Westbrook had projected future direction of the body in these attacks point guard predecessors

Kevin Johnson, 30-year-old data marked decline began, 34-year-old retired; Marbury, 28-year-old data marked decline began, 31-year-old disappeared in the NBA; Francis
27-year-old data marked decline began, 30-year-old disappeared in the NBA; Baron Davis, 29-year-old data marked decline began, 32-year-old disappeared in the NBA; Delong, 29-year-old data decline, 32-year-old disappeared in the NBA.

behind these names, common features: guard attack, are
no good perimeter game, once after the heyday of functional performance to a significant decline – tentatively includes the impact of the injury on the play easily lead to a career.

protagonist of this article, Russell Westbrook, 30 years and six months, led to a tour of the finish at the completion of an unprecedented three consecutive quarters, averaging three pairs achievement
after the season, he ushered in the biggest moment of his career dispute.

Westbrook, has been so poor that only the Almighty.

before criticizing, we take a look at Westbrook objective this season, really like sprayer had said nothing.

On the past, it is hard to imagine that the league in assists for two consecutive quarters turned out to be one of the world’s best attacking physical point guard, rather than Nash, Kidd, fireplace
, Rondo, Paul, Walter traditional point guard like that.

Few people pay attention and need to point out here that the point is that turtles assists this season – the turnover ratio is nearly four seasons best, second-best 11-year career of 2.38-1, and this
season, turtles second round usage is low in the past nine years.

In addition, the turtle is averaging 1.9 steals in the last three quarters of the highest, 5.0 defensive contribution is the highest 11-year career, DBPM 3.9 is a personal career high second only to MVP season.

In defense, organization, Westbrook still has made some progress, but Yu does not cover flaws, averaging 20.2 shots but poor-quality performance of attack, Thunder is very
large, also cut the turtle-round performance impact on the game.

disaster level shooting performance and still like to pique the mind, so that he made progress this season, in the eyes of outsiders ashes.

In addition to shooting 0-3 feet in progress (65%, a career-best) outside, Westbrook shooting at each distance interval comprehensive backward, season after paragraph
more often we see opponents strategic letting him shoot, so appalling conditions.

65.6% free throw shooting, the worst 11-year career, also affect real shooting 50.1%, nearly 9 season worst three-point shooting 29 percent, the worst season in recent 9,
but the shot beyond the arc, averaging 5.6 times, is 11 years his career high.

We can see, Westbrook enjoy the laissez-faire treatment of a shooting game in the regular segment.

Compared to these data projected to decline, I think leaving the turtle fans worry is that these figures are the lowest after the rookie stage.

1, averaging dunk: 0.45 times.

2,2 + 1 or 3 + 1 times: 45 times.

Clearly, Westbrook really to the time that a node obvious attacking defender must face.

Although it looks, it seems Westbrook body is still nothing big problems, but in recent years several operations and treatment of knee and ankle, more often seen in knee
ice, and physical grow older consequent decline in leg strength faded turtle has affected performance in the shooting and slashing to the basket.

future may backfire less prestige in the organization, the impressive defensive efficiency, so that they will become a heavy burden on the future performance of the Thunder.

reporters after the press conference of the season, “zombie jump king” Westbrook himself promised, will be shooting better player.

can be aware of the problem, it is a good thing, but the situation is still not optimistic, because the early part of the outstanding predecessors article mentioned, not all successful transition.

with Viagra does have a few from the draft class, peer won the MVP in the multi
after the injury times almost desperate attack, relying on lots of practice shooting accuracy, the results in this season play again, and can show the evergreen character.

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