Forex swallowing gold beast: semiconductors, but also engage in a million years out of China’s chip industry

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Lead: whether China can complete counter-attack in the automotive industry and integrated circuit industry

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China’s economic upgrade, the two largest areas of automotive manufacturing industry and integrated circuit industries.
Conversely, we want to achieve the ultimate defeat of the Western powers, that is, to complete the counter-attack in both the super industry.

the next decade, we must be prepared to fight a long-term, if we are successful, and that China is the real superpower.
If we fail in these two areas, the revival of the Chinese nation can not be called successful.

The most powerful nation on earth the United States, which it has billions of dollars in profit levels of the company?

Aside from the energy and financial sectors other than, there are about 17 or so.

Facebook, GE, IBM, Cisco, Intel, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Apple, Wal-Mart, Disney, General Motors, Oracle, Alphabet (Google parent company), Verizon, AT & T, Comcast

a little more specific, a retail industry, cosmetic industry 2, an entertainment industry, the automotive industry a, other manufacturing (GE) a total of six.

ICT field it, 11!
17 US dollars ten billion net profit the company has 11 in the field of ICT, it can be said, ICT industry has become the United States was founded on.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Verizon, AT & T is the US contribution to a huge profit.

What is America’s powerful hold up to?
These are great company.
Conversely, these companies do not, the powerful US would not exist.
In 1945, Japan and Germany are still thousands of people, the Japanese army on the battlefield but killed more than two hundred million people, is completely unable to resist the Why?
Because the local industrial companies have been destroyed, industrial production continued to not go, powerful force would not exist.

We can see this in the field of US imperialism founding of ICT, very clear that China is America’s biggest challenger, China Mobile, Huawei, ZTE, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, Netease, millet, wave
, here, and so not only in the Chinese mainland to get an advantage, but also in foreign expansion, while most of these companies net profit of more than $ 1 billion, to know the net profit of more than $ 1 billion global company that is all counted together 34 100
The reason

This is why the US is so concerned about China’s IC industry, is upstream integrated circuit technology in the field of ICT, is the cornerstone of the hardware, if China’s IC industry is also up, the biggest impact or the United States
, which is one of America’s core areas.

See the figure, the world’s top three integrated circuits: Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm.
Qualcomm and Intel just two per year will be able to bring the United States eighty-nine billions of dollars in revenue, to feed tens of thousands of American engineers, but also bring more than ten billion dollars of net profit.

In addition to the Intel
and a big ticket Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, as well as the United States, Nvidia, Broadcom, Micron and other semiconductor companies.
This industry can imagine the United States is important.

China’s annual imports of industrial products are currently only two major categories of more than $ 50 billion, is a car and spare parts, we imported US $ 74.61 billion a year, in addition to a more than $ 50 billion of imports of industrial products
It is a well-known integrated circuit.

China’s annual imports of industrial products, integrated circuit ahead of all other imports of industrial products, ranked first, its imports amounted to US $ 227.1 billion, is the second of motor vehicles and parts to $ 74.6 billion
three times.

In fact, of course, there was a Chinese industrial imports annually more than $ 50 billion, that is, liquid crystal panel, for example, just five years ago, imported LCD panels have about $ 51 billion multi-point.

But with the BOE, led by domestic giants have been rising, in the case of China’s growing market, LCD panel instead of declining imports in 2016 has dropped to $ 31.85 billion.
With this year’s All domestic panel manufacturers are crazy and increase the share of profits, we have reason to believe that in the next few years, the liquid crystal panel imports will continue to decline.
Battlefield shifted to the field of OLED panel, only rival South Korea.

Back to the integrated circuit, we take a look at a set of numbers, in the past seven years, how our import substitution?
The answer is regrettable.

and other industries, our manufacturing capacity gradually increased, gradually reducing the deficit is different IC rising deficit in the state in the past seven years.

, up from 127.74 billion dollars in 2010 to 165.7 billion US dollars in 2016.

2010 Nian IC imports 156.99 billion US dollars, exports of $ 29.25 billion, a deficit of $ 127.74 billion.

2011 Nian integrated circuits imported 170.2 billion US dollars, exports of $ 32.57 billion, a deficit of $ 137.63 billion.

2012 Nian IC imports 192.06 billion US dollars, exports of $ 53.43 billion, a deficit of $ 138.63 billion.

2013 Nian IC imports were US $ 231.34 billion, exports of $ 87.7 billion, a deficit of $ 143.64 billion.

2014 Nian IC imports were US $ 217.62 billion, exports of $ 60.86 billion, a deficit of $ 156.76 billion.

2015 Nian IC imports of $ 230.7 billion and $ 69.31 billion, a deficit of $ 161.39 billion.

2016 Nian IC imports of $ 227.1 billion, exports of $ 61.38 billion, a deficit of $ 165.72 billion.

By 2017, this trend is still not reversed, from January to May Chinese integrated circuit (chip) imports amounted to $ 95.48 billion, up 17.9 percent year on year, exports of $ 25.66 billion, an increase of
11.3%, the deficit continues to widen.

Today, we are under to explore the core of this article today is to see the gaps, but also to see the progress.

First of all we need to know the integrated circuit industry, global market capacity How much? Different agencies have different data, have a little error, we have to IHS data as an example, in 2016 the global semiconductor market size
to $ 338.93 billion, up a slight increase of 1.1%.

Of course, the global market size data various agencies are not the same, some $ 330 billion, some $ 340 billion, but basically in this range.

you put this figure, and China’s imports of $ 227.1 billion contrast digital integrated circuits per year, the import volume of the year was 67% of the global market, which is not surprising, since 90% of global notebook
computers, 90% of smart phones, there are a lot of other electronic devices are manufactured in China, the name of China the world’s factory, not blowing out, but real.

So, before my country’s IC industry in the world 70% share of the world, we are to be imported integrated circuits.

China’s imports of integrated circuits and more, and still growing,

On the one hand of course, is China’s IC industry compared to the US, Europe, Korea, Japan huge gap,

On the other hand because of our downstream manufacturing and brand development is too fast, the world’s market share continues to focus on China due to the brand.
To 2017 as an example, China brand smart phone has accounted for about 50% of the world share, while Apple and Samsung mobile phones are mostly manufactured in China.

Based on this reality:

Not only is China the world’s manufacturing center, but also in the downstream consumer electronics brands also share trend to Chinese brand focus, so for a long period of time
that China would maintain the trend of high imports of integrated circuits.

So China’s State Council issued in 2015, “Made in China 2025” which reported that in 2020 China chip self-sufficiency rate should reach 40% in 2025 to reach 50%, which is actually a very high
target, because it means that China’s IC industry in 2025 accounted for 35% of the world scale, which is more than the United States ranked first in the world.
Of course, this refers to the overall output value, on the industrial structure, the United States is still at the high end, Chinese in the low-end and high-end part.

According to the plan if the Ministry of Industry more radical, in 2025 to reach 70% of the chip autonomy, that is, the size of China’s IC industry to account for 49% of the world, what does this mean, in 2025 China’s IC
from the industrial output value, it will be the world’s highest, not only to supply the needs of the whole of China, but also to seize a significant portion of the world market.

However, we also note that, regardless of the State Council or the Ministry of Planning, the foreign-funded enterprises in China are considered to domestically inside, that is to say, even in 2025 completed 70 percent of self-goal
we accounted for 49% of the world, which is still part of the completion of foreign-funded enterprises in China.

Then we can achieve this goal?
Or, what level it is at now?
The figure is the IC insight released 2016 global semiconductor top 20, top 20 did not even Chinese companies, this is a very rare phenomenon.
In almost any other major industries that exist on a planet, the world’s top 20 Chinese companies have not, almost can not find.

There are nine revenues of more than $ 10 billion, the threshold for the top 20 was $ 4.455 billion.

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2016 years
, China already has 160 chip design companies with sales exceeding 100 million yuan, it can be said that Chinese chip design are in full blossom.
China’s two largest chip design company Hass and purple sharp exhibition have been among the world’s top ten in 2015, Hass is the world’s sixth, purple sharp exhibition is the world’s tenth, and inside the top ten, Hass and purple Exhibition
Rui fastest growing.

2017 first quarter, the overall growth of China’s chip design industry up 23.8%, sales reached 35.16 billion yuan, Chinese self-designed chip global market share as high as 8% of the world, Chinese market share of 13
%the above.

ten, and IC insight has been ranked in accordance with the former China Semiconductor Industry Association, China chip different, below is the 2016 China Semiconductor Industry Association released the Chinese IC design company ranking, it can be seen by
Unisplendour Group to integrate Spreadtrum and RDA, there have been two Chinese amount of over 10 billion yuan of local IC design giants, Hass and purple show sharp.

we see
under this list, I believe the top three all too familiar.

the first Hass

Huawei cell phone with you inside there is a lot of Hass Hai Siji processor and baseband chip, the other to buy
smart TV, security system also has a chip Hass, Hass long period of time will be China’s largest chip design company, Huawei’s future with the growth of the Group’s rise.

the world do mobile processor manufacturers, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, millet, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Spreadtrum seven only.

Hass inside China is currently the company’s most promising ascent in the world, the goal should be to aim at Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm the world’s top three challenges their status.
Of course, the gap is still very large.
The world’s first pure IC design company Qualcomm 2016 revenue of $ 15.4 billion, 3.5 times Hass.

Of course, in the long run, Hass beyond the high-pass, I think the problem is not large, after all, Apple, Samsung, Huawei these companies are to achieve self-reliance chip, millet also engage in their own processor, Qualcomm
space is shrinking.

The second exhibition purple sharp Spreadtrum, RDA was established after the merger, the current Samsung mobile processor and baseband chips in addition to its own products, the largest supplier, show sharp task is to defeat MediaTek
Exhibition sharp Hass is the only one outside the domestic revenues of over 10 billion yuan of the company.

Note that you buy the Samsung mobile phones, mainly low-end series, which the chip is violet show sharp, we chip exporters, violet exhibition accompanied by sharp chips to Samsung mobile phone sales worldwide
, it is not that a little excited about it?

In addition, the exhibition purple sharp share in India’s largest mobile phone chip manufacturers, because a large number of low-end phones using Spreadtrum’s chips, the same is the case in Africa.

ZTE Microelectronics third place mainly its own communications equipment used in parts of the chip, mobile phone chips or purchased

China’s fourth largest semiconductor bit mean,
the public rarely heard the name, is actually Chinese chip design company’s fourth, Mandarin Chinese is the semiconductor IC design team, under the CEC (China Electronics information industry Group Group), CEC is the world’s five hundred,
is the national team of China’s electronics industry, it is the only mainland China covering design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, EDA tools, such as integrated circuit enterprises a complete industrial chain.

Of course, still have to say, CEC looks every kind of do, but everything is done too, small, but the presence of CEC is to protect the country from the integrated circuit capacity at the national level.

China’s largest semiconductor products which do, since it is the national team, then with national security-related basic contract, including the country’s second-generation identity card, Sinopec fuel card, social security card, tax
the control of the IC card has a chip designed.
The other is a satellite navigation chip, including the Beidou system into account.
Internet was spreading rumors that China second generation ID card technology from Japan, smiled like a second-generation ID card chips are Chinese independent design, manufacturing and packaging.
Led by national team.

Also worth mentioning, China’s large EDA design software providers have ranked fourth in the world – HES, EDA tools software, integrated circuit design is required, or use the current domestic mainstream
EDA abroad to chip design, such as Protel or something, but HES of EDA at least have a place, which is reserved for China’s autonomy.

Beijing-core-fifth of microelectronics people rarely hear the name of this company belongs to the national grid, a variety of chips inside our smart grid equipment, including the future of electric vehicles connected to the grid
, charging pile of chips, intellectual core Microelectronics are involved, of course, the company also will not face any orders, after all, is its own power industry.

sixth sinks top scientific articles I have mentioned before, the company’s fingerprint identification chips have done the world’s second,

Chinese chip companies in subdivision
the second area of ​​the world to do, this is a very remarkable achievement.

fingerprint recognition module on our phone must have a lot of people already in use, the Department of the top science and technology in 2016 its revenue was 3.079 billion yuan, up 175.04 percent year on year, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 8.56
billion yuan, up 126.46 percent.
Its fingerprint identification chip revenue was 2.312 billion yuan, up 788.66 percent, of its total revenue ratio of 75%.
Top Department of Science and Technology in the first quarter of 2017 has been completely beyond the old rivals Sweden FPC company, second only to Apple to provide fingerprint identification chip in the worldwide AuthenTec

seventh Hangzhou Silan
, the company LED lighting driver IC is one of its main business income, in addition to Hangzhou Silan IDM is one of the few companies that is design, production and packaging are done.
In addition to the main lighting LED driving circuit IC business, company offers appliance back Silan frequency motor control chip.
Also MEMS sensors and IGBT products are successfully developed market.

eighth of Datang Microelectronics is the national team, now the main product direction is the ID card and social security card chip financial and solutions, Datang finance social security card market share for second place
financial security IC chip DMT large shipments of about 200 million.
“In addition In addition, Datang Microelectronics also offers card industry, such as aspects of the residents’ health card, transportation card, citizen card, education and other security chip and solutions.

In addition, Datang and He Lanen also NXP
the establishment of China’s first automotive semiconductor companies and large Tangen Zhi Pu, the development of new energy automotive power management chip, motors and other MCU.

so, plainly, Datang state-owned enterprises, but also the country’s mainly to do business.

the ninth Ming Duitai design company in Taiwan, not to mention.

Vimicro tenth place, mainly to do image processing chip, camera chips

After reading the heavenly top ten IC design what do you think

10 companies which really count on five promising:? Hass, violet (including Spreadtrum, RDA),
. Department of the top, ZTE, Silan

such as Hangzhou Silan first half of 2017 earnings first-half operating income of 1.298 billion yuan, an increase of 22.90%; net profit of 84.4255 million yuan, an increase of
. 243.77 percent to maintain the momentum of high growth, profits began to recover

other five: Mandarin, Datang, intellectual core is to eat a meal countries Duitai is Taiwan enterprises, Vimicro mainly to do
monitoring security cameras like the graphics chip, the general level of technology, the development of uncertainty.

outside the top ten, there are some very interesting Chinese IC design companies.

the first is the memory chip
field, among China’s annual imports of integrated circuits, memory chips and CPU status accounted for about 75% of visible memory chips.

in the field of memory chips, there are two Chinese companies trying to attack, is a
Zhao Yi innovation, the Yangtze River is a storage

the world’s memory chips are mainly three types of products, according to the size of the sales were:. DRAM, NAND Flash and Nor Flash, which ranked third in spite of Nor Flash, but
compared to the first two, the market is still relatively small, only $ 3 billion, while the first two levels of roughly $ 40 billion and $ 30 billion level.

the three exactly what difference does it make?
DRAM is our cell phones of 1G, 2G … .. memory, NAND Flash is our cell phones of 32G, 64G, 128G ….

Nor Flash memory is though, but the capacity is relatively small, usually less 64Mb
, algorithms, and the like, mobile phones, automotive electronics, industrial control and other areas for storing the number of driving circuits will be used, because the algorithms, and a number of circuits is relatively complicated, it is difficult to fully integrated within the IC, nor flash need to

in this Nor flash only thirty-four small multi-billion dollar market which, China’s Zhao Yi innovation is one of the major players in the world, of course, the main players, which is fifth in the world, first in the world
a fourth are Taiwan’s Macronix, United States Cypres
s, American and the US light, Taiwan’s Winbond.

After Zhao Yi innovation to market in August 2016, should be the only A-share listed companies in the semiconductor memory industry.

2015, 2016 Zhao Yi innovation to achieve annual revenues were 1.189 billion yuan, 1.489 billion yuan, respectively, to achieve net profit of 142 million yuan, 151 million yuan.
This year, due to the repeated price increases nor flash, Zhao Yi innovation quarterly results growing rapidly.
First quarter revenue of 4.52 billion yuan, up 46.61 percent; net profit of 0.69 billion yuan, up 94.20 percent.

prices causes it, mainly Nor flash industry heavyweights gradually exit, third-ranked Micron exit the NOR Flash business, are likely to be ranked fourth in the world to take over Taiwan’s Winbond, ranked second
the Cypress closed small capacity Nor Flash production line, plus AMOLED panel there is a demand for nor flash, so bring the industry boom.

In addition, Zhao Yi also made innovation MCU (MCU) products for the automotive and networking, 2016. Zhao Yi innovative MCU sales revenue of 1.97 billion yuan, up 55.2%.

In the field of memory and flash memory, Korea has the absolute advantage, while my country Yangtze storage take up the mission to break the monopoly of Korea.

field memory, DRAM and NAND FLASH, Samsung and Hynix are absolutely dominant, especially Samsung.

Korean in 2017 memory price hikes made huge profits, Samsung Electronics 2017 first quarter net profit of $ 6.78 billion, an increase of as high as 46%, close to the relentless growth of 50%.
2017 second quarter, Samsung’s revenue soared 19.8%, net profit growth of 89%, up to $ 9.9 billion, not only broke his own record of the highest single-quarter net profit, for the first time more than Apple.

SK Hynix’s revenue in the first quarter of 2017 38.4 billion yuan, an increase of 72%, net profit of 11.6 billion yuan, an increase of up 324%

Huawei in the first half of
Flash scandal, reflecting China absolutely weak position in this regard.

DRAM memory is the largest field in the world’s DRAM memory prices soaring, Korean also in huge profits.

2017 In the second quarter, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, Micron Technology, three industry giants DRAM sales of $ 4.43 billion, an increase of 30.1% over the previous quarter.

Samsung Electronics, which sold 1.98 billion US dollars, an increase over the previous quarter 36.5%, SK Hynix sales of 1.37 billion US dollars, an increase of 28.2%, the two companies together accounted for 75.9% market share worldwide.
United States-ray sales 1.06 billion US dollars, an increase of 22.0%,

The figure is the first quarter of 2017 global market share, Samsung + SK Hynix share of 73.5%, the United States Micron 21%, the Big Three to
94.5%, and the remaining three companies in Taiwan Nanya, Winbond, PSC accounted for 4.6% of global companies accounted for another 0.9%.

global six
strong addition, in only 0.9% of the market share there, there is a small Chinese company, Beijing Xicheng holding ISSI, this is a design company in the global DRAM market in eighth place, but the eighth, almost

Zhao Yi innovation once tried to buy ISSI, into the DRAM field, after all, Nor flash market is still too small, but according to the news in August 2017, the acquisition failed because of the two, one is not talking about the price
Long, another Taiwanese obstruction, ranked fourth in the world’s DRAM factory in Taiwan Nanya is ISSI foundry, if ISSI acquired by Zhao Yi innovation, Nanya will stop providing services.

But in the DRAM field, ISSI is too small, even though Zhao Yi acquisition of ISSI successful innovation, it is impossible to fight the Korean system manufacturers and Micron.

In the NAND Flash market, DRAMeXchange data show, Samsung, Toshiba, SanDisk, Hynix, Micron and Intel monopoly almost 100% of the global market.
Especially Samsung and Hynix, together accounted for almost half of the global share.

and we
clearly see that in the field of DRAM and NAND FLASH, China has almost no sense of presence, in this area to break, or the need to rely on the national team.
Who says there is no state-owned enterprises before use, it will only engage in monopoly was it?
If you can become successful monopoly in the field of memory, I think is very good.

2015 In July 2009, China had Unisplendour Group into the world’s third largest DRAM manufacturers, the United States Micron Technology, proposed $ 23 billion takeover offer.
The result is rejected, the US government is behind the obstruction.

Why Micron to acquire it?
South Korea too strong, either DRAM field or NAND FLASH, Micron with respect to the Korean-based Samsung and Hynix, are in a weak position, especially in the DRAM field, Micron’s market share in a falling trend in the Korean competition from
2016 fell 28% to about 18% in the first half of 2017.

From the operating margin point of view, operating profit margin of Samsung DRAM up to 40% this level, Micron only 20% of this level, Samsung’s just a price, Micron is life and death, can be said that Samsung completely mastered Micron
life and death.

In fact, purple and Micron joint research and development, while the rich, while there are technical, Sino-US win-win situation, it is regrettable to contain China’s technological progress is the higher level of American strategy is destined to their joint difficult.
Although purple has not given up and Micron, but has now been forced to embark on independent research and manufacture of road, no other way to go.

At present memory independent research and development team is Unisplendour Group Holdings Yangtze storage.

2016 Nian 7 26, the Yangtze storage company, Unisplendour Group owns a 51% stake, the other shares are held by the National Fund holds 25 percent, Hubei Province, local government funds hold 24%
Wuhan Xinxin is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Yangtze store.

Wuhan Xinxin company is Hubei Province and Wuhan municipal government in 2006 in order to enter the field of integrated circuit manufacturing and the establishment of R & D + manufacturing integrated enterprise, in fact, Wuhan Xinxin end of 2014 and the United States already Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
began to develop its NAND Flash technology, but the industry is not good, because the NAND Flash is Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba, Micron four monopoly, not to mention the lack of a new core R & D strength, Cypress strength is not enough.

So by and Cypress and joint research and development, Wuhan Xinxin has been part of independent research and development strength, but very weak, which is China’s homegrown memory of the fire.

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