All-Star Game in the fourth quarter LeBron, Ioannis and Leonard

2020 All-Star Game, can be considered since 2001, the most exciting battle.

finally get rid of the “we do not really fight, I am sorry really hit; direct dunk not have the nerve, it had to throw ultra-long-thirds, or fancy dunk it” boring repetition.

more of the “scrape together a group of five balls, all to fight it,” tolerance.

than 22 33 IV called score is not high, it is worse than the first section 53 so gorgeous 41.
However, that is the top basketball showdown was 2020 playoffs and the finals, and even the future of basketball, the way that may arise.

IV, Reds 22 points, only one assists.

because the blue team attack, three of the basic on-line; back against the conversion phase, the defense brief stop, drop trench warfare 2-3 or 2-1-2; do not attack each other less than the basket, relying on raw
carry; attack mainly strong side and a weak side sweep: Leonard cruising has weak side effect.

So the red team by En Bide, one by a chisel: they scored the fourth quarter, from En Bide basic and Walker.

This is the blue team at the excellent defense.

But the red team also Xinyan: 2-1-2 settled down once, En Bide to pull the empty corner,
Ioannis go inside a card, but he was covered Leonard, get in; fortunately they have a BianZhao: Ioannis use to position (not the cover) to take away the attention of Leonard, Kemba took the opportunity to steal

This is the year the Celtics with Perkins engage in law: Perkins inside to Gasol bit apart, so that you can take advantage of Rondo layup.

In turn, the red team’s defense is also very good.

En Bide’s front gates, Ioannis the leak filled, the two men a perfect match.
Exactly like the 2000 All-Star shark + Duncan (and maybe share that year the All-Star MVP).

– after all, Ioannis Lopez with a Bucks defense has ascended into the sky.
He got together with En Bide, they really do not give attackers to stay alive.

The most obvious ball is Ioannis fourth quarter to the first cap LeBron:

Davis LeBron find the pick and roll, have been turned away Ioannis himself suddenly go; but eyeing En Bide, LeBron can not play fast break, Ioannis strode come back, but LeBron will be pressed into the bottom line.

LeBron carry, turn, shake, throw, Ioannis was raising his hand a cap, snapped.

What a clever break extremely heavy, as Yili will drop ten.
Boxing afraid of young and vigorous.

future basketball offensive and defensive, is this:

offensive trying to spread the floor, a large number of on-line
stations; trying to defend the compression space, without leaving the slightest gap.

LeBlanc IV had a total of 4 points, 2 assists, 1-7.

Ioannis even worse: His 25 points were all concentrated in (game play piecemeal release of) the first two and a half, 2 missed shots in the fourth quarter.

So far this season the East and West MVP, the history of the two most horrible body forward, the fourth quarter is extremely well defensively, offensively, in particular, fell half, a little difficult.

This season the playoffs, the Bucks and the Lakers will face a similar problem?

LeBron two assists in the fourth quarter, all from the back: After the break-stop, cross over a wide field of vision
Paul outside light, a third point; another counter, connected to an empty Davis.

His vision and passing still.
When the half-court, is still in charge of directing the ball off the bit.
Defensive end performance excellence.

But the fourth quarter we defensive intensity up, half out of thin air to create, his strength is not enough.

He was Ioannis cover the first cap, the real reason is that previously, can not rely on speed eating En Bide strong, was forced into dead ends; the second is Ioannis cover cap, it is called
the cover body position to grab the breakthrough, is already underway layup, but Ioannis fly away like the wind behind to catch up, a cap fixed plate.

– LeBron 2009 by chasing their own tailor-board shake the world when, much faster than it is now; today Ioannis cover off the layup, the penalty arc and a half after the start; put 2009
he directly deducted, Ioannis should not interfere with.

boxing afraid of young and vigorous ah.

LeBron dunk contest last one is turned by the sudden rush came into place: it is
he used to return after the Cavaliers in 2014.
Fewer and fewer big stride strong sudden, fewer and fewer down from speed, more and more “sit run”, by adjusting the pace and turned around to get rid of.

+ lethal personal vision of his organization the hot topic of capital, but now, more and more biased towards the latter ratio.

the other side, the problem Ioannis is also very clear:

LeBron is not often played half the speed, Ioannis can not afford not move fast hit

Today the fourth quarter, when the body fight back and Leonard LeBlanc, Ioannis it can not be helped.

Before discussed: a bit like an oversized Dr. J Ioannis.
Defensive to offensive world without right, big step up the pace Soaring.
But his attack with medium and low to play, only to turn around and bully the small size of the opponent.
Eastern Conference semifinals last year, Leonard / Green lock his next disc, plus a behind Gasol, he was a headache.

Today is no different.

LeBlanc offensive Ioannis flash does not open, but also singled Ioannis carry fixed LeBlanc.
His next disc enough strength, but he is a top LeBron focus bite to eat pace.
They put each other in advancing the dead, to reflect very funny.

how do you say?
Today LeBron wrapped Ioannis, just nine years ago Kidd tied LeBron, exactly the same.
By anticipation, by hand, by experience, eat badly.

In turn, En Bide fourth quarter to turn around and eat a LeBron: very nice Akira shoulder feints even turn over.

En Bide on the organization, on the smart, on the lubrication team, not as Jokic.
On the whole addition to the team, not as Ioannis.

But monomer offense and defense, more so compact game, he more vigorous.

Aside: If you notice Harden today carry West Kamm very successful, do not be surprised.
Eight years ago the Western Conference semifinals, he single anti Bryant back on itself effective.
In fact, anti-Harden when the ball has always been very good, I’m afraid traverse smart.
Guys floors flow bones are like this: Pierce and Joe too.

Speaking of monomer attack and defense, have to say today MVP Leonard.

His 30 points today, in fact, concentrated in the first three quarters.
2 IV also went 1.

But it is worth mentioning: the fourth quarter of the last two blue team assists trench warfare, he made out, by the sudden ball points: a breakthrough into the ball to the corner Harden
third, a breakthrough into the ball to Davis layup, then after a breakthrough scored in the cast.

i.e., half mill warfare, LeBlanc ball not projecting physical division, Leonard destructive okay.

Leonard LeBlanc has never been as organizers, have never known to fast.
But since the playoffs last year, half of trench warfare, he can rely on the pace and body position, Zoran effective implementation of the pick and roll → → break or score the ball.

His field of vision is not wide enough, but it can break through.
The reason

This is the Bucks Raptors get rid of last year: grinding singled to trench warfare, Ioannis embarrassing, Leonard was able to get up to.

Today we have seen: when everyone is graceful, Ioannis and LeBron have played arbitrary.

hit dead end when LeBron more control half rhythm, Ioannis even more to play a role in the defensive end.

The Leonard En Bide and this is not known to the ball fast, but very hard monomer offensive and defensive guy, hit the ball very effectively.
Leonard En Bide and this is not known to the ball fast, but very hard monomer offensive and defensive guy, hit the ball very effectively.

top basketball

regular season, belongs speed + space, but also faster.

So since the 2015 regular season MVP, the first shooter belong to history, the history of the top defensive to offensive three pairs devil, space conflict points Masters and running like the wind monster Greece: three guards, a forward.

In the regular season, the ball suddenly points creator, we will continue to go happy.

But the finals last years MVP, do not need to belong to the system, their own offensive and defensive force can dominate a game ball
both ends of the devil (2016 LeBron main function is the organizer, but the league is still the single offense and defense).

In fact, since 2012, has eight consecutive Finals MVP, is both offensive and defensive small forward.

Probably playoff basketball is still denied each other space and speed, singled to fight it?

In a glimpse into some of us from the summer of 2020, and the future direction, right?

Finally, such a knife duel game, Bryant used to miss, it is quite right: really really attack defense, tough singled out.
This is his favorite style.
This is what he willing to participate in the contest.

really good remembrance.

But, so superior race, is estimated to catch up with yesterday’s judges, it will only make a great extent to ……
47 minutes, right?

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