The depth of your ability to think, is a step by step how to be destroyed?

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Lead: How can we improve the capacity for self-depth thinking?

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< p> Recently, hi tea swept the country, and once through a mall, see a newly opened hi tea, not surprisingly, the door lined with tens of meters long queue.

queuing, both men and women, there is still a lot of wear suits, white-collar carrying a briefcase.
Some obvious hurry, frequently at the table, looked around impatiently stomping in place.

curiosity, I watched the whole team again, wondering how they spend their time.

Guess what I saw?

90% of people playing king of glory.

is, the two hottest current vocabulary, thus bonded together, and no violation.

Although the “Do not judge ‘is my credo, but it was still an uncontrollable urge to produce such a question:

Why are these people so busy?

Why they are willing to put a lot of time spent on these things above?

From the psychological point of view, I can effortlessly include dozens of “Why would anyone willing to line up to buy tea hi” mechanism.
But put yourself, I really let the team line up for hours, to buy a cup of tea, I still think that this is too bizarre.

Also, as an experienced old text MUD players (exposure age), and I fully understand all the mechanisms behind the game.
However, a few hours each day to spend time in the game – it still makes me think: asking too much.

With so much time to read a book, not better?

1995 September 27 to October 1, San Francisco held a meeting, a collection of more than 500 global political and economic elite, including Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, the major top companies
chairman of the board, and so on.

What is the theme

meeting is it?
How to deal with globalization.

At the meeting, it was agreed that globalization will exacerbate the wealth gap, make 20% of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of people around the world, while another 80% were “marginalized.”

So, how to resolve the conflict between the elite 20% of the 80% of the people?
How digestion of excess energy and discontent that 80% of the population, to distract them?

At that time senior US think tank Brzezinski believes that the only way is to give it 80% of the population, stuffed with a “pacifier.”
Let them be content for the entertainment of their tailor-made, and slowly lose enthusiasm, desire and ability to fight thinking.

He said: “The public will in the near future, lose the ability to think independently and to judge eventually they will expect the media to think for them, and make a judgment..”

this is the famous “tittytainment” strategy by Titty (nipple) and Entertainment (entertainment) synthesis, Chinese translated as “tittytainment” (the little three popular translation).

“tittytainment” strategy, what specifically is it?

First, the development of industrial vent.
Specifically, including pornography, gambling industry, the development of violent movies and television, games, centralized reporting endless war of words, disputes the conflict, and so on, so that the public will vent out excess energy.

Second, the development of the industry to meet.
Including reported at great length boring chores – entertainment news, celebrity lace, parents in a short, low-cost brand development, various small favors activities, as well as drama, variety and other popular entertainment industry, people would indulge in pleasure and comfort, so that the loss of self-motivated
and the depth of thinking.

In short, those who are marginalized, just give them food to eat, a job, so they have something to look at, will be immersed in a “happy” mood
challenge the existing ruling class.

The strategy successful?

For now, very successful.

Yes, I said that everything idol, star, entertainment, microblogging hot search, violence, emotional incitement, class antagonisms, Infant game.

Our daily sight, full of information.
But where 99% of the things that had nothing to do with us, for we do not have even the slightest value.

microblogging hot search, you can buy, can be washed, the marketing team to enough money, think what you what.

Baidu news, the vast majority is heading the party, which is not a star out of the new play is so and so has trouble scandal.

Not to mention the headlines of today’s class information platform, and various circle of friends crazy pass a push.

wonderful to say in the first quarter just came out, eyes bright, after all, be regarded as a valuable files and content variety, very rare.

But after reading a few of you will slowly find, speculation began to give sensational, but the logic is always debate the story.

see the real-time voting, feel the most obvious is: the audience does not care about logic, do not care who says make sense, they only care about who said more extremely rich.
Background music is usually a turn, began to become a piano solo, the mood brewing up, the number of votes began to change.

group of players inside, I appreciate, is Ming.

Whether it is the perspective of thinking, or logical argument, just on performance, the people have more than one grade higher than the other – of course, does not mean other people is not high, it may just be selected
routes and strategies different.

But the program group painstaking, be sure to give Chen Ming placement of “chicken king” label; every time he stood up to speak, Ma Weiwei always pull a “began in the center of the world calls love” – ​​if I was
Chen Ming, I think I will not like this feeling, because it is a misunderstanding and humiliation.

But why is this happening?
Because the audience can understand.

Recently, know almost in a discussion topic: How to look more and more big V, by explosion photos, stories, scripts plagiarism started to get thousands, tens of thousands of concern?

It was very well: the same person, according to the answer burst like 1000, 1000 to write the story of the emotional praise, scientific expertise, also received Editor’s Choice and a bunch of big thumbs V answers, only less than 100
Like – If you, how would you choose?

McLuhan said a word: we have created a tool, turn shape our tools.

Here is the same: we choose what kind of media, the media shape our what ways.

Similarly, Ohmae mentioned in the “low IQ society”, a new generation of Japan, is gradually into the “low IQ society.”
They read the book more and more naive, did not think of all kinds of rumors, it is vulnerable to manipulation of the media, and just no fighting ……

He even mentioned a thing:

by “security fight,” the Japanese government recognized that if the student movement against the excesses of laissez-faire, it would lead to resignation of the government, so the government began to implement “obscurantism.”
This is one of the representative initiative is the implementation of “deviation of the education system.”

Ohmae explains it this way:

Since the implementation of the offset value system, people’s ability to be digitized, so the Japanese students often asked, “Your deviation is
how many “such a problem.

In this day and age so they will not have a sense of crisis.
Because in their consciousness, this society in the future no matter what happens, will those “high deviation” people to solve.
Themselves do not need to waste brain cells, just follow what others say to do it.

They are used for comparison in the same class or the same grade group, then those who think high deviation value, of course, it should go to government departments.
Similarly, one can enter the media work is also considered a person of high deviation value.

So, they think that all decisions are made by the Government of the media were all saying is credible.

Status of Japanese society is like that.
Everyone sees the government and the media as guide their own lives.
They would not have to think and reflect.

Does this not also another level “tittytainment”?

by blocking your wish, so that you live in someone else set a good framework for you, stop thinking, loss of independence ability, more and more dependent on the environment.

Privately, I chat with a group of friends when (ah, that is, the familiar high magistrate, had little Yin, Sun circle ……), we will say: We chose the Hard mode.

Because, willing to think deeply, we would like to see the article who has always been a small minority.

public loved what is it?
Emotions, views, position, stand in line – see the article is to relax, the best do not let me go with my mind.

After all, in our lives, has been artificially created too much, something to attract our attention – dramas, movies, arts, entertainment lace, online games, hot news,
and so on.

We just kept focused every day, in fact, it is already a very difficult thing.

Take for hot information.
APP a push behind is an operations team, team work, after the first draft, preliminary review and so a bunch of links, a professional consumer behavior for support, use various techniques copywriting, what purpose is it?
Is to attract your attention, points inside.

Similarly, an online game, hundreds of people could be behind the team, with the most cutting-edge technology, the most detailed data, through sound, light, interaction, feedback and other comprehensive way, in a variety of
under the guidance of the theory of psychology, behavioral economics, cognitive neuroscience, well-built – What is the purpose?
In order to create a virtual space to while away your time.

a variety show, behind this may be accurate to the second stage, the scene five or six seats, many of the rehearsals, the training, from the lighting to the music scene, and then the characters costumes, mood, action
all carefully modulated, the purpose is to let you immerse into it, watching when, forget the passage of time.

In turn, whether it is learning, reading, thinking, writing, these things, which one has such a strong battle?
The “touch costs” dropped so low?

is not present.

This is the cage consumer entertainment culture we create.

And we are contented, step by step into it.

Of course, I am not opposed to appropriate entertainment, live too tired or something.

However, a more common phenomenon, what is it?
get off work, weary, thinking “this evening to learn,” still could not help but reach out to cell phones, from the brush microblogging, playing king of glory.
Put down the phone late at night, while telling themselves “it up again tomorrow,” while taking a bath, wash, and then go to bed.

The next day, repeating exactly the same in front of one day living.

This is normal.
Previously mentioned, all entertainment products – film and television drama, variety, game, has a huge team behind them, the team’s sole purpose is to use various means, to reduce your hit their “resistance.”

They will continue to appear in your field of vision, with a variety of information, news remind you that induce you to click on.
Once clicked, it will never give you the opportunity to leave.

Think about it, how long you have not really done some things for their own goals?

there is the most serious is it?

Once you get used to this “low cost, high return” of stimulus, it is hard to do those things, “high input” in the.

People thresholds, will continue to rise.

So, this time, we seem to be difficult to produce mood swings, it is difficult to go into the thing above, it is difficult to focus to do one thing.

Because our brains have been surrounding environment, create an object into a “high stimulation threshold” of.

accustomed to easy to get a lot of pleasure, you will slowly desensitized to this sense of joy.

Over time, the pleasure of this intensity has failed to meet you, you need a higher intensity, more sustained and deeper stimulation.

In contrast, less pleasure, to pay a higher behavior – such as learning, reading, thinking – naturally no one wants to do it.

this continues, what will happen?

“The public will in the near future, the ability of independent thinking and judgment are lost. Eventually they will expect the media to think for them, and make a judgment.”

This is a
terrible thing.

Finally, I want to give you a few suggestions:

1 refused Infant language stimulation

What is low.
Young of language stimulation?
The vast majority of network buzzwords are.
Such as, “I was drunk”, “666”, “cut to the heart” “You look at this face, it is long and wide.” ……

Why do I say this?
Because the language shape our thinking.

I’m not saying “regressed” certainly not as good as “bad”, “good”, “excellent” – but if one day, we want to express “powerful”, would only say “regressed”, which
Would not it be terrible?

everyday life, try to set aside some time to see, excellent books and articles depth to maintain their understanding and ability to use language.

“Who mastered the language, grasps the idea.”

2. Refuse to snatch the attention of inferior products

If you can, refuse herd, reject superficial variety, movies and television, hot news, entertainment information, but only the most outstanding works.

What is the best work?
At least, there is a breakthrough, not anti-intellectual, thought-provoking, sincere, need to move the brain – “Black Mirror” very good, “Game of Thrones” is still sound.

Do not allow yourself to become a slave “pleasure” of.

mindless, can bring short-term pleasure and easy, but in the long run, it can only guide emptiness and boredom.

3 is set to own meaningful goals

find things that have a long-term gains, and derive happiness – this is a
thing you need before the age of 30 do.

Many people ask me: you do not see the play, not watch movies, do not look at variety, not party, do not play the game, what are you usually doing?

I say: learn ah.

They ask: will not feel bored?

often get a new knowledge, often new knowledge into their own system of thought, brought pleasure is unparalleled, how you will feel bored?

So, please find one you can bring long-term benefits and well-being of things, make it some day into the schedule.

do not need to seek material gain, demanding not need to become experts in the field, its meaning is to help you fight often careless, ordinary, boring everyday life.
Allows you to keep a clear mind.

this is enough.

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