Sentiment front-line traders: trading, giving up “out” mentality

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high school, enrolled in his hometown a more well-known key middle school.

I remember the beginning is not very good results, to catch up, after the success of “counter-attack”, excitedly home good news.
As a result, the illiterate father was working not only a recognition, but without looking up, said: “This first class means nothing, maybe other classes, as well as other school exam better than you.
you have the ability to test out, even if others took the test out, is tied for first thing. “

sobering word!
What rank, what to throw off the second number of points, such as test out or not out as close as possible to the important and effective.

Since then, becomes how to test out the direction of my efforts.

To this end, I targeted to take a variety of measures, the most obvious effect has to establish a “wrong title” exam and meditation in two ways.

By “wrong title” form, will lose themselves in a variety of test examination in the case of eleven points finishing the archive, analyze the causes and solutions are given, all exam review again;

the exam meditation, is to test a variety of situations may face pre-rehearsed in my mind, imagine what possible knowledge of each type of test subject, where their easy mistakes, how to control as much as possible without losing the points, such as mathematics
choice, fill in the blank must not be careless, be careful calculation problems brackets to become a symbol, a symbol around the shift change these details, the application of comprehensive title to guard against errors moderation, the number of units made a mistake, a mistake decimal point position marked wrong, and finally two finale
What may be a problem, what is the fastest problem-solving ideas program, the event really will not do, what we should try to score points list, and so on.

In short, exam meditation is to fully predict exam knowledge points and possible answer mistakes, immersive rattling on every subject type, a subdivision contention, as far as possible
seek out.

Of course, the face of reading comprehension and writing language examinations, as well as English composition, so I can only second best male pure science: to compress the possible loss of points.

This has the effectiveness of training consciousness is clear, comprehensive examinations remember later, I was out of the physical and chemical, mathematics, English and politics does not exceed single digits from a perfect score.

However, after entering into the field of trade, this pursuit of “out” mentality and spirit will be counterproductive, often a hindrance.

First, this attitude led to excessive investment in the pursuit of knowledge or knowledge of the transaction, a waste of time and effort.

From the investment value, technical analysis to quantitative trading, arbitrage trading, behavioral finance, and so on, are all involved, and both research: both studies monthly, weekly and other long-period opportunities, but also to learn
5 minutes, one minute or even Handicap trading skills; both research trend trading, research also buy low sell high band operation; both study macroeconomic fundamentals of supply and demand, but also study capital flows and changes in market sentiment; both Corporate governance industrial policy, research
K line charts and technical indicators ……

always thought, only to master trading skills as much as possible, set 100 of the director versatile well versed in a variety of market order
the trend invincible, no one thought, the brain will become read too many books racecourse others thought.
Waste so much time and energy in the field is too broad, but did not accumulate proper depth.

Second, this attitude leads to excessive pursuit of perfection in the trading operations, often resulting in confusion thinking, deformation operation.

Through layers of analysis of the value of the selected investment targets, shares plunge after a long wait for the opportunity to appear, but according to technical analysts believe is likely to continue to fall, we should wait for the results missed opportunities in the subsequent V-shaped recovery in; < / p>

held stock performance continued to grow, while the expected bullish factors continue to simmer, but that rally too fast, is likely to lead to a sharp correction, should do buy low sell high band operation in order to improve profitability, resulting sell
after the stock watch without turning all the way up; deterministic rising trend, but since the line 30 minutes, 15 minutes trend line to poor short-term decision to do

, the results of play
lost a position; turn signal at the end of the market continue to position not wait for the trend, but from the fundamentals, the emotional side, the policy side and so to judge, touch the top contrarian bargain-hunting, the result was hurt crazy market;

in the interim period the market, and can not wait inevitable trend of the market, but to do some choppy trade, and found himself standing opposite party ……

so when the trend, not
willing to miss any opportunity, unwilling to bear any callbacks, any little minor market fluctuations do not want to let go, hoping to market trends all the details straightened, grab the maximum profit “out” type, the result is confusion ideas, obsessions.

go so long detour, then pay a heavy price, only to turn around and discover: knowledge in school examinations for a fixed point, we can pursue the perfect results, every inch on each question
, seeks out;

in the vagaries of trading or investing, we should be more petty pursuit of process perfection, decisively pull the trigger when the admission, patiently endure suffering at the time of the positions
, no lingering open at the time of the appearance, do not care about profit and loss of a transaction, not force does not belong to their own market opportunities, wholeheartedly execute their own plans.

in the vast market, just take poured drink.

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