Why Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and other pupils despise James?

A few days ago, the god of basketball Michael Jordan answered more questions about James and Kobe Bryant who’s historical status, Jordan said: “NBA players ranked in the best history
I will LeBron over Kobe Bryant came in? no, 5> 3. “we all know Kobe 5 championship, LeBron only three crowns, it is clear that Jordan is suspected of LeBron’s championship too few.

Jordan once this is simply poke a hornet’s nest, causing great dissatisfaction with James fans uproar.
They believe that the reason why the Jordan ahead of James Bryant, James is only because people can threaten its status as the history of Jordan, Bryant has retired, no opportunity to go beyond the Jordan, but James is still the pinnacle, there are opportunities beyond
he, Jordan is ranked so selfish.

Today, we do not discuss who Kobe Bryant and LeBron higher status, because this is a saliva pick a topic, there will be no result.

from the point of view previous remarks, NBA legend’s most famous a few
such as Michael Jordan, Magic, Larry Bird and Charles Barkley, etc. seem to have little taste for James, then the problem came.
Why do they despise James?

root cause lies in the summer of 2010, James announced live television talent to the Miami event.

We look at NBA legend James decided to look at is how 1.

1, Jordan

“I called Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, and said:? Hey, we team together to take the title bar I tell
you, the doors are not. I can not say this (decision 1) is a bad thing, this is the opportunity to have today’s children, but to be honest, I want to beat those guys. “

2, Larry Bird

Larry Bird (Larry Bird), said: “I do not
Magic or Michael will join, and play with them. the only thing I wanted to do the magician and his teammates is at the Olympics, and even train with us are tough, we just want to beat each other in training.

obviously, Larry Bird wants to beat the best player in the league, their own instead, bring pleasure to beat a strong competitor that will never be abandoned.

3, Magic

” I do not know (whether it will join Bird and Michael Jordan), I do not care about this,
in college I was looking for ways how to beat Larry Bird “

magician apparently do not think he would make a move like LeBron, he is more willing to accept and Big Bird
confrontation and challenges and take advantage of the confrontation with Larry Bird to upgrade themselves. this is 80 years of the famous “black and white Shuangsha”, the NBA has become a legend.

4, Charles Barkley –

” (
Reggie) Miller and me on this issue 100 percent consensus, “he said,” It’s ridiculous, if you are two NBA regular season MVP, you do not have to leave (home team) to go anywhere, they will come
hold your thigh.
LeBron will never be Jordan, this (decision 1) apparently made him lose eligibility and Jordan par.

“He could win as much as possible he wants, if he stays in Cleveland, it would be a great honor if he eventually led the Cavaliers to get
championship, then he will leave deep sum in NBA history, only won a championship is enough. However, in Miami, no matter how much he won a championship (useless), because that is German
Wayne Wade’s team.

James Buckley is the biggest decision a dissident, he may not have a high enough place in history, but his words revealed the majority of people
voice, can be considered a coffin James decided an event.

If LeBron is really “King James”,
and want to be the best player in NBA history, he needs to complete it in Cleveland, most times most times have to go to a team when the absolute boss.

< br>

there are many LeBron James supporters claim: LeBron has the right to their choice.
Yes, he can choose any team and he wants to play with anyone he wants to go, but they (Zhan secret) must understand that his actions will produce immediate effects and controversy.

LeBron before entering the NBA, self-proclaimed “King James”, jersey number 23, he can thank the media hype themselves caused
and for a successful career high expectations, all the other things can go overdrawn ESPN, ESPN because every day can provide continuous LeBron how good of brainwashing praise for the audience, regardless of the outcome.

James’s ego has reached a ridiculous level.
There is no doubt that he believes he is the best player in the league, and knows his arrogant attitude, and may even thought he had achieved this in Cleveland years.

In the offseason, LeBron wearing a “check my stats,” and “4MVP” T-shirt with the public
meet, this is a very weird thing.
Because he really believed all his career appeared not smooth all someone else’s fault, he had become so accustomed to everyone constantly for his service, and to provide an excuse for the failure in his defense, at the time of failure
he really believed that he had never been accused of responsibility because of his data is so beautiful.

4MVP historical status of LeBron straw

< p> LeBron James in the playoffs have not been able to lift his team to a new level, in his view, because of his “lack of supporters,” teammate is not strong enough.
But among their peers at such a high position players, and players want a basketball god Michael Jordan comparison, this is not an excuse.

“1 decision” further evidence of James demonstrations of self, lack of good character and judgment.
He seems to believe that the whole world should be around him, Cleveland should be grateful he gave his seven-year career.
On the contrary, Cleveland Cavaliers owner and fans due to the exodus of James and collective crazy things fans burning jersey was followed, but team owner Dan Gilbert (Dan Gilbert) is a more emotional way to retaliate James —
an open letter.
Ironically, this letter LeBron’s ego, betrayal, lack of respect, cowardly “decision” and even sent a vicious curse.

LeBron no interest in his team to the top, and conquer any obstacles or challenges he faced
His main concern is to expand what he called “brand” in the international arena, becoming one billion rich, because it claims to do the first player to earn $ 1 billion when he did not enter the league.

He also recognized that he was not at a completely wrong way to perform this task.

Michael Jordan is great, because on his first pitch
he proved himself and earned enough honor and champion, also won the respect of competitors.

LeBron like TV celebrities as famous for no reason, as if he was given a royal, so that he can for the rest of his career take it as a living, and
NBA to become an international symbol of the coming years.

sad that he was misled, it was too much praise and feed the hype.

For people who have never won the championship, he is more worthy of praise and hype than any other athlete in the history of sports.
Now he claimed that he would rather be compared and magician, not Michael Jordan, because he had admitted the fact that he can not stand hype, admitted reach Jordan Bryant even reach the level of facts.

So, those pupils who seem, LeBron far from the media cracked up to be great, but no media touted
such a high position in NBA history, because twice the formation of the Big three into the finals, but only 8 wins 3 crown these achievements make clear that these pupils dropped his eyeball, these his achievements and he enjoyed fame and recognition compared to just not worth it
a mention.

Therefore, they will despise LeBron – James, Kobe Bryant will be the place in history came in on LeBron.

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