Delivery assessments, position risk, timing shift positions, the previous 1000 big move inventory (polyolefin combat training camp II)

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magnificent PP LLDPE 1709 a contract was finally completed.

It can justifiably claim polyolefin classic arbitrage contracts of contract:

The sharp move up, there May 7 with Yang, rose 1000-1500 points, and
July plastic waste speculation the expected five days soared 1,000 points;

fall of amazing, had the last 3 seconds limit feat, lasted longer, continuous breaking platform fell also belong to rare;

shock of long-term, so traders will hand quilt, know what to do;

soft Corner discovered, is rare in the history of the contract on the delivery month the first week of violence also pulled up; < / p>

Finally, n sets of sets of inverse switching logic, if Lingboweibu!

historical experience
, delivery assessment, position risk, timing shift positions, what is the key to success?

The Topix invited Poker Run and general manager of business is now the headquarters of the Ministry of Chemicals Fan Yu teacher encore, with all the depth of 1709 combing those things.

Before then, Fan Yu teacher once the bulk of business schools in the poker run through arbitrage polyolefin training camp (the first phase), for a period of four live online access to more than 80
praise students.

Super benefits coming!
Those who sign the second phase of students, can join the first group of micro-channel exchange of training camp, the collision 100+ exchanges and cooperation with the industry’s big coffee!

is a polyolefin Fan Yu teacher background in the spot, are combined with made of pure blue, but also in a very taught.
Speaks wonderful lesson, students enthusiasm is high, interactive Q & A part of the atmosphere is particularly warm.

80 industry elite gathered together over three or more become vice president level, indeed, is a high-quality network of people circle.
there we chatted market, on business, to achieve a win-win situation.

students were generous praise, made a few pictures at your feelings.

Fan Yu, a teacher won both a sense of worship, as the powder,
ah, we must rely on strength!

in short,

, come take a look at the second phase of the advanced courses, Fan Yu teacher to teach us what knowledge it!

September 19 “polyolefin arbitrage combat training camp (Phase II)” officially open!

Topix run and Fan Yu teacher the guidance PP / PE combat classic arbitrage

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