Underboss averaging 1 point! It really is the final team …

today still do not know what to write in the day, we still continue to archeology it.

2006-07 season, the Cavaliers in the regular season record of 50 wins and 32 losses, the second of the identity of the Eastern playoffs and compete in the playoffs has eliminated the Wizards, basket
network and piston, all the way to break into the finals.
It is worth mentioning that James was only 22 years old, and that was his second career playoffs.

We all know the story behind the Spurs big score 4-0 victory over the Cavaliers won the championship that year.
Although the two games plus one, the Spurs only won a total of just three points, but on the “Knight 2007 NBA Finals on whether it is the worst team in history,” this topic, or become Since then, from time to time will be
people turned out one of the hottest topics of discussion.

so, what is the knight that support was a kind of team do?

We probably compare data obtained from a vague outline.


2006-07 season, the offensive efficiency of 105.7, the first 16 rows of the league, and defensive efficiency was 101.4, the fourth highest in the league.

Basically, the optical contrast of the two numbers, it is enough to remind us of the memories of the past.
– Mike Brown started as a high quality defensive coach, indeed brought the Knights defense on a very high standard, as offensive … indeed, as he said, it was James alive, something that was not his concern.

that support the Cavaliers offense can not, by the impact of many factors.

first staffing.

NBA was still very particular about the “position” of the concept.
In the line is the classic double high with a low back singles main screens in the outer shells, supplemented by a large distance shooting Z, a major plus points by the half basket Drew – Gooden, the back line is commonly used veteran
Snow with combo guard Larry – Hughes combination, the latter replaced by Hughes Snow, starting on Pavlovic added a shooter, striker is entirely LeBron – featuring James.

Here are a few points are worth noting:

1, as a peripheral deputy – Larry Hughes, is not enough qualified underboss.
His offensive efficiency is very low, long shot performance even better than James, and could not come up with convincing data on ball attack.

2, this time outside the Big Z has not yet become fixed-point shooting machine playing pick and roll, the number of times per game he play pick and roll the ball jumper less than 1 second, low back body tipped with second attack,
accounted for 52.9% of the proportion of his overall offensive, which we are familiar in the late big Z is very different.
Similarly there Gooden, he scored on spot-up jumpers efficiency is much lower than the league average, nothing to involve the ability to space.

The most direct impact of these problems is caused by:

– Space Knight is not good enough.
Trey account for only 20.4% of the overall proportion of the shot, the first 18 rows of the league, and inefficient, 35.9% hit rate ranked 20th in the league.
Their offense appears to be distributed evenly to the basket from the three-point line has a relatively well-balanced weight distribution, but the efficiency is actually not good, especially on the perimeter, regardless of distance, invariably the bottom or near the bottom level.

– Knight brought not many people can solve the problem, in addition to James, almost all people became tools assist nature.

ultimately, these things are recorded in digital form is down: valid hit Knight
rate of only 48.6%, the first 23 rows of the league, penalty rate of only 22.3%, ranked league 24, but added the ability to grab the front plate of good performance, 31.5% can be routed to fourth in the league, and also ranked on the control mistakes
into the top ten league.

So … If you give this situation a knight’s side do write, probably this:

This is a shooter limited resources, poor efficiency of the overall projection, based on the defense
to win the team, they approach much on the offensive end, hard to hate the penalty area, playing grab-based investment, as the upper limit of how high, in fact, pure look at their core, that is, LeBron – James blasting capacity
in the end you can not pierce the sky.

If you need to later James Archer to fight the evaluation of view, this is definitely Knight downright unsuitable James.

But in terms of type, a team like the Cavaliers are not uncommon, down round fight defense, positional warfare by routine hardware solution star ability, even in recent years, is not considered too rare.

so the question is, really have that support knight medal final of the strength of it?

At least I was opposed attitudes.

reason is simple, because the strength of the team is too serious a fault.

I took the data of the playoffs to be a very good basis for comparison:

2007 postseason, James averaged 25.1 points 8.1 boards contribute to help 1.7 8
3.3 steals, turnovers, although the performance data is not bad, but the overall efficiency is actually low, shot only 20 times in exchange for 8.3 times the effective score, shooting just 41.6%.
Even so, he still is the team who only true – James addition, the team is no longer a knight who scored more than 13 points, ranked No. 2 in Big Z 12.6 points, while the second shot is off
Adams, hitting only 34.7%, 11.1 shots per game, but only in exchange for 11.3 points.

The same year the Spurs had two players score 20 +, three players scoring 16 points or more, although none of the Detroit Pistons scored 20, but also two people in more than 18 points
, four 14+ level.

Compared with these two teams, the output capacity of more centralized knight, James dependence on individual state stronger, upper and lower volatility that may arise greater, and this is that support
Vital Knight biggest lies – if the opponent to start large-scale siege of more than James, who could become the X factor that breaking it?

Gibson decided to give in on the east G6 James had help, single-game 31-point performance infinitely more perfect, but more often, the Cavaliers have to face, is one such – Larry Hughes
like performance – finals played only 2 games, 1 of 10 shots, scored a total of only 2 points.

so … this is a final level of the team it?

I do not think I said, your heart must also have the answer.
But, it is such a show of strength of the team, but also against all odds, to refresh their team history, this fact can not be regarded as pieces of failure thing.

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