Top of his attack, 70 days did not win the ball …

“Unfortunately, over the years the All-Star Game no longer have the NBA’s best 24 player. Since I came into the league, it has not
respect the outside world. when I saw his name not on the list, I actually feel a little sparse commonplace. “

when the squad that defeated Chicago All-star himself, say Downs
such a remark.

Indeed, Downs this season on the personal data remains impeccable.
Plate averaged 26.7 10.8 4.2 1.2 co-applied closure, comes in the center of the leader.
But … Unfortunately, his team situation is too bad.

Up to now, Downs has won 70 consecutive days without a game.
Debut of 17 games without a win, to say the last time he tasted the taste of victory, it had to be traced back to November 28, 2019 a.

In all fairness, the Timberwolves fall to such difficulties, not one person had Downs, from the management down to the coaching staff to the players, who can not get away:

Their average age
less than 24 years old, the oldest player in the squad that had just been traded to the team of Evan – Turner, only just 31 years of age, culture and gene win, Jimmy – Butler go after the no longer Minnesota

they lack decent organizers had also put the shit buckle in the “transport Mamba” Teague’s head, but now only to find the man to Atlanta, even from the
Teague, not like this team will become better look.

Want to find words to justify a man, casually can list a lot.
But as the team’s first card, it as a draft pick, and has worked hard for five years in this league Downs, following the removal of Butler experienced a less fantastic than the first round of tour, the most ever created
good record with only 36 wins, he somewhat justified.

In the final analysis, then again, “respect” This is a thing that you need to fight for.

If only offensive basketball, that Downs is probably the world’s best center.
His performance on the offensive end this season of How good?
I have listed some of the data, you will understand.

This season, Downs strengthen his shots from beyond the arc, shot number soared from 4.6 times last season to now 8.1 times, but shooting efficiency remains at 41% level
League today can do averaged dropped more than 3 three-pointers, and hit more than 4 percent of the players, a total of only seven, and Downes is one of them.

Downs this season’s round of share of 28.2%, and 28.3% of eyebrows almost the same, but the real Downs hit rate reached 64%, all round share of over 25%
players ranked first, stronger than eyebrows.
So if you just look at these two points, in the case of possession of the ball nearly the same, Downs on the offensive end of the eyebrows to output more efficient than others.

As a center player, Downs did on the offensive end did it internally and externally, and comprehensive technology, the ability to move his outstanding enough, although occupying fifth place, but often like to complete the guard

In the half-court offensive positions, it is hard to find defects from Downs body.

spot-up jumpers, he could get 1.28 points per round, over 95% of the players;

back singles, he could get 0.94 points per possession, more than 60.9% of the players

singles face frame, he could get 1.15 each round, players than 93.5%;

air-cut, he could get 1.68 points per turn, more than 98.6% of

The only one not so satisfactory that the pick and roll cover the end of each round 1.11 points accounted for efficiency, do more than just 53.2% of the league’s better, but you also have to see the inside of the Wolves
in fact, the ball was not good enough to create opportunities for people Downs reality.

Because of these, only to hit the highest in the league offensive Downs real plus-minus 5, when he was present, the Timberwolves can earn more per hundred rounds 13.4 points, the highest center first list

but … basketball not only pay attention to one individual score of the game.

4.92 Downs sitting on the offensive true positive and negative values, the fifth highest in the league, indeed pull the wind, but as the other side of the sport, Downs defense real positive and negative values ​​is extremely bleak
-3.14, the league penultimate 6.

When his presence, the team can earn more per hundred rounds 13.4 points yes, but on the defensive end, too, had to endure the embarrassment multi lost 9.8 points, a figure, but also better than the league
99% of the center do worse.

offensive and extreme polarization, Downs is the most serious problem.
His willingness to defend not high, prone to negative emotions give up, and to grasp the defensive position is also very bad.

Say that Paul is just top of the key with the Muslim Carla played a very
ordinary pick and roll, Downs went to the defensive position a bizarre, the whole of the middle reaches of space are lost to the opponent.

As another example of this, Fox on the sidelines with Dai Demeng play pick and roll, Napier Downs defense schematic
card position, but it would not budge Downs, directly to the bottom line, gave Fox a very easy layup opportunities.

Indeed, five basketball is a game, you want to win the game, we need to work together and present efforts of all the players.
But as a leader and soul of this team, Downs could be like those great predecessors, with their own spiritual power to infect everyone around him, it may not complete the transformation make the Timberwolves, thorough entered strong teams
ranks, but at least not now so deeply in despair.

He obviously can do better, it can be cold fact is that he did not try to become that kind of person.

can become a champion, which in itself is certainly talented Downs, can kill the big four in the NBA arena, there is absolutely no doubt of his ability, but to win the game, you want to become a true
superstar, Downs, really still have a long way to go.

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