McGrady shelling Leonard: holiday so good as to retire

Beijing time on January 11, NBA legend legend, the former Spurs Finals hero Leonard holiday McGrady comment on the issue.

McGrady said:? “In my eyes this is simply an incredible thing, a play of the year when the young man could not even fight back to back partner would not do even if a 40-year-old veteran of
this TMD is too outrageous! Although it’s none of my business, please, it is clear that Doc (Rivers) and test Wye privately reached any agreement. any coach will not allow players of all holiday season
the back to back games, especially the kind of coach Doc this and his previous coaching style is completely different. “

“If the test Wye really care of their body, home recuperating retired altogether forget.
This is a lazy behavior.
That is not responsible for the team, it is not responsible for the fans.
I’m sorry his own contract.
“McGrady said angrily.

As the legendary tough guy NBA, McGrady is clearly qualified to comment Leonard.

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