Warriors so it was, or water to pull it away!


put the Warriors jersey, Russell only five regular-season games to prove he “pulls the water” nickname really deserved.

Just from the data, averaging 19.0 points 3.6 rebounds and 6.4 assists and was decent, a slight decline compared to last season can be considered a reason for replacing the tactical system.
However, in the five games, shooting Russell and three hits were only a miserable 38.6% and 31.4%, two data are a career low – yes, more than
Lakers during the worse.

So far, a protracted debate also seems to have the right answer: Russell is a star system, leaving the Nets may be difficult to return to his All-Star last season,
level of
For the Warriors this is a terrible bad news, they are tantamount with Durant in exchange for Russell, who did not expect them completely unable to play a role in Cole’s tactical system, incredibly low efficiency values,
As long as management IQ online, we will not put a long-term plan.

to courage now arrayed two paths, or wait back Kuligelin
, dampen the playoffs; or more players are sidelined with injuries to time, direct tanking for a high pick in the draft
Fans tend to second road course, nothing to wait for a year, maybe the Warriors can be like the Spurs in 1997 as in the case of Admiral Duncan to reimbursement of election, to create a dynasty again.
But this season, the Warriors had just moved to a new home and immediately began tanking, then, is not conducive to the team continue to attract fans.

In this case, at the trade deadline away Russell is the best choice.
Warriors can use him in exchange for potential players and draft picks next year, and wait until after the trio back immediately but helping to create a competitive team .
Can be the key problem is that now the team is willing to take over Russell’s big contract, and send chips Warriors need?

this summer, Russell joined by a sign for warriors, new contract
a four-year maximum salary of $ 117 million of his salary this season to $ 27.29 million, ranked 29th in the league, this is undoubtedly the biggest impediment to large contracts
to trade him out.
And his performance from these games point of view, are willing to take a risk team manager may not have this offseason so much.

Russell currently the most likely next home is Miami, this idea is not groundless, the Heat this summer to Bill and Paul have expressed strong interest, they seem to Dragic
not satisfied.
I did not expect the new season, Spoelstra will Dragic put on the bench which, in turn, enabled the show Nunn unsuccessful, the latter expression is to force, ranking first in the first phase of the rookie standings < / b>.
So far in the forefront of the eastern part of the Heat ranking, it is unlikely to return for Russell should break the team chemistry.

Russell there might be a team is intended Minnesota, Hugh
season they even sent a friend Russell Downs, trying to convince the All-star point guard to join Minnesota .
Timberwolves this season, starting point guard is still Teague, his data also rose slightly compared to last season, but the Timberwolves hope to get someone who can in age and Downs, Wiggins match the three masters, La
Seoul is clearly an option worth considering, but they could not afford chips Warriors need.

In addition to one source, the Raptors also Russell potential next home, visiting the North West territory jointly Cam seems to be a good choice.
However, the Raptors have just one year to 31 million price tag to renew the veteran point guard Kyle Lowry, and the team also has a 25-year-old Fanqiao Dan, the latter’s salary this season was only $ 9.0 million .
To know that a small increase and Ibaka’s contract will expire in the summer of next year, ahead of time so that Russell occupy its cap space, why not wait until next year to recruit more offseason right players?

in my personal opinion, Russell left the Nets clearly a wrong choice,
but no way, Nets already determined to be a big fight in this year’s offseason program, there is not much left Russell necessary.
This is another important turning point in the career of Russell, joined the Warriors did not let him get better, but as it was that nobody cares at the Lakers.
Of course he can still contribute to the team in the game, but he is not the one that last season’s All-Star himself.

As for the Warriors, now has not grasp the initiative in their hands, even if you want to bid farewell to Russell, there must be a team with the job, not to mention that they now do not have anything
attractive chips
No one thought of this dynasty team actually collapsed so quickly, but they also seemed somewhat confused about the future, in addition to Russell, they should be noted that there are many, many.

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