Andre Iguodala for everyone willing to whiten, has his future colleague accompanied this

yesterday after the game the Grizzlies beat the conventional piston, Grizzlies players Dillon – Grizzlies player Andre Brooks talked about in an interview with reporter Mark Giannotto interview – Ignatius
Dara, Dillon insulted: “I first saw him, he was talking about us on television, it does not matter, Andre – Iguodala is a good player, I feel he is doing himself
career useful things, but we really do not care. it will not distract us, I like things always laugh it off, a guy on our team’s roster but did not want to come to our team
I can not wait for the team to trade him, so that we can against him, to show him the real Memphis look. “

This sentence is then raised a storm, Memphis young pick morant
forwarding this period and interviews with a “loud” look, and gave a push Memphis rapper anger spray characteristics Andre Iguodala had a praise.

so in the end Iguodala is to talk about what caused such a strong dissatisfaction Dillon on TV shows it?
Dillon said that he first saw Andre Iguodala of the season, not in training camp, is on the ESPN show, Andre Iguodala suit on the show, talking about the face the camera, said: “I think the key
I want to find a balance, because sometimes reality, a lot of people will have some views on you, it’s hard for you, I do not want to be in that situation – well, I’m a little older now, I
to do this live just fine, is to teach young enough, or do I have to go somewhere else, I have to first, starting is everything, it is not starting nothing, in fact I do not like this
now I can only think of one play where I can maximize the ability of the court to bring help directly to a teammate, by scoring, steals, rebounds to help his teammates. so, at my age, I definitely want to maximize my play
ability, and I think I can also contribute to the team, so I hope for myself, and for the Memphis Grizzlies, both of us are able to achieve their desired results. “

led the Grizzlies team highest 17 million salary Grizzlies players, openly come the strength of each team only market themselves on the nationally televised program, can be tolerated cooked not tolerate, which is also the pharynx Dillon
under the breath?

Then there is the question is, is the beginning Grizzlies specially DNP, indefinite suspension of Andre Iguodala yet?
Not so, the first time the summer free market opened, the Warriors in order to free up enough cap space to sign for Russell, had shot overpaid Andre Iguodala, he has to take a pick, this time in the annals
reconstruction of the Grizzlies and Warriors hit it off, armed with a huge salary-cap space in the summer of their goal is to collect picks eat garbage contract, which rebuild the team appears to be very common operation.

At first, the Grizzlies wanted Andre Iguodala led the band in the young players, Morant and Jackson as the core are only about 20 years old, so there is Andre Iguodala on the path of growth
seasoned veteran tie-up is nothing but good, and 17 million on when to hire a nanny.
did not think Andre Iguodala flatly rejected the request for the Grizzlies, summer activity is selling his autobiography, four golf, and refused to go to the Grizzlies training camp reports, the Grizzlies and send him to negotiate a pay cut buyout
he wanted to go to the team, but a son Andre Iguodala children do not want to take less insisted on a full buyout.
out of frustration Grizzlies agreed to let him leave the team alone training, but will not put him inactive list.

start of the season to now, the Grizzlies has been refused coverage Andre Iguodala price of a first-round, not just a team willing to pay such a
Consideration will take him away.

Over the past 19 games, the Grizzlies young man won the victory in 14 games, thunder Masamori, put bad goal early in the season has become a playoff contender, the impact of season on the team
the key moment of the game, Iguodala does not even help, is still looking for a job on television?

Grizzlies took the wages minute of the game do not think to polish the title race team effectiveness? Does such a veteran, worthy of respect?

Andre Iguodala had teammates are behind Curry old teammate on social media release Iguodala holding a trophy photo 2015FMVP complicated by a shut face.

Curry so do not ask right or wrong, just very touching spirit of his teammates, Andre Iguodala can not long ago his teammates, ah,
FMVP hair finals trophy, to seek Andre Iguodala seniority pressure Moran
Special it?
Andre Iguodala take any honors nor is it in the Grizzlies took it, achievements Grizzlies this season and Iguodala not half dime, and now Dillon and Andre Iguodala is completely contradictory Grizzlies squad
thing, Curry Warriors as a player, get up and say take the honor seniority Grizzlies team thing, the event would have been clear right and wrong became engaged seniority game.

Morant also seeing relentless, back to Zhang Durant handheld FMVP trophy photos.
Why should we respect your library old teammates, your old teammates respect too young Grizzlies do?
Not respect the old honor but also to show off, you can only hate back.

Historically veterans like Andre Iguodala, such as old age demon NBA are not isolated cases, once Mourning and Fisher, has refused to go to a new team in his later years was reported trading scandal, their
career but also because this kind of thing infected with the stain.

YiGeDaLa is true, regardless of the effectiveness of 76, Nuggets warrior, his
skills and professionalism are admirable blameless, but in his later years was lying on the honor book sleeping habits of the past few years in the playoffs, the Warriors regular season regimen all out of the same pattern is not hard to imagine other players perform
contract, they want to go high-paying winning team but also good reputation, anything you want, refused to play for the Grizzlies minute of the game.

YiGeDaLa library memories to his closest teammates, then the most reliable,
left Memphis, just a joke, and a haughty contempt Grizzlies, there is no professionalism of the players nothing.
Those who even behind Andre Iguodala, but also to think about, if there is such a close colleague or a teammate Andre Iguodala, they really will choose for his stand in it? (two-dimensional code
automatic identification)

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