After the Internet truth: boredom is dead, a social crisis, the rise of the story

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Lead: mobile Internet social trends over the past decade to make those changes actually happened?

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we can not see the truth, not because it is too far away, on the contrary, we see for himself for too long, so could not see anything.

human brain plasticity with miraculous.

Whether cognitive science, clinical medicine still has a lot of brain science experiments to prove: whether it is human or monkey, Wan Jitian game will only make the cerebral cortex changes.

And if we soak every day in which the Internet, but did not cause us a cognitive level, little change behavior, and the whole social ideology, that’s too much out of it?

Well, the Internet, mobile Internet over the past decade in particular, whether the trend that social change happens?

We, as individuals, businesses or how should manage this change?

In this paper, a new research will combine economics, sociology, developmental psychology, evolution, science and technology of the Internet, Internet users share with you, that is our own, in the “cognitive level, social communication, time
decision “far-reaching changes in three key dimensions.

I think that both the personal and professional development or strategic thinking companies still have some reference value.

Whether paper demonstrates more than full, and more rigorous deduction, also suitable for up to 98 percent of the population, please refer to speculative – Reminder.

a, user awareness level change: change the dual polarization

anything new to people is from “cognitive level” took place.

The biggest change in the Internet age, can be summarized in three points:

  • information explosion
  • information and services at your fingertips
  • Social
    nature upheaval

you might ask, the Internet is not “eliminate information asymmetry, bringing freedom, equality, diversity” Why?
I can only say that, although this is a beautiful vision inception of the Internet, but the evolution to today, apparently out of control.

(1) information information explosion caused oversimplification

To talk about “information explosion”, as early as years ago many experts worry about the Internet information overload
our brains will bring too much burden.
It turns out that experts always, ridiculously wrong.

Yes, primitive and modern brain with not much difference between the amount of information than the information of the original ancestors of our day today life in contact with the contact is greater.
However, humans are born seems to have powerful “information filtering shielding capability” – the mass of information caused by the brain’s ability to filter information “rapid evolution.”

This is not a good thing it?

Unfortunately, “evolution” never considered “pros and cons” of evolution is considered “adaptive.”

In addition to a handful of elite proportions, means the general public screening information simple and crude: reptilian brain based on preferences – that is, “love” and “hate” “love” “hatred,” “plain utilitarian” and other information
It will give priority to occupy the attention of the user.

However, I tweet “knowledge Deadfall” is also discussed too:

“The most productive thinking are those that lead us to reimagine useful new description of thinking.” < / p>

these learned new thinking is the need for some “out of comfort zone to stimulate new knowledge”, which reptile brain “taste” is exactly reversed.

For example:

For junior high school students a pre-Internet era, leisure time, he might look “Brief History of Time” put on the shelf (* Note: Theory
physical thinking behind it is actually very expensive), slowly open up a world of thinking from the perspective of reality, stimulate the development of new thinking “possibility.”

However, the matter of junior high school after the age of the Internet has become so difficult – their leisure time entertainment games have been firmly occupied, for the mental development of children is not fully developed, he is unlikely to have
“get rid of temptation dopamine”, sink the heart to look at the ability of a dull idea books.

So, in general, the proliferation of applications for the Internet “may be under the” large number of people “exist to further develop a sound personality” is extremely unfair, they greatly delayed the high brain
development-order thinking skills, missed the best time to build grand cause of life.

If we say, public information explosion but reduces people “put attention to learn high-value information” of probability.
So, another impact of the Internet is even more deadly:

(2) information and services at your fingertips reshape the brain “reward pathway” of

any animal once a period of time no gain, will face a crisis of starvation and even death.

such as

human ancestors, which evolved out of a modern call it “boring” and “anxiety.”
That is, once we do nothing, it will feel anxious.
This uncomfortable feeling will force us to “action”, and usually prefer “out of comfort zone” (a better chance out of the woods).

In other words, human needs necessary “boredom.”
For example, a junior high school students may look thick hard nut Classics bored.
However, nowadays, people grew to a critical “time gap”, the Internet was resolved at the lowest cost.

businesses struggled to occupy us all “boring time” a minute moment, everyone seems very “busy”, even the eyes busy to get up, toilet, wash, eat, and even
talking to people staring at the phone screen.

Once the “off network”, everyone will many a “irritability, depression,” the “symptoms.”
Sounds familiar?

2012 years of research for the Chinese young people called “Internet addicts abnormal white matter integrity,” the show: Changes and alcohol addicts in the brain caused by, changes in drug use is very similar.

addiction changes the brain’s reward pathway, Internet addiction may not be how “remodeling” of the brain do?

So, here’s reply under @R Jun readers notice yesterday questions:

electronic equipment will affect the human cognitive ability, such as decreased attention, memory loss?

From a physical point of view, does not.
Some games on human cognitive abilities as well as enhance the effect.
However, compared to this benefit, more exciting Internet applications, but it will be very easy to change the “majority” of the brain’s reward circuits, passive significantly reduce people’s concentration.

I mean, most people.
Few sane people just use the Internet as an efficient tool, which can ease the migration.
In order to get a great “feel good” on the Internet.

So, here to answer another reader @ bell is also a question of notice:

Personally, I feel I have more good than harm to the Internet, such as access to “pre-Internet” simply does not
We know that information, and I did not seem very addicted to the Internet?

Yes, so I just referred to the “sane” person, meaning there is no discrimination, the intellectual elite in the true sense of ease can basically get rid of “reptile brain” transition interference.
Of course, this is not the innate wisdom of these people, but the growth environment of the “opportunity” dictates, more fortunate (formerly tweets talked here not expanded).

So, macro point of view, the majority of Internet “mind not yet fully developed,” the population is not good.

It should be noted in particular that human beings have a lot of smart thinking can only be learned in a particular stage of life, and once missed this stage, will no longer be able to truly master.

For example, the “double mother tongue”, almost only have a chance to learn before the age of five.
Now brain research is still shallow, then we do not know how much advanced intelligent thinking human beings are no longer missed a phase acquisition.

2014 the famous British consciousness research scientist Susan Greenfield issued a “change of mind”: the network is not in the creation of more intelligent machines, but to create a more stupid humans.

leading technology correspondent Pierrot joke saying I like: “let the artificial intelligence beyond human in two ways: one is to make smart smarter, the second is to make human become stupid!

artificial intelligence is not expected to win by a second way.

If you want to test whether under their own “mental maturity of the people”, the easiest way is “off network” A week to see if they would be “uncomfortable”, verify whether he also has
“enjoy the quiet solitude” capability.

After the age of the Internet user awareness level summary:

The Internet itself is a new technology neutral tool, since the impact, it makes cattle more cattle, but also more stupid fool.

The vast majority “may be under the” ordinary people, but it greatly reduces the probability of this group “up”.

Second, social media: not only destroyed the social, but also destroyed the media

in many applications of the internet, “human civilization” the biggest change can be said to be “social media”, no

Social Media greatest contribution to society can be said to be both beautiful and killed the “social”, and elegant end to the “media.”

(1) social media stifle the social

Like the Internet, the original intention of social applications is also very beautiful: to create a handful of efficient, like-minded virtual social
space, is not limited by geography, time, low-cost energy, work together to create more social value.

However, just as in the physical world “always spontaneous and orderly evolution of the disorder (entropy)” human reflect gather once “macro group instinct” seems to have a “neutral tools to negative
tendencies “method used.
The ancients used to say it is not a “good thing not to go out, bad news travels,” What.

People are socialized animals and man as man is a social property, which is already engraved in our genes rigid demand: we can only get “a sense of self from family and friends in real emotional exchange
“” sense of presence “,” sense of security and belonging. ”

However, social media, especially after the magic of “thumbs up” inventions, gradually evolved into a social network of personal “vanity” of the amplifier.
One has only to select a specific corner, drawing pictures P, publish, we will be able to very low cost to create “virtual good self-image”, by contrast, true “social emotions” is really very troublesome.

For the human species, vanity (behind the superiority) can stimulate the “dopamine” secretion, but only dopamine reward “expect”, change behavior, but it will not lead to happiness, social networking is so
the same thing.
( “Emotional social” is reversed).

PS: the essence of “social media addiction” include vanity addiction, peeping addiction, gossip addiction.

Of course, we can not deny that such “pseudo-social” tremendous business value:

Since then, more people are willing to spend big money “experience gorgeous and colorful” life.
If there is no circle of friends, those high-end consumer, the tourism industry is estimated to shrink away more than half of the market.

I was in Sri Lanka, the number of people talked to fight the table for dinner, they are just taking photographs extrusion incomparably superior smile, said something immediately after put down the phone, the country bored ……

in addition, social media, not to mention billions of dollars in annual advertising market.

The joint based big data social media and new business derived much bigger business (user behavior contributed data, then the benefits are all owned by large companies).

However, in many of the behind business success, we’ll never know as an individual human being, we sacrificed what “human nature”, sacrificed what “happy experience”, and these “human nature”, “happiness
sense “and if you can use tens, tens of billions of dollars to buy back.

social tools abruptly text, pictures, facial expressions exchanges never replace face to face social emotional value “Presentation tone” contextualization brings.
Utilitarian social emotions between people replace social, mankind will become more self-centered, more selfish, trust each other is very low.

I very personal good friend, many people have expressed their “little open circle of friends” or “If it wants to work to close the circle of friends,” the.

(2) social media stifle media

social media era, to judge the quality of an article is not the standard “social value”, and
the market mechanism is extremely superficial simplified as “the amount of reading”, “share amount.”

So, most social media provide only “gossip”, “without thinking of survey information”, these spam filled public view.
Some advertising and marketing agency to engage in the “viral phenomenon” not only from the accused, many institutions also regarded as a classic MBA, trying to copy.

where to get attention, where is the place of suction gold, in fact, social media, direct elimination of a large number of high-quality traditional media, publications, even if only a small number of survivors gradually vulgarization, linger.

The reason why social media evolution so far, the first part of the talk of “mass overall level of cognitive decline,” with a high degree of causal relationship cycle, in turn, further fueling social media “decreased cognitive level.”

Of course, I did not put all the blame for the problem of the Internet itself.

National Entertainment (stupid) in early music paper media television era has opened, and money, like the Internet, but acts as a magnifying glass or accelerator Bale.

For my part, the Internet is definitely a “feel good”, after all, I am neither addictive nor loss of real social networking, the Internet has always been my personal neutral.
In fact, the above problems faster and more intense exposed the shortcomings of market mechanisms – the market mechanism can not solve many social problems.

According to the above inference evolution, can determine a few:

First, the real interpersonal social decline, reducing the effect of word of mouth.
(Note that is the real emotional social word of mouth, not a social media communications)

Second, Yue Ying is loss, individuals still believe that the decision-making elite class, the negative impact of social media on society is bound to be greatly
Major institutions, the platform has been introduced gradually weaken vulgar information dissemination efforts, said bluntly, “circle of friends to share, spread” will no longer be valid as before the.

Third, the personal recommendation is that market operators who do not be too obsessed with research “viral spread” based reptile brain, even if it sometimes can avoid legal risks, but also inevitably to self-harm brand image for the price.

large amounts of data to prove the high share of the amount of articles to bring attention to the contribution rate but low.

Then, after the Internet age of public awareness, social patterns changed so much on people’s use of time what kind of impact will it?

Third, the user time Decision Model: A story about our time

If you ask me: “How much of your spare time he could get control?”
, you are not thinking in my mind is ass kicked.

However, in doubt whether I had just come out at the zoo before, we’d better reflection: Can we really manage their time well it?

As previously discussed, the huge pressure of market competition leads to all Internet businesses are to attract the best talent, “your life thinking research” how best to snatch the attention of users of scarce resources – I
means that the user’s time.

For example, after get off work surface, you have a few hours of free time.

these times, you can “freedom to control”, you can learn charged, sports and fitness, walking quietly with family …… However, if you’re on the subway to go home just to see an “abnormal attraction
your game advertising, “or when you brush microblogging” just “got your favorite gossip information (based on behavior analysis), that night you” time “is therefore changed?

This is the time of decision-making mode current users – are countless subtle around the perimeter of online and offline media information.

You do not believe the media have such a big influence?

Then we might first think, our time allocation itself is determined by what?
Personal goals, right.

So, personal goals and how come?

We wish to draw sociological, cognitive science point of view: human thinking is based on the story (symbolic thinking) is based.

social psychologist Roger acceptable, Robert Abelson think that people point to the fact that the memory is arranged around the story, the facts to be remembered is actually attached to the story,
other facts may form short-term memory, but weaker impact, but will eventually be forgotten.

Since the story so that people can build ambitious targets (decision time mode), then the story itself can also affect the user time decision-making is more normal.

The media information that impress you change the time of decision-making, is behind with some kind of implicit appeal to your story (behind the game of thinking is the same story prototype).

In addition, the same as a disposable resource, “time” than “money” to obviously suffer more:

Nongfushangquan bottle of your hard-income users $ 60
he will be very angry, and may even transformed into a “black life”;

but you allow users to brush 60 minutes piece, even if he feels the emptiness of depression afterwards, but never for that “60 Minutes” worth.
The latter was “never a renewable resource,” it!

User perception of the value of time is very vague.

users more afraid “boring” anxiety, the easier it is based on the “principle of availability” of cheap consumer own time, so that the user’s time becomes worthless, then again I’m afraid it really
“light as a feather,” a …… especially the frightening thing is that most of the users themselves actually do not have this awareness.

users accustomed to the culture it is hard, but it is much easier to change.

conclusion is that the current mainstream trend of view, who control the bulk of the traffic, who took control of the media capabilities are very good at telling stories, about the time the public will come.

Fourth, the age of the Internet major inspiration to us

I think “evolution” and “evolution” should be very easy for the public to misunderstand: like
evolution means stronger and better.
But that is not the case, evolution simply means “to better adapt to the environment.”

Here it comes, seems to suggest in this article also self-evident – to meet the public, and more specifically, to meet the reptile brain, design more exciting, “addiction” mechanism to attract users stick

However, the theory of evolution after all, only “the logic of nature” – but nowadays, whether professionals, entrepreneurs and even some business chiefs, but in the case of the theory of evolution based on little knowledge of the wrong interpretation of the evolution of the business logic.

Human beings are unique in nature have “symbolic thinking” creatures (now known), this thinking given to human beings in addition to the passive adaptation, is more actively transform the environment in order to better survival.
This thinking is more in line with healthy business logic.

We can also receive revelation from microeconomics: supply – demand balance will remain at some point the market is interesting that, in this equilibrium point, both supply and demand on prices are not satisfied with each other (think seller
sell cheap, the buyer feel overpaid).

similar reason, after the age of the Internet is indeed entertainment (stupid) firmly occupy the mainstream music to death battlefield, although addiction among users: game, live video, brush microblogging, circle of friends …… However users
really satisfied with it?
not necessarily.

As far as I direct, indirect research, from which most users did not feel “happy.”

“But beyond that, what can you do?” I reply so a user.

This is precisely the point of a great opportunity, but for all businesses really should force place – when all the brains in the business are thinking “how to make users more addictive,” you can not
think of something else?
(Zhang Xiaolong did not know that “a good product is to let users run out and go”, whether or not based on the same logic behind)

Known meet appearance requirements, like linear thinking, in the low level of interpretation,
very simple.

has been validated at the most addictive patchwork design can cover a hat.
However, this also means endless homogenization, in particular in the relevant specification is not yet mature, and under many domestic copycat have fueled the sense of shame, which turned into a no aesthetic at all affray, who
pull rogue (investment) and more, who will have the opportunity to win.

In fact, the user is not satisfied, the user waiting, more of a wish to break out of the pupa.

Yesterday tweets notice, the reader @ Hua Fan Question:

products should conform with the trend to grab the user’s attention, more break their own, or should reverse the line?
Do more valuable output?

The above is my answer.

So, what can we really do about it, or say, what to do?

Due to space limitations relationship, I will follow tweets in-depth discussion of this topic.

here to mention a few big ideas:

(1) Internet agencies, to meet the user’s reptilian brain or in a given period is the safest and most prudent.
But also doomed to the “great missed”, in addition, also particularly interesting.

(2) This is the future stability and security “rapid decline” for the price.
Because, similar to the Prisoner’s Dilemma, most companies will adopt prudent strategy, eventually leading market stank (this stage has occurred)

(3) innovation is imperative.
But most innovation will fall into “users do not know they need,” the embarrassment area (refer to Part tweets discussion)

(4) The only solution is to adopt a “familiar and a little different” progressive

(5) multi-point sincerity, less routine, social enterprises will be the future of commercial civilization.

In general:

  • allow users to “be fragmented time to” fill up;
  • to re-awaken the user’s “human nature” (symbolic thinking
  • rekindle the user is “nothingness” extinguished the “pursuit of a sense of”

these are very good new business direction.

ah …… in order to view this article, like readers of this article in the proportion of the population should be very low.
If you read the data in this article is “beautiful”, then it is severely scraped me a slap.

However, I sincerely hope that they have been “hit face”, in public and in private.

the world more diverse little colorful gorgeous point.


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