Behavioral finance guru, guest “The Big Short”: all 2017 Nobel laureate Richard Seiler has a

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Lead: Richard · H · Seiler who is?

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2017 Nian promise
Bell Economics Prize winner: winner is the American scientist Richard · H · Seiler (Richard Thaler), in recognition of its contribution in the field of behavioral economics.

For Richard · H · Seiler winning, many people address him “he should have won.”
However, information on the Chinese Nobel Prize winner, but it is rare.

Richard · H · Seiler taught at the University of Chicago, is one of the founders of behavioral finance his research challenge mainstream economics “rational man” hypothesis, has a reputation in the academic community
of abnormal behavior, economic man, the endowment effect, intertemporal choice, mental accounting and stock markets make a significant contribution.

As he co-wrote papers and Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize in 2002; in 2013 the award-winning Robert Shearer who have been inspired by him.
Some people use Google to search academic papers in the field of behavioral economics, Taylor cited perennial first three rows.

His 2015 book “Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics” ( “chaos”), highly acclaimed in the industry.

In addition, he has also guest starred in the movie “The Big Short”, have not seen this classic movie little friends can get a look.

For more information about him and contributions, see later, “Richard Saylor contribution to behavioral economics – – president of the American Federation of fiscal 2015 Review of Economics academic contribution.”

a, Richard · H · Seiler who is?

He is an important representative of the field of behavioral economics and behavioral finance.
Born in 1945 in New Jersey, he has made Master of Arts (1970) and Ph.D. (1974) degrees in Rochester.
He has taught at the University of Rochester (1971-1978) and Cornell University (1978-1995), since 1995 Professor of Behavioral Science, Graduate School of Business and Economics, University of Chicago, director of the Policy Research Center today.
Now a member of the American Economic Association, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

in theory, Seiler of abnormal behavior, economic man, the endowment effect, intertemporal choice, mental accounting and stock markets make a significant contribution.
In practice, Seiler by boosting ideas and options designed to analyze and explain the behavior of consumer behavior and government policies, including social welfare policies and savings, including investment research.

Personal Information:

Born September 12, 1945

Hometown: East Orange, New Jersey City


1967 year bachelor’s degree, Case Western Reserve University

1970 year master’s degree, University of Rochester

1974 years PhD, University of Rochester

Doctoral dissertation:

“The Value of Saving A Life: A Market Estimate” (mentor: SherwinRosen)

current position (since July 1995):

Booth School of business, director of the Center for Policy Research, Economics and behavioral sciences, University of Chicago Professor Charles R Walgreen special services.
The National Institute of Economic Research (NBER) Researcher


American Academy of Arts and members of the American Finance Association Fellow, Fellow of the Econometric Society, president of the American Economic Association, TIAA-CREF Sa
Samuelson Award, Keil global economic Award, CFA Institute Nicholas Molodovsky award.

Other work experience:

Thaler’s work experience is very rich, from 1971 to 1998 at the University of Rochester, Stanford University, Carnegie University, University of British Columbia, Sai Qiji’s Fund,
the work of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other institutions.

Like many young economists, like, Richard Thaler first article submission journal articles is his doctoral thesis, the topic of the article is in the field of labor economics, his guidance of Professor Sherwin Rosen is a field of labor economics
Tate, Richard Thaler fledgling yet there is nothing to shock the world to make, mainstream acceptance of his article in the Journal of the economics profession is not well-known journals.
Moreover, the first author on the paper is still led by his teacher, Richard Thaler only minor authors.
The year was 1974, Richard Thaler turns 30 years old, just to obtain a doctorate in economics, University of Rochester, and his upcoming academic career, it is smug, poised age.

Two, has appeared in “The Big Short”

authoritative experts as the field of behavioral economics and decision science, since Richard · H · plug
Le influential in this area, has been invited to a cameo role in the film “the big short” (TheBigShort) in.

below shows the “big short” in the examples to explain Richard Seiler: