dollars of funds, every day hundreds of thousands of investors to sell securities price information at its disposal comprehensive and authoritative.

With this bundle development, Bloomberg terminal was a great competitive advantage and credit endorsement, laid the foundation for the open market.

Merrill alliance while Bloomberg further bow to Dow.

Bloomberg and Dow Jones Telerate terminal systems are competing products for the elimination of hostility Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Dow Jones large orders, Bloomberg terminal users as the Dow Jones also continued to contribute revenue

Bloomberg and Dow Jones’ Wall Street Journal “is also competing products, not to provoke each other, Bloomberg decided to stop the” Wall Street Journal “poaching, to maintain friendly and Dow Jones, never take the initiative to provoke.

“low-key is not our usual style, but at some stage, we do so.” Bloomberg said, keeping a low profile is the other end of the pressure you want, but it was too late.

Fifth, look for the best” swimmer “

when do terminals, Bloomberg like working with my hands, dirty
In this area, no one is more knowledgeable than him, he is the most appropriate managers.

But when the founder of Bloomberg, things have changed, he did not understand journalism, need to find a lot of news in the industry on behalf of his line management.

Look for these professionals, Bloomberg still fail to plan, but believe that the choice of the market.

For example, the first item Bloomberg, “Bloomberg News” The person in charge is the market of choice.

Matthew Winkler was originally a “Wall Street Journal” financial reporter, he started to pay attention very early on Bloomberg, and regard it as a major threat to Dow Jones.
In 1988, he offered an interview with Bloomberg, but also to promote the “Wall Street Journal” published an essay praised Bloomberg terminal reported.

A year later, the two work together to launch “Bloomberg News”, Winkler has since become a key figure in promoting the rise of Bloomberg.

More typical example is the production process, “Bloomberg magazine” the person in charge.

magazine decided to do that day, Bloomberg consult the relevant details to the team of Bill Inman, ask each other what ideas.
That he did not expect that the next morning, Inman will make a thick “Bloomberg magazine” Yangkan a 100, it was the night he and his wife completed.

So, Inman became the “Bloomberg magazine,” the person in charge.

Bloomberg Most managers are so generated.

Michael Bloomberg said he will not specify a manager, but to all interested persons are thrown into the “pool” of the deepest, and then wait for the best “swimmers” appears.

Normally, he would observe level employees whom to seek help and advice, and the appointment of such a person.

select the management team of this market has strong vitality, but also to protect the period as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg is still flourishing.

Bloomberg also asked each manager to train successors for themselves, no successor may not be promoted.
He would determine his successor, but not public, so as not to weaken competition within the team, much like the secret of the Qing Li storage system.

Six, who should treat?

the end of 1981, only two months of entrepreneurial Bloomberg first encounter since the resignation of employees.

He was recruited four people, a man suddenly asked for a raise, “I’m more valuable than others, should be more than I get them.”

who rejected the employees who staff gone, they had to change several companies, are mediocre, and mediocre income.

“Do not feel sorry for him, he did not have the guts to participate in. Other people have to take the risk, only these people are allowed to enjoy the fruits of victory.” Bloomberg said.

Many bosses will bless employees resigned, seemed sympathetic, Bloomberg is just the opposite.

He said that these people leave so that people leaving the situation even more difficult, if they trust in the competition, we became enemies, “we should sincerely, sincerely hope that they will fail.”

based on this logic, Bloomberg will not hire those people because of non-family reasons for his resignation again.
“If we let ‘traitor’ back, how can we face the people had left behind.”

employees to resign harsh Bloomberg, unusually warm for the remaining employees.

He offers far higher than peer salaries, hire the best office in the world.
He also canceled a private office, everyone in an open office area, including his own.
He encouraged employees to show their creativity, the credit for the success of the employee, failed back by his infamy.

Bloomberg belief is: people in two ways, their own people and outsiders, we should treat our own people.

treat customers, he is true.

In order to obtain orders, many employers tend to give customers the greatest benefits to those most cunning; the Bloomberg did not want to do business with this customer, he put this client called “bad customers”
he never gave the “bad customers” good color.

He said that kind of “bad customer” consequences of bad customers will not appreciate you, good customers are feeling cheated, and therefore the whole price system collapse.

Bloomberg always treat customers well, if there are two customers to buy the terminal, only five people but a buy five, a company with thousands of people but only to buy 100 units, he will give the former more
a big discount.

seven have too much money to donate to!

2010 years Gates and Buffett launched the “Giving Pledge” action, Bloomberg made a commitment “to put almost all of my net worth to donate in the next few years,
or left to my foundation. ”

prior to that, he had massive contributions.

2009, he donated $ 254 million to fund the development of arts and culture in New York and the cause of poor countries to reduce traffic deaths and other projects; in 2011, He also “Beyond Coal” campaign donated $ 50 million;
2015 again Gates Foundation donated $ 100 million.

When the 12-year mayor of New York, the Bloomberg collar salary of $ 100 per year, year after year donated ten million dollars for charity.
There are statistics that he’s donated more than $ 2.5 billion.

Although it has been donated so much money, the future will donate more, but do not like to preach Bloomberg how noble their motives.

He said the real trouble is that the wealthy can spend limited money.
“You can not take away the money, only to leave him to someone else. The only thing you can do is to decide at what time, what people give, how much to donate.”

Bloomberg first
consider that the family, he and his wife had divorced, but remained friendly and they have two daughters.
He gave the kids started a trust fund and a charitable fund.


The former amount, mainly for children working life before and after work temporarily relief.
Beyond this, two daughters must support themselves and their families by working.

Bloomberg that leave too much money to their families often lead to tragedy: instead of expanding the family fighting over the estate battle, is to become dude, will be eyeing a liar who eventually penniless,
and we are unable to make a living.

He has seen many giants similar tragedy, he said, these guys might as well put the money burned alive.

to donate all the money to go, Bloomberg also make full use of its value.

He has joined a Democrat, a Republican, and then quit the Republican Party and joined the Republican Party.
British “Financial Times” Therefore comment: “Only as Bloomberg so rich people can in this way in his contempt for political parties.”

This is the way he can to manage key entrepreneurs in New York remodeling.
. “The most powerful mayor” because he was too rich, you can not run for about donors and parties, some said he was

2013 in December last day of the “most powerful Mayor ‘departure from the position.
Out of office, he returned to the Upper East Side mansion subway card, his first day, he was also the mayor’s office to the subway.

Also, using a discount card for the elderly.

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