African multinational investment Reference: South Africa should be enough, “black”, Zimbabwe’s only self-serving? Tanzania, TMD fair and reasonable ……

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Lead: mining in South Africa, will more and more “black

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African minerals
abundant resources, including accounting for three-quarters of global production of platinum and accounted for half of the global production of diamonds and chromium, also owns one-fifth of the world’s gold and uranium, but also rare earth ore. publicly available data show that, at present, the mining industry and mining
stone accounted for about 20% of economic activity in Africa

South Africa Free State deputy governor of the Financial and Economic Mara Kearney had mentioned, Africa’s mining industry has been a lot of damage, it requires countries through innovation and concerted efforts exploitation.
N Because of this, mining policies in African countries continue to improve, in addition to attracting investment, more is to protect the interests of the country, here are some of the latest (basic 2017) African National Mining industry policies and regulations forefront of public information collected by
the changes, which should be the real cause of resource products prices.

South Africa – must be sufficiently “black”

2017 Nian 6 15, the Minister of Mines of South Africa Tshwane released a new “Mining Charter”
The most distinctive of the mining charter content is to require all mining companies, you must be 30 percent stake to black, which previously required BEE stake in the mining industry in South Africa is 26%.
For new prospecting and mining companies will need more than 50 percent of blacks shares.

< p> Tshwane, said:. “Mining Charter has been published by the Official Gazette, is now open bow is no turning back,” Mines Minister means that we’ve tried everything, new mining charter was developed in consultation with stakeholders after more than 60
the results, including the Chamber of Mines, local communities, workers, cabinet ministers and ruling party.

board of directors and mining companies, and 50 percent of blacks and 25 percent of women requires senior management to claim 60 percent of blacks;.. The underlying management 88% of black mining companies purchase must
77% from BEE companies. this means that if you’re not black, in the future in the mining industry in South Africa will be unable to move.

at the Chamber of Mines (they represent 90% of the South African mining company), led by industry insiders this
but as a result of very unhappy Tshwane said, done deal in the future of mining in South Africa, will more and more “black”

Tanzania -… fair, reasonable and review mining contracts < / b>

Tanzanite mainstream media, “the Guardian,” July 11, 2017 reported that President Ma old R & F on July 10, said he was July 5 signing of the revised Mining Act
The new bill, including “natural resources, contract review and renegotiation of the terms of unreasonable Act (2017),” “permanent sovereignty over natural resources Act (2017),” “statutory amendments and other amendments (2017).” according to the bill, the government of Tanzania
You can increase ore export fees, refused to accept international arbitration for investment disputes, and unfair mining and gas contracts to renegotiate

Tony representation, Chiadzwa regional diamond production and operations did not bring benefits to the country, they get income from wholly owned diamond mining for its own purposes, and not become state revenue.
Tianjin Government After learning experience Botswana, Namibia and Angola, decided to integrate the diamond business.
The government gave companies the opportunity diamond mines from China, Lebanon and South Africa choose to enter or leave an integrated diamond company in this industry.
They have said that choose to leave, unwilling joint.
Why they do not want, it is a win-win cooperation model.

President Mugabe said that the beginning of vacation time to visit China, and General Secretary Xi Jinping on how to promote large projects in Tianjin signed an exchange of views, Chinese investment in Zimbabwe made a great contribution.

Tianjin government is currently restructuring chrome ore mining industry, large companies recycling unused mineral rights to assign it to a small mining enterprises.

Zambia – gold mining and trade legalization

According to the “Daily Nation” reported on May 24, 2017, the Mines and Minerals praise
development Permanent secretary Paul Prachanda said the government plans to legalize gold mining, gold to curb rampant smuggling and illegal trade practices.

said Zambia Eastern Province and central Province Vubwi Luano Valley have long been stealing two gold and smuggled out.
The government is considering issuing mining licenses to foreign and domestic investors, to legalize gold mining and trade, so that the government and people can benefit from it.

Congo (DRC) – the fight against smuggling, attracting investment, control artisanal mining

It is just Newswire July 3, 2017 reported that the Congo (
gold) business Association (FEC) by the Chamber of Mines appealed to the government to establish a legal system to adapt to the mining of the country’s economic situation, in order to attract more investors to invest in this area.

Congo (DRC) Enterprise Confederation, said the establishment of a new mining law system is expected to promote the rapid development of mining Congo (DRC), and that the current Parliament is to consider the draft new mining law, which brings together the draft Minerals
corporate, private and public concerns, designed to actively improve the Congo (DRC) mining investment environment.
Federation hopes the new law would benefit the domestic and foreign investors, and called on members of the National action to study the demands of the corporate tax field.
Federation pointed out that since 2012, government, mining companies and civil society have been several rounds of tripartite discuss and seek consensus on all parties mining management.

In addition, Congo (gold) ore precious and semi-precious stones Technology Evaluation and Certification Center (CEEC) recently vice president announced through the media, will implement the “gold mining Traceability Initiative (ITOA nationwide
) “control artisanal mining for gold, the implementation of international organizations (CIRGL) meeting the standards and requirements of the Great lakes region, the fight against the smuggling of minerals.
The initiative by artisanal mining zone of ore supply chain quickly, and it helps relieve potential buyers doubt the origin of the gold, and the fight against armed groups use government regulatory loopholes for illegal trade in areas of conflict minerals.

Nigeria – support the development of solid minerals sector

According to Nigeria’s “Business Daily” May 19, 2016 report, Nigeria’s Minister solid Mines Act
Yemi released “solid mineral sector development year strategic plan” (10-year strategy), proposed the Nigerian government in 2026 and strive to achieve solid mineral sector gross domestic product (GDP) contribution of more than $ 25 billion.

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