Gold VS Black Swan! Canada unexpectedly raised interest rates last night, after waiting commodity Pudie euro interest rate decision tonight

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Lead: currency and geopolitical dance, how to make the perfect investment opportunity?

Time flies, 2017 has been more than half, you do not know the old market drivers, along the way is smooth?
We waved goodbye to the summer being the traditional peak season of September and October the investment also will come!
This is how a “school” season?

can not do without investment money, money from the central bank’s monetary policy.

< p> Yes, the focus zoom States think tank in September this trick: Canada unexpectedly raised interest rates last night!
Fed Vice Chairman has been blasting the October resignation!
Are black swan event will fly pocketed everyone’s eye?
Gold Clan preparing for the annual big move!

How would the euro zone tonight’s performance?
recent strong euro makes European Central Bank easing exit arrangements more complex.
Despite this week’s meeting will give hints may further boost the euro, but this will have a negative impact or economic recovery, the government debt to postpone the scarcity of space quit easing is limited.
Another focus is debt purchase plan, the market does not expect the European Central Bank at the end of this year all bond-buying program, but the focus of concern is the debt purchase program will last long, and when to start easing exit.
The euro zone second quarter GDP growth and inflation gave the ECB a lot of confidence.
Previous drag the whole of Greece, France and so appear in a stable source of the recovery process, while inflation though less than expected, but consumer price growth was faster than in recent years.
This shows that the ECB will “not step on the gas,” opt-out stimulus.
The outcome, announced tonight!

the other side of the peninsula geopolitical situation in the rapid warming!
Let’s look at gold fat students have recently done some what “good thing”?

< p> Sunday (September 3), the Korean peninsula unexpected “black swan.”
According to the State Seismological Bureau news in North Korea twice 6.3 and 4.6 earthquake, the focal depth was 0 kilometers.
North Korea later announced that supreme leader Kim Jong-un ordered a hydrogen bomb test, the test was successful.

Wednesday (September 6), according to foreign media reports, North Korea on behalf of the United Nations Office at Geneva Han Taisong Tuesday (September 5th) warned: the United States is ready to send “more gifts” < / p>

military Urgent, South Korea and Japan and the United States is what attitude?

Korea: South Korean Defense Songyong Wu: For the formation of a special operations forces carried out the beheading of Kim Jong-un’s plan, the current concepts has gradually clarified, most expected
December 1 fast it can create complete units, but Songyong Wu also pointed out that at the end of 2018 will be fully implemented combat power.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in: If North Korea does not stop provocation, we may face unpredictable situation.

Japan: is planning a large-scale evacuation of 60,000 people from South Korea, or imply the risk of war on the Korean peninsula to improve.

US: has always been self-proclaimed world police resorted to what the United States means this will do?
Gulf War, the Vietnam War, the picture is vivid, tens of thousands of words omitted here … though in passing, but perhaps only a beginning, please wait and see!

to continue to hold risky assets or turnaround defected to safe-haven assets?
This is a problem, at this moment, the financial sector voice is like?

In the occasion of overlap monetary policy intertwined with deep geopolitical risk, the risk appetite of the most investment targets has surfaced.
Cannon sounds, Huangjinwanliang!
Golden took the lead in style did win a number of loyal investors.

Gold is the world’s hard currency, as well as in numerous investment community can be said there are still many place.
The Poker School strike again, inviting industry experts is everyone’s an old friend of Mr. Jiang Shu, brought us investors a higher-order gold course .

Jiang Shu teacher not only has Dr. Jin Rong background, but also has strong powers of concentration, deep plowing precious metals more than a decade, the structure of the industry and the market is expected to have a profound and unique insights.
such as: Trump Election gold almost equal to $ 1,400 / ounce, Jiang teacher contrarian see more than 200 empty points, grabbed 16 annual maximum market success!
In contradiction of the market, under pressure Jiang teacher pointed out to us the way forward.

The total market is confusing so many analysts have a habit of avoiding problems point, fans understand why I like to listen to Jiang teacher’s curriculum.
Because Jiang teacher is a focus of analysis analyst beforehand.
Prior analysis and post hoc analysis that have very different perspectives and consider gold.
It’s like when we entrance, if you look at the answer to the problem-solving process again thrust reversers, things will become much easier, surely we do not use the title sea tactics.

Investment and college entrance examination, as difficult to have the opportunity to start over, higher-order version of the gold course is the continuation of Jiang Shu teacher consistently prior analysis based, supplemented by hindsight investment philosophy.
The different in the past, adopted a similar movie flashback (Let me say the reason the result) the mode of delivery, 9-17 days to talk about the first central bank’s monetary policy, the Fed meeting marked directly on the 9-20 day!
here borrow Lu Xun’s famous quote: “true warrior courage to face the bleak life, the courage to face dripping blood” in the investment community to learn how to make the best analysis in advance than afterwards know why
It occurred more important!
so heavy and meaningful curriculum with hands-what are the highlights to be found?
Quickly look at the course details:

September 17 “golden combat training camp” officially open!

well-known investment research Gold coffee practical guidance

4 major themes from theory to Trader

< b> a gold investment research system master station

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