The nation’s first disappeared! James’s eldest son, brownies may simply could not NBA ……

Recently, a teenager named Adin Ross teamed up with Brownie,
conducted online broadcast of a NBA 2K.
In the final two games 4-0 win over opponents, and win a $ 2,000 prize.
After the game, Adin James also got the opportunity and I call!

call this guy put a calm, said he is a big fan of James, hoping to offer the game in victory
to Cleveland (should not it be in Los Angeles).
Old Jim smiled and thanked and encouraged him to move.
After the call, Adin finally conceal their excitement, Shuangshoubaotou could not help exclaimed.

affected by the epidemic in Sierra Canyon High school has long been closed, brownies usually in addition to the game live at home, it will also and old
train with father.
Many fans hope that one day, they could see his son play together in the NBA.
After all, small Chiam 2024 Progressive Alliance, the old Zhan less than 40 years old, with his current physical condition, then hit no problem.

Magic Johnson once said in an interview, brownies future can reach the height of James: “ I think
the child has the opportunity to play an incredible performance,
Whether it is as good as his father, or beyond the latter.
But to do so, Brownie takes a lot of effort.

but, brownies also under ordinary people to experience stress.
Can you imagine the number of viewers of a high school game, NBA catch it?
Sierra canyon game attracted more than 17,000 spectators to the scene, while the average number of people view the Timberwolves game at home less than 15,000 people ……

Brownie game, began to be
ESPN and many other sites nationally televised.
Buckley said that this situation should not have happened: “This is a great exploitation of children, in addition to these high school students who make money through the network, but there is no other way yet?”

Accompanied by a high degree of concern, questioned on Brownie’s also more up.
Last July, he rushed to the 2023 session of the nation’s top high school students rankings, but after joining Sierra Canyon, brownies as a substitute this season, averaging only 6.8 points, also had too many scoring hanging eggs

because of this, 2023 session of the nation’s high school students ranked in the Nothing But Net website updated
Brownie was in the first row 15.
Previously he pressed a Mickey – Williams and Elijah – Derek Fisher is still the highest in the third and fourth.

Some people take to the same period of James and brownies for comparison.
High moment, James led his unit to get 27 wins and 0 losses record, and won the state championship.
He scored the final 25 points and nine boards four assists, season, averaging 18 points and 6.2 boards to help 3.1 3.6 1 hat off, but it can have some of the world James ah!

Sierra Canyon High school is like a high school at Duke, sitting in front 2020 session of the five-star power forward Zaire
– Williams and BJ- Boston, as well as 2022 session of the five-star rating
David Bailey, have been very fierce competition.
In order to have better development, Wade son had to change schools went to Brewster Academy, after attending graduation courses a year .

No wonder the old Jim asked son play together with the topic, but also to change its tone
: “ Honestly, my son does not necessarily
Hit this level.
We do not discuss the matter, do not intervene.
Brownie was on the ninth grade, was a child, only to let him become a better teammate, but we do not think too much.

Of course brownie was on a high, there are a lot of opportunities to improve themselves, but for
like the old Zhan said, even if not the NBA, so what? there was life
So many good things waiting for him!

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