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Lead: heavenly bulk for many years leader of a secret what is it?

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bad-mouthing, the market sounds continued, but “Internet +” Dongfeng wave after wave of commodity electricity supplier is still alive.
As early as 2000, the steel industry has already begun to “shock”, but the brutal growth of commodity electricity supplier is also near thing a few years, in the last 2016 years, overcapacity has finally been initially eased, once again usher in the commodity electricity supplier
the rise in commodity development spurt, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, energy, chemicals, agricultural products and other fields groups of electricity providers, and there has been valued at more than $ 1 billion company unicorn.
At present, more than 300 related platforms, however, the size of the market out there, after the “Hundred Regiments” last laugh is destined only a few companies, though there are already some companies realize the transition from 0-1, and earnings continue
turn for the better, but most are still in the “burn” and “staking” model.

In many young and assertive bulk electricity providers face, we found a low-key figure – the bulk of heavenly objects.

hard to find its name in the most eye-catching hot spots or news, but it submit annual report card is always some bright spots.

Let’s look at the comparison of last year’s electric steel industry.

Today Steel electricity providers basically divided into three schools: Baosteel, River Steel steel prices as the representative of the genre; stencil find Internet as the representative of the genre; heavenly bulk, Wu Age, represented by traders
schools, three schools wrestling each other, carving up the current common steel electricity providers piece of cake.

the industry point of view, the first half of 2016, the bulk of heavenly objects to 23.06% of the market share for domestic steel electrical steel business market deal size first, over 100 million yuan of net profit to make it stable
leading position.

see the bulk of their operations heavenly situations:

2015 annual turnover of over 240 billion, the 2016 turnover of 316.9 billion.
The first half of 2017, turnover of 169.7 billion yuan to achieve.
At present, a total number of 21,837 registered members, about more than 12,000 active customers.
As of June 2017, total credit platform intention of 30 billion yuan in the first half amounted to 7.7 billion yuan financing occurs.
Nearly three years to achieve double turnover growth, the platform as a whole showed a steady upward trend.

but even more surprising is that this is a false start from the beginning of 2012, the bulk of the electricity supplier.
Since the establishment of five years, low-key way forward, ambitious expansion, firmly occupy the throne of the industry in the first three, and gradually became one of the country’s most influential commodity trading platform.

In addition to the early layout as it has won a head start on time, the bulk of what is heavenly for many years leader of the secret is it?

In general, commodity business platform generally face three major issues: payment and settlement, resource management, and transportation and warehousing.
The three major pain points, restrained the martial arts display three factions, of which the warehousing and logistics problems, but pain in pain.

Lift the logistics, the first reaction of most people may think of the courier company.

However, much more difficult than the circulation of commodities daily logistics express parcels.
Since commodities have cargo volume, high transaction amount, a huge transport demand characteristics, transportation of commodities often need trucks, trains and ships, containers, and other modes of transport, which will cause a problem – Radiation product sales radius restriction.

in radius, the shorter the distance, the transport problem is relatively simple, but because of the special nature of the commodity above, once stretched distance, inter-regional transport and storage will produce a series of problems, lack of domestic
complete electronic commodities logistics system, which makes it difficult to produce large carriers across the country, and carriers has led to the fragmentation of the industry was unable to form a unified and reasonable price system.

to the overall
, China’s major commodity logistics problems are, first, a whole showed a small and scattered features, industry concentration is low; the second is the low level of electronic bulk logistics, vehicle tracking systems popularity is not high, the situation is difficult to transport and timely feedback; three
logistics companies operating their own, scattered resources, in addition to information asymmetry, the low efficiency of logistics resources, China’s logistics costs are more than 2 times the developed countries; Fourth, the extent of the difference between self-employed logistics companies operating norms, acquaintances commissioned layer
subcontract layer, and carpool to fight single-transport, load and so widespread, and there is no clear distribution of responsibilities in the contract or agreement, it is difficult to regulate and coordinate the event of problems, but also difficult to government regulation.

When trying to solve a lot of electricity providers commodity logistics problems, the reality is often skinny impressed.

In fact, the success of any one commodity e-commerce platform to go through three steps: Based on the platform, development finance, the key logistics.
With the development of Internet technology, integration of information more difficult aspects of the decline, the appliance has not become the dominant platform for business, this time just to pay attention to is the logistics problem.
These electronic business platform dare to challenge the traditional steel trading patterns, their killer is able to optimize the efficiency of traditional transactions, and in order to optimize the efficiency of traditional commodities trading, logistics is the core.

to our
currently steel electricity supplier, the current mostly only solves the problem of business flow, that match and set up a platform for the sale and purchase transactions, ignoring more on the issue of logistics.
At present, my country commodities, including iron and steel, including due to excessive circulation, distribution and low efficiency, high inventory, a huge cost, capital tie serious.

logistics system has become backward steel restricting the development of e-commerce “bottleneck.”
Especially in China’s current steel logistics still in the stage of traditional logistics, considering only a single independent logistics activities of transportation, warehousing and other parts function optimization, and modern steel logistics requirements of enterprises from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of goods, to achieve the various logistics aspects and features of rationalization
, that single company’s overall function optimization as the goal.
Supply chain management is the flow of the entire process of iron and steel products, by integrating the integrated management of all relevant enterprises to optimize logistics activities of iron and steel, steel logistics and supply chain management is the integration of supply chain management of goods between the countries or regions in circulation
The goal.
In other words, the traditional logistics functions to achieve the optimization of logistics to achieve their overall logistics activities optimization; supply chain management is to optimize the implementation-dependent enterprises of modern logistics, supply chain management, supply chain integration between most countries
optimization of the whole.

After the barbaric growth, many of the current iron and steel business platform also beginning to realize the role of logistics, but most of the platform has not yet rid of traditional thinking transport logistics is set, so far, the majority of the effect is very

And one of the core strengths of the heavenly bulk is its excellent logistics and warehousing services.

here, have to mention the heavenly figure stood silent behind large, it is the Tianjin property Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin is the largest state-owned means of production and circulation enterprises, direct supervision by the Tianjin SASAC.

The same is taking the low-key style, but performance has no low-key.
2017 Fortune 500 list, Tianjin Products Group Ltd. for $ 63.324 billion in revenue ranked No. 129, ranked 28 top companies in China, Tianjin, which is the property since 2012 the sixth year in a row
the world’s top 500 finalists.
Group’s main commodity trade (including import and export) and logistics business, a total of 217 affiliated companies, the establishment of 21 overseas business outlets in the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions, business scope of global radiation.
And state-owned Tianjin Group undertakes scale of business nearly a third, accounting for 12 percent of the city’s import and export volume.

Tianjin wisdom of the property lies in the clear knowledge of the situation earlier for change, the bulk of the complete supply chain finance introduced in the commodity business platform heavenly objects, effectively integrate resources to enhance efficiency in order to achieve the
“one to one” to trade “collection purchase and distribution of” paradigm shift.

At present, the company operating in the area to achieve domestic online trading and financing through the “heavenly bulk” to provide services for e-commerce business in terms of logistics, by domestic and foreign network layout, use of science and technology logistics
instruments and a strong logistics team, the “heavenly bulk” to achieve “the movement of goods regulation” to provide logistics support.

reduce logistics costs for commodities is to improve the plight of industry and business and tap new profit point, while e-commerce is clearly a very important tool.
Tianjin structures heavenly bulk property hand, via a physical storage, supply chain network each area under the line of integration formed large data stream internet line, to achieve close combination with the electricity supplier logistics system ground logistics network.

from the heavenly large customer experience point of view, “to see goods orders → → → transaction processing → → delivery and distribution,” all aspects of convergence and smooth, one-click Services help businesses solve the logistics of way
select a range of issues planning, transport routes, selection, storage and processing and other means of transport of the match, optimum logistics and distribution, to reduce logistics costs and enhance logistics efficiency; and finally completed the scientific planning the layout of the line logistics network

low utilization efficiency of warehouse logistics industry, transportation companies the ability to integrate and scale difference, such as the United States, Europe’s top three shipping companies accounted for 60% -70% of the local market share of 13% -18%, while China’s top five shipping companies only
the total transport market share of about 5%.
This is a chance for Tianjin property, the past few years and therefore the Group focused on creating their own large logistics system, trying to take the lead layout once again seize the initiative in this blue ocean market.

is worth
noting that the bulk of heavenly objects careful selection of the most promising area in the field of commodities trading strategic layout, to become a region where iron and steel logistics infrastructure market leader.

Currently, the heavenly cloud storage platform in key areas throughout the country large, to provide integrated logistics services, logistics form a closed ecosystem.
Up to now, heavenly bulk storage area of ​​about 15 million square meters of cooperation, cooperation in logistics facilities 202, of which 27 libraries straight tube, bonded warehouse 70, specify delivery library 105, all over the country 19 provinces, 45
prefecture-level city.
Tianwu bulk cargo warehousing and logistics center management is about 110 million tons, operating warehousing operations 5,872,600 pen, the value of regulatory and financing of nearly 50 million.
The future will be further layout in Tangshan, Xi’an, Ningbo, Jiangyin, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming, Guiyang, Zunyi, Guangzhou and other areas, a comprehensive radiation Northeast, North, East, South, Southwest, support to support local business development.

a large logistics network throughout the country to open this weave, and the rapid development of large heavenly bulk logistics system, thanks to its “resources, assets, capital,” three-step strategic goal.

The first step, resource logistics: warehousing, processing and other logistics service oriented.

The second step, asset based logistics: the introduction of supply chain finance, and brand output and output management, service extends from warehousing to the transport sector.

The third step, capital logistics: the logistics of large-scale brand asset management for further development opportunities to the capital markets.

“three-step” strategy after nearly five years of sedimentation, the establishment of core risk control system for the heavenly large bulk logistics system, form the core competitive advantages accumulated valuable experience, but also defined the future direction of development.

In addition,
as a leader in technology of things in the industry, heavenly bulk logistics center warehouse management system developed cloud-based services WMS, BI data show the system and marine bidding platform.
Application networking technology within the group will effectively integrate logistics infrastructure and logistics in order to provide comprehensive services include industrial chain management services, modern logistics and financial services, modern logistics and information services, including the basis for the commodities industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises
truly O2O e-commerce platform for building cloud-based logistics of.
Future, Tianwu bulk logistics center will continue looking into networking technology scenario in bulk storage areas.

Currently, the commodity business platform in the country of which can also have a wide range of logistics services, complete supply chain services and products, rich experience in logistics management of bulk products as well as the whole category of resources
support of electronic business platform is just heavenly large one.

At this stage, heavenly bulk logistics system has reached the third step strategy, and gradually began to explore the capital operation, the company is expected to use 1–2 years, to accelerate the country’s major asset acquisitions and logistics nodes
output management, logistics management system to achieve heavenly large scale and brand, in 2–4 years time to complete the standardization and intelligent transformation of jurisdiction warehousing project, and existing management experience in the field of progressive black metal
extended to other areas of commodities, in 3–5 years time, the progressive realization of securitized assets.

The secret of success is inseparable from the bulk of the heavenly “every step” on its logistics layout.
As a commodity business leader in the field of electricity, it will go in the future?
The Tianjin property behind, will they be able to achieve strategic layout, a new high, let us wait and see.

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