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some extent
on, we are momentum investors.
Along with the trend of the times called secondary trend under the economic cycle, and then lower the company’s operating rhythm.
Find the point of integration between the three same is true of the vast resonance chance, but was delayed era up-down cycle or industry fundamentals bad company, is the biggest regret.
Capture the vast opportunities requires vision and luck, avoid big regret the good times of need reason and common sense.

stock market returns showed typical non-uniformity, bear market do not imagine a high rate of return, a degree of relaxation complete the strategic layout is the big thing.
The first cycle do a good job, three years is not open open to eat for three years; the second cycle to do, or not open but open to eat for three decades; the third cycle you will find not open a three-year rolling opened
It is to eat three years, five years.
With respect to the investment did not understand the mystery man, holding a weapon compounded this person really is a little bullying in the competition.

distinctive investment style is to think clearly a lot of hindsight formation.
But because of distinctive style, so in the round-robin style is always in the market, the stage is dim must accept the reality.
The key here is that the style should have no loss of even a small profit, to the exuberant style of huge profits.
The former test understanding and ability to manage risk, and the latter requires a smooth offensive and defensive conversion system.
We can say that the formation of lose a lot of style, but no style is to lose everything.

investment in certain circles often spread over the past two years to earn a few times over the past year earned or how many times the myth.
This ultra-high yield of course admirable, but also not worth talking about.
Years of doing little longer to understand and contribute to a big bull in the overall investment performance is already not so large, the key is to have a system to ensure that investment in the short and medium term and long-term win and a lower risk of reasonable odds.
Ultra-high-yield games, mostly small position either just begun or not to invest too primitive accumulation stage, or the system implied a huge gamble risk without knowing it.

common requirements researchers and fund managers are rational, but there are still differences in aptitude.
The core work of the researchers is to do research, the fund manager’s core work is to make a decision.
Do research, the most important is the depth and logic; making decisions, the most important is the perspective and sense of proportion.
Good research, thorough and comprehensive in the crucial point; good investment decisions, odds outstanding and tough anti-risk.
The most valuable researcher is profound and forward-looking, most fund managers are keen valuable and resistance to stress.
Also excellent fund managers and researchers, but not necessarily interchangeable.

savvy people are usually good to get started is very easy to get the main essence of the problem can not drive straight offshoot of interference, the thinking advanced much faster than the general rate of accumulated experience, because
he can experience all nutrients are used as their growth.
Investment in this line, if you are savvy firm did well to understand it thoroughly, if the general perception that the first pay tuition several years to see if understanding.
If the obsession is always difficult to realize in the hierarchy would find no way out, indicating no reward ancestral rice.

investment experience, perception and intuition, it is difficult learned.
But experience can refer to hard copy, from experience how valuable things (their own and others’) dug in, it depends on perception.
There are innate understanding of ingredients, but also need the right knowledge of soil to germinate, commonly known as enlightenment.
Precipitation experienced and savvy, will produce some kind of intuition, it is a kind of knee-jerk reaction after a lot of practice and thinking.
Intuition does not seem logical reasoning tight, but fast and direct, can indeed help change the perception of risk opportunities in some uncertain environment.

Investors thinking faced with a special challenge, is the ability to deal with conflicts.
For example: the value and price of contradictions, conflicts and contradictions fluctuations of compound interest, contradictions and boom barriers, flexible and robust, deterministic and the odds of contradiction and so on.
The key to understanding these contradictions are not rigid certain point, there is no absolute truth and to adapt to the demands of all programs.
Different demands, different cycle assessment, characteristics of different abilities, may lead to a different focus.
Beyond these contradictions confused, take a little speculative capacity, but also requires an open mind.

Anxiety is the investor’s friend.
Generally there are several situations: 1, eager to succeed, but the harvest has deviated too much expected; 2, the pursuit of perfection, always wanted to tap better opportunities; 3, and want to win afraid of losing, a dilemma about the outcome; 4, is about external ratings
, comparisons of the heart difficult to contain; 5, knowledge always fast iterative update, stop will be eliminated.
Although not being tortured anxiety of people is not enough to talk about investment, appropriate pressure is healthy.
However, long-term or severe anxiety, it is harmful to both investment and life.

Avoid thousand shares this old thing, finance can provide some clues, but relies entirely on data reporting something that is not easy.
Can be integrated the following means: 1, the level of intent, there is suspicion of misappropriating large sums of cash or do not touch; 2, difficult to understand the company’s business uncommon try not to touch; 3, rare and difficult but also more high-profit odd not touch; 4,
downstream customers hard to find but do not touch the business is great; 5, basically no competitors or the industry to create the world’s technological marvel, to high degree of caution; 6, the difference between cash flow and capital operation, large or frequent action to be careful; 7,
operational data with the industry compared to the difference is too large, and very strange reason do not touch.

investment in this line, novice easy to die in poor business, the veteran is likely to fold in the difficult business years.
Novice is Mozhizhemowei, is introduced into the trap surface beauty.
Veteran is counting on Amistad, obsessed with difficult challenges dangerous.
Why do not you just bought the business it?
With the former hard to identify, in the latter case hard stick.
This may seem a huge difference between the two levels of ability, but the same lack of reverence.

simply follow the “good business, good company, good prices,” an investment advantage is what policy changes do not care about current events and news.
What Banyejijiao, what regulatory changes, what favorable policies, are not care.
No coping strategies, and no emergency meeting.
Grasp the essence, the investment is simply clean, can worry less than the selling cabbage, and more money than.
However, in this Vanity Fair where to do so simple but really simple.

long-term gains

stock depends on the value of content and quality of the company management business, short-term gains depending on the expected difference, when the big chance when the two resonance is quite fortunate not lose.
If the difference between the expected high but business is business and the quality of general nature, are opportunistic level, high elasticity but higher sensitivity to short-term operation of aging.
The company expected poor weak but good texture, but generally short-term gains against long pull to get a high accumulation of compound interest of certainty.
Opportunities three test of patience, a keen opportunity to test two, a chance to test it is human nature.

For sophisticated investors, ups and downs of CBBC conversion, although dangerous, but also provides a high level of efficiency to make money.
Short-long bull bear it, people can calmly pick the goods, the sense of long-term holders to make money, is the most comfortable stable, but the money behind the efficiency of the first.
And no matter the fast ox or Manniu, for most people who do not have the professionalism and looking forward stocks fortune, they are natural and eggs.
Lack of ability but very high expectations of the people, the stock market under any regime anywhere in any form, are Acheron.

The stock market is actually very easy to make money, there is a 50% probability every day.
But to improve the certainty of these, such as every transaction has a probability of more than 8 percent profit, it is a little difficult.
If you assume a lower risk ask for a profit at the same time, the difficulty will be straight up.
On this basis, if it is desired that the risk is probably low profit to maintain sustainable performance for many years, then the difficulty will show exponential growth.
Can understand the relationship between these layers of progressive connotations, we know each level Difficulties children, whether the investment is the primary entry of test questions.

money this thing right, everyone’s not necessarily the same rhythm, the rhythm behind it is the difference between philosophy and system.
Best case regardless of the environment has been small run, but the A character too bold, or to the environment seriously.
Caution does not mean time-sensitive, lightly does not mean dull numbness, the key is to correctly handle the relationship between risk and opportunity.
Seeking income, to hold killer.
But steady, sometimes need to give a sharp knife with a scabbard.

More and more companies do platform, the platform can look at successful companies, which do not “deep-fried king” great level of base products do?
This stuff really is not a rich platform and then shake a few new concepts could have been built, the fanatical pursuit of the new model is better products and services honestly to achieve the ultimate.
Great company and a great investment in people, most of them are required to resist the temptation to loneliness quick money, focus Man Manao out in their areas of expertise.

watched HBO documentary “became Buffett,” will be able to know why we can not become Buffett.
He grew to wealth and have a strong desire to keep his life for this goal focus.
Like money is not surprising, but his mere pursuit of wealth that is not based on material desires, but rather like playing a fun game and fight to win a world title, his pleasure and satisfaction from the intellectual level.
To some extent he was like a scientist, all do not care about the outside world, only focus on the real mysteries of wealth in the universe.

Spanish investors Porlamar quite magical.
The main scope of its investment fund management in a small country, between 1993 and 2011 actually received 14.47 times return, 18-year compound interest of 16% (over the same period is 3.29 times the index Madrid, 18-year compound interest 6.8%).
Also difficult to return in the Spanish market (total market value of about $ 1 trillion, more than 20 trillion US, China 7 trillion, almost 5 trillion in Japan, South Korea 1.5 trillion) to obtain such benefits, than in China and the US market
too much.
Even more amazing is that in 2006 a business trip private airplane crashed into a mountain, the whole machine of all deaths and injuries, he can only act in the mountains and walk for an hour to get relief.
What a man by God’s favor.

In terms of quality of life, can achieve influence on the quality of life of the middle class is very large.
After the middle-level aspects of daily life, although the gap between the rich but not worlds apart, but the major risk life and freedom of anti-middle-class wealth and liberty on the poor far.
But after financial freedom, more money is digital, for a happy life is to enhance the marginal benefit of a sharp decline.
Tens of millions and hundreds of millions of assets quality of life in assets under 90% of the scene can be no significant difference in major gaps in the mansion big toys private jets and yachts.
Later, wealth has nothing to do life, which relates only to dream and responsibility.

The view was expressed on

psychology: a person who as a child after a long suffering and contempt, this inferiority complex tends to follow for a lifetime.
Even later success, there are always unworthy own subconscious and insecurity.
In fact, for a nation, too, growing prosperity under the nutrient-rich environment like the national child more confident and optimistic.
But in the past 200 years, only after 90 to 10 after two generations-olds can begin to catch up with China’s nutrient-rich era.
I expect them to grow in the future.

Over the past few decades the value curve to go abroad is this: 49 years ago to go out, can be life-saving; 80 years out, washing the dishes back dead a few years back is eight miles countryman in Dragon; 90 years out,
Whether local or leave school graduation to return home are the envy of the object; schools need to go out after 00 Jinling qualifications in order to have a ticket or advance copy entrepreneurial vision back; after 10 years out of getting richer, but it is still a lot of business in the country.
Mainly for the environment, education and financial security.
Another 10 years?

I’ve just watched a Beijing New York prices compare different sectors of the article, but also more objective.
Luxury Beijing also much lower than in New York, indicating that future capital gains from wealthy space is not small.
Two very high-end residential price, but Beijing is to spend the money to enjoy quality Maserati Toyota.
Middle and low real estate prices Beijing has been fully beyond New York.
It is not difficult to see a high probability of future wealth trends in different sectors of evolution.
Of course, now the property of ordinary people is the belief that money has been vulgar to talk about.

In discussing risk issues, often persistent friend asked, “If you say these do not happen how do? It is the Guards and the line how to do?” In fact, investment thinking, is not to predict
without rain tomorrow, we’re just ready to parachute in advance only.
Investment thinking, is not to defy the test Weiqiang down in the end when we just stand much of it.
Calmly say, nothing really happen?
Anyway, ah, there is so much safer and determination can earn money, the world do go this bridge in the world?

Currently in production are generally more than 8 percent of assets in real estate has experienced a 20-year bull market price at the top of the next five years, let alone assets tripled, doubled their prices to calculate
What will?
Bluestar most developed cities throughout the year is what level?
Note that this is not a top luxury, but just an ordinary house.
Another bad news, earnings probably will not end like the past 10 years, turning 4-5 times the growth rate.
Tree rose to the sky sort of thing can be under the illusion, but relying on advanced assets but serious calculations.

next cycle, there is no doubt pull equity financial investment and entrepreneurship realizable assets intervals.
So now the proportion and the absolute value of current assets, basically set for the next 10 years overall.
Taking into account both the investment or entrepreneurial, high barriers to success are the ability of small probability, so look at a longer period on a real body position is really not too much.
Substances social stratification, I knew it would be clearer to pull queue.

There is a saying, the gap between where people need it to fight the talent, the light fight efforts have eliminated the majority of people.
In fact, investment is the same group of people every day yell system is imperfect, really think that you can lose yourself in the institutional level?
You say that the whole of China where perfect?
What chance of success may be why some people are not catch someone?
These people fail, where the wheels have to fight the system ah.
His failure to throw more than a good system, it is especially innocent, in fact, the reason 90% of people fail 90% of all make their own.
Made, recognize, and save.
Were not recognized, God can give Hello face?


wealth can be divided into income, capital and leverage; wealth is the ability to get by, trends and luck.
Therefore, the maximum level of wealth, is to add a little lever on the right trend.
However, this model is the so-called “correct” a posteriori, and once the wind in the right direction even if the lack of control will die on a bumpy process.
But only by income but it will not take this chance, unless super ability and luck, would be difficult to counter-attack.
Learn to use the capital to help you make money both elastic not any huge high leverage risk, luck is not too bad as long as enough time and compound interest miracles, the only problem is the high capacity barriers.

As the market mechanism must not evenly distributed wealth, so the fortunes of the world the truth always counterintuitive and anti-human look show, and in order to stop the vast majority of issues like use intuition
and obey their own fear people greedy nature.
In this game, the tendency to believe Expert judgment, as I believe common sense and mean reversion.
In particular I remember, when life only chance to change the fate of a few times arise, it must be difficult to secure even make you uneasy to overcome tremendous pressure.
That makes you comfortable and excited by most people agree to go along with the “big chance”, basically tasteless is not stuck.

10 years 10 times earnings should sound very satisfactory, but the annual compound rate of return In fact, “that is, 25%” about.
Ideally it does not fluctuate assigned to rise only 2 points each month.
If you take into account the inevitable fluctuations in the growth interval retracement, taking into account the rhythm of the market-style changes appear months or even a 1–2 years of stagnation are normal.
But the normal two consequences: first, it did not affect the final years of outstanding performance tenfold; second, the vast majority of people will be worn patience is worn down at the halfway successful.

looked around at this year’s college entrance exam, which are mostly descendants of the middle class, many of them high color value and interest in a wide range of outstanding everything kids.
This shows that more and more out of question now is not “the only book content”, while once beyond the scope of the book, the children of a poor family will lose at the starting line and diversified knowledge of the thinking of the Enlightenment.
This is the exam, then a few high-end private future, maybe even admission criteria are opaque (In fact, many private primary and secondary schools already are).
Middle-aged differentiation it is also lives are also transported from the doll is starting class impregnable cured.

CSI 300 in 15 years peaked June 5, 5380 As of 3445 from the highest point yesterday (April 27), the increase was nearly two years between -35.96%.
Over the same period, A shares of all 2727 stocks (excluding 15 years in May after the listing of new shares), the gain is positive (record high) to 290 (before re right), accounting for 10.63%, of all A-share gains in
median of -41.69%.
Increase up to more than 50% (nearly 2 years compounded 23%) of 94, accounting for 3.44%; rose up to more than 20% (nearly compounded 10%) 176, accounting for 6.45%.

the above statistics, the optimistic interpretation: even at the highest point of the bull market to buy, as long as you buy is truly sustainable growth and valuation does not advance much good company, two years later, you can still earn 50%
more than 290, although the proportion of small, but as individuals only need to capture a few can be achieved.
Pessimistic view: the bull market bubble caused by short-term sustained severe losses and loss of great probability, do not expect your stock is in the hands of the Xin Yun children.
Which do you choose?

As of July 19, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index has five consecutive quarters Yang Xian, this is the third time since 2005 the establishment of the index.
The first time was in September 2005 to September 2007, the second is 14 years to 15 years, the rest is the 16 September to the present.
But three times the magnitude of a lot worse, for the first time rose a full 500% (quarterly closing price, the same below), the second increase of 106%, while the five quarter rose only 14.6%.

There is a frequent phenomenon: the rise of their own positions them well, praise the market has finally become rational, value investing has finally flashed a light in China.
Once the net value of their own stock in the doldrums poor, it is a curse that casino stocks, from management to all participants asshole.
Say it sounds really really annoying enough, this performance reflects investment in both arrogant and guilty.
If true to yourself and open interest have strong confidence to win, it is naturally very calm and relaxed, a moment of ups and downs, how will it make people towering passion or desperation?

Even then like a company, but also do not market itself as its spokesperson.
Although sometimes this is very beautiful, but in the long run but not wise.
This will bundle the company’s prospects of self and personal reputation, first of all tend to lose objectivity secondly also lost flexibility of action, constantly self-reinforcing but cocoon.
Perhaps this can bring with company executives close, but I think investors completely unnecessary to profit by special channels to disclose sufficient information to do their homework to make money fair and square.
Moreover, sometimes too close to the inside information but it is kind of dangerous.

said before “and against the trend, it is difficult to make money; and against regression to the mean, it is easy to go bankrupt.”
But the most terrible thing inside the latter.
Because missed a big trend in the field of course a pity, but we are in a fortunate opportunity really is quite a lot of the times, the trend in various fields as long as you have enough to catch a life-changing.
But if the regression to the mean and impossible to suffer knife, that many years are not necessarily slow to get through, if you are forced out of the game, and you have another big Board irrelevant.

In investment, knowledge, common sense and courage are important.
Knowledge is good for effective analysis, generally speaking the more solid knowledge capabilities will be.
But no amount of knowledge, always still have to face uncertainty, common sense can make people look at the issue more concise and Watch the core rules, no matter how they change the environment do not change the basic principles.
Regardless of knowledge or common sense, ultimately rely on mobility of investment into real results, so the light of “knowledge” no “guts” can only be empty talk, is really important is not your so-called right or wrong, but you or
how many times wrong positions.

In the object, timing, intensity of these three elements, the wrong time to buy the wrong object is the most serious problem, also known as buy the wrong overpaid.
If coupled with the wrong strength, it becomes a serious error concentration occurs, it may be fatal.
The correct object wrong time to reduce the recombination rate of return, but if the object is good enough time to be able to restore the outcome.
Everything is correct but the intensity is wrong, but does not produce loss of opportunity costly.
In principle, it is not correct to distinguish objects, it is difficult to know the right timing, it is difficult to convert to the correct final efforts at the operational level.

BOE in the first quarter year on year positive operating profit, net profit surge.
This proportion of fixed assets like half of children (including construction in progress), in the fixed assets of nearly 85% is “heavy assets, short depreciation” business class devices, operating costs get up the income scale but high in investment giant stage
, profit and ROE doomed tragic.
But as the scale up equipment depreciation peak has passed when the explosive profit growth at this stage is often very scary.
This is too important to the company income scale, while in turn depends on the scale of the early throwing money at virtually no cost, is really a local tyrant play industry.

But in the long run, this business assets too heavy, industry parties in order to achieve scale advantages they have to participate in continued expansion, and finally improve the supply and demand may be limited interests gave consumers.
While the technology cycle and relatively fast, not only keep up with the new technologies coming period on the scale and faced new competition.
From the business point of view is a bitter force of industry, but the bitter dirty tired more things you do not want to hard to force, only to spend more money to import.

If the AI ‚Äč‚Äčinevitable reconstruction of human life, that I wish I had that day.
Far too many variables in the future, in fact, no one knows what the final result.
But AI and humans are bound to have a wonderful honeymoon period, probably plagued many of our contemporaries difficult problems will be solved this period, the quality of human life from the general rise in turn a higher level.
If you can catch this honeymoon period, that is not small indeed fortunate, but huge and really happy.
As for the distant future, now who can say for sure?

Although the economic environment is still in the doldrums, but now the company’s data turned particularly strong feelings, is to break up the vitality of the manufacturing sector.
And on each breakthrough, the primary object is the import substitution Japan and South Korea, followed by the USA (United States because of the smaller cross-industry and China, Japan and South Korea the greatest coincidence degree).
The old Europe, there is a sense of really weak.
On individual industrial and service sectors, Europe can hold an estimated 10 years, but have had before in terms of the general trend of China’s aggressive and innovative corner overtaking the United States, the old nobles again not make the effort to become the next generation time is estimated to be
He despised the subject.

From China’s industry in terms of talent, manufacturing industry, the largest consumer Internet and should be the most prominent.
Because China has a huge population base and gregarious face-saving, but also both capital-intensive and engineer resources.
However, capital market point of view, the Internet stocks went to the opportunity to run the whole, A shares get together and compare the manufacturing sector, but the overall consumer has not outstanding.
From the perspective of business model point of view, the core assets of the business model of the A-share class compared to the Internet a lot worse, but fortunately it is relatively easy to understand manufacturing, industrial chain is long enough, but also coincides with the trend of manufacturing upgrade, opportunities
still more than enough.

Now the two cities 100 billion market capitalization of 65 companies, accounting for 95 percent or more of its Chinese-owned energy class finance construction and other industries.
To say the future is to rely on these guys stood out to realize the Chinese dream, I think it probably will not achieve the dream of a day.
But a few hundred billion market value in this range, it touches on an entirely different story: of which have quite a lot of technical content and market leading position of private enterprise.
The range of companies within both the vitality of private enterprises, high barriers to industry, a huge industry outlook and solid industry leading position, worth the extra pace.

The new energy automotive and electronic intelligent concept is really not flicker, it really is possible to once again change the way of life and even the economic and political situation.
China’s revolution in high probability will become one of the biggest winners.
Government and industry are subjective Biezulejin to catch up, the objective is strategically strangle hold oil and electric technology can turn to overtake, plus auto sales in more than 30% of the global market invincible, in the big industrial chain
It will be a large number of excellent standard and several great standards of the company.

Of course, the big industry trends and specific investment opportunities are two different issues.
Year of aviation and the Internet have proven changed the human way of life and had a great company, but does not prevent this process so that the various associated speculative bubble and smoke.
Snow road is very important, the ability to snowball more important, otherwise the investor may be harvested avalanche.

While the last decade Japan has repeatedly missed opportunities emerging industries, but has still dominant in the field of precision materials like the most upstream of existence.
But things are changing, with new electronics and semiconductor demand and capacity to gather China, domestic manufacturers have begun an infestation of Japanese companies a monopoly in the field of materials.
See more earnings is not difficult to find, precision-made materials have a breakthrough and quickly overtake is not news in many areas, and has become a trend.
And other materials are another ten years to catch up, if not developed a new big opportunity, Japan’s industrial competitiveness will again next step.

catch because: 1, Japan’s progress is too slow; 2, domestic electronics and semiconductor-related industry clusters grow, objectively beneficial to the local matching; 3, domestic material suppliers rely on low-end and imitation grind
a group of force, but also by the continued development of accumulation reaches a critical point; 4, close to the needs of local suppliers and efficient service, and backed by big capital market resources to dig the whole team; 5, high-priced Japanese companies slow to respond, leaving a deadly profits

competition of comprehensive national strength of the economy now, without a strong and dynamic capital markets backed simply out of the question.
Maybe a few individual points can development effort to stay competitive, but unable to become a medal-hungry economy wide coverage in the Olympics.
From this point of view, the future prospects of the economy in different regions have a rough outline.
20 years ago, a stock is just a testing ground, a “big deal to turn off” level.
But the future positioning of strong capital markets will support economic upgrade, and economic success in turn to the capital markets provides more attractive.
Countries with such potential, global push lightly push lightly a few did not.

Although I attach great importance to the tactical investment margin of safety, but in strategic terms, the times we live in is more important is to stay positive and optimistic, far too early to talk about Conservatism.
Of course, this does not contradict the concrete implementation level of rigor and robustness.
Ability is important but more important is to understand the situation, what the escape or revolution era, the era of what may struggle and achievements, what age the stick stand.
This, in fact, is the largest of the bigger picture.

Several investment we all stressed, “do you want to invest essentially optimistic” view and the like.
I think so, if the state does not work, it is not the difference between optimism and pessimism, on the contrary is a complete, finished just different process (but not really, that it is difficult to pretend optimistic).
But if the country is booming, or is at a historic level of progressive growth in the range, pessimistic and optimistic that differences in subsequent behavioral outcomes may differ too much, a 10-year difference is enough to count as a class, with a few
ten poor families meter level is also not unusual.
Other than investment reasons, too.

recently discussed more like the Cultural Revolution, he said before the thought of these stories (frankly puzzled father almost certainly have been labeled a rightist, mother adventure the next day to inform political campaigns neighbor escape).
Parents born in that era, is difficult to completely detached from the limitations of time and history, but at that moment I think it is a true reflection of human nature, and it is true nobility.
In front of the test of his life, “worthy of conscience” is actually a very high barriers to entry.

People generally like to find their own position and views the company of the same people, but in my experience, the importance of the position of a similar character is far from similar important.
Even a difference of views and positions specific to your great people, as long as he was one of those online IQ character can post, all belong to the same position than that of the current camp, but essentially no brain behavior and very low pigs as teammates
much stronger.
As the most important indicator is observed ROE, observe the ultimate indicator of a person, or a man itself.

aspire for long-term financial freedom in terms of working-class, learn to restrain current consumption to enhance investment capital, it is the most basic quality.
This stage is bitter, it is not fun to eat as well as the average person living in the moment.
But why did not you upset when in a lifetime the average person working it?
Turn left obliterate all life is years of quiet good, turn right immoderation trail blaze bars, the sooner there is a clear understanding of your own consciousness the more openly and naturally, the more tangled around Nabu Qi does not fit the more painful confusion.

Ten years ago, although I did not know what else to invest, but one thing to think very fortunate.
That’s a start I do not care about short-term gains and gains and losses, because that Sa melon two dates not only can not change nothing worthwhile to invest effort.
In other words, brush mobs never been a goal up against Dragon seek the art of cut and ran to the big boss.
The goal is not the same will produce a lot of difference in thinking and behavior.
Along the way wealth is both a good journey advanced, but also a more exciting life experience.

For the past few years offer various media interviews and television have declined, not only because consciously qualification is not enough, more importantly, I’m really not a good interviewee.
When asked what you broke our hearts loss experience?
Then you have to go any major detours and work hard to do?
Then you have experienced anything particularly memorable market ups do?
You say more embarrassing … Looking back on 10 this coming year investment career, it is the most simple way to comply with the principle of steady upward only.
Hope for the future, too, there is no huge dramatic, probably the best wishes of investors.

In the stall next to two young people talking to hear a meal, which comes during a playing out of college early to make money, but also very easy to catch a dream girl, very happy years.
After the home for the elderly seriously ill and had to go home, accompanied by his girlfriend later left him.
Now start again, partnership business a lot of pressure, but in order to dream still persist.
Silently listening very moving, most people have had difficult years, but Mo bully juvenile poor, the young and motivated is the capital, future possibilities often far more than their own imagination.

Recently scraper midlife crisis, then how can we have a lower degree of midlife crisis?
I have a feel: 1, there is not a marriage make do, do not bother seeing the same taste; 2, there is not too deflated wallet, so that the quality of life and occasionally put on a force without effort; 3, there is nothing to do with the interests of the
hobbies, can temporarily make you Wanwusangzhi really relax; 4, there are not a bother of social relations, can talk Laoke do calculations with each other and deliberately maintenance; 5, a little self-knowledge and self-deprecating spirit, watching the waves to pat yourself on the beach, but also
He smiled and said, “When I shot handsome than you.”

The fast-paced market, it is difficult to wait; fluctuations suffering too intense, so patience is difficult; the temptation too hot, it is hard to focus; learning and compound interest requires too long, so action
difficult; noise and rumors too dense, it is rational is difficult; the outcome of heart and desire to linger, it is difficult to calm.
All this is a problem destined never faced so difficult to invest.

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