To talk about the conflict Celtics and the Cavaliers this ball

wrote reasonable person to see, let alone a importune.
Do not reprint request, especially Tiger bashing, because he could feel the tiger to look at this kind of thing is not an objective analysis of the station played a direct moral war, I do not like the kind of pointless bickering.

to put video


Burns and JR when to bits, JR select a mess on the stoop in front of people around the purpose of this action is that if the Luo Qier choice lob, he can quickly jump ball, and if Luo Qier choose to break, he can
rapid relief of this standard is a little big around the front anti-action, big Baines is the standard use of height and important position.

This time they are normal confrontation.

it is evident that the JR fronted there is no way to stop him large turns ratio N
Baines is off, so when Luo Qier move, he started off with a way to stop Baines is wrapped around the arm, preventing Luo Qier high throw inside to empty.
This point of view is very clear, JR tried to break through the line to block Luo Qier while arms were firmly entangled Baines.

out, when Luo Qier hand, attempts to break preparation rebound Baines
a, JR raise the center of gravity right shoulder, wrapped continue.

basket has two Maoshang, Baines in the best position rebounding
but he can not jump.
This can be seen when Baines has a red body, apparently the rage MAX.
When the person you want to jump up and grabbed his arm, the Tiger bashing with the words “opposition to the court fight,” it was a dirty play.

into the ball after a Baines made irrational action, he
no problem except Shenshouqujie wrapped up arms, but chose down hard, this action is dangerous, and it is a dirty play.

two intercrossing a Dirty Play later, again sandwiched between the JR Baines
arm thrown around, this is his retaliatory behavior, because this round of defense is over, this is a superfluous action, can easily lead to injuries JR.

JR anger pushed a Baines, this pushing or extenuating
but note that JR’s defense is wrapped around the arm means, so the first hands or JR, Baines is revenge, they do not exist right or wrong in this case.

Smart up later pushed a JR, escalation of the conflict, this thing is Smart provocation earlier.
this would have been their just punishment, in relation to the end of things, but Smart’s interview after the game there is a very strange word.

‘That’s on my momma ……’ Twitter many people on the understanding that said JR
Some trash talk is about the Smart recently deceased mother, but did not specifically say what Smart because it is, it is still only suspected.
‘Is not no punk right here’ they really mean is that very tough people, and then repeat the hope mother rest in peace.

Celtic team reporter fans also responded to speculation that the Smart
emotions out of control is not the same as before, so the key thing is not to become a JR said about SMART SMART mother’s words caused so out of control, from his point of view in excited mood after the game, there is a possibility
but just might, and there is no evidence.

https://localhost/video/1032281014126542848 process

thing is probably the case, it seems the tiger pounced is basically a
Smart control in the crusade against public opinion, Baines and the Celtics, while three people on Twitter are considered not to have, this is due to different mechanisms leading to speak of.

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