NBA Top Ten surfaces Brothers: seemingly harmonious relationship is, in fact, very general star!

NBA is a small rivers and lakes, which is filled with a variety of pains and sorrows, which has some of his teammates, who on the surface appears to be very good friends, but in fact,
only the surface of it.
Here, we count the NBA’s top ten brothers surface, but looks good relationship ten pairs of players.

tenth place: Kobe Bryant and Howard

12 in the summer, “Warcraft” Howard joined the Lakers, teamed Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Nash, then looks up the ruling coalition of the
Just when Howard joining the Lakers, he is seen as the future of the Lakers hope, Bryant also given the high expectations for him, and more incentive, Howard hopes can take over themselves, become the new representative of the Lakers.

But then aim at winning Kobe Bryant and Howard cynical gradually had their differences, after a losing season, Howard also left the Lakers, joined the Rockets.
After that, the Lakers and Rockets, Bryant is and Howard broke out brawl, Bryant said Howard is a “soft egg”, but Howard said that Bryant was “old dog”, it also allows fans
marvel at.

Ninth place: Harden and Howard

12-13 season, James Harden came to the Rockets and quickly became a star headed the Rockets, after a season of frustration at Lakers
Howard also joined the Rockets, the Rockets make the outside world is full of expectations.
In the first season of the two together, Howard averaged 18.3 points 12.2 rebounds, Harden averaged 25.4 points, 6.1 assists, in the playoffs, although they Lillard tragic lore, but it looks very understanding II
people seem to lead the Rockets to peak.

However, all the good after 17 years in Houston, Paul flee changed in the 17-18 season, Paul returned to Los Angeles in the game, the Rockets
Clippers outbreak of serious conflict, Paul and Griffin on the spot recrimination
After the game even rumors that Paul Rockets teammate blocked with the Clippers locker room.
This story is obviously so many fans shocked, to empty once beautiful city can only go to waste.

Seventh place: Nick Young and Russell

15 years after entering the second place show Russell Union and backcourt mate Nick Young quickly became
good friends for many years in the NBA were removed from the care of Nick Young is Russell, who soon became the talk about anything.
However, Russell live up to the trust Nick Yang, Nick Young when Russell told that they have had escapades, Russell actually secretly taped this conversation, eventually led directly to Nick
Young broke up with his fiancee.

Although Nick Young did not act, but Russell’s behavior is provoked public outrage, after not only is Nick Young
willing to deserting him, but there are many called him “informer”, Nick Young also became the surface of Brothers “harm” people.

Sixth place: one of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal are the NBA’s greatest players, they work together to help the Lakers in the early twenty-first century scored terror
three consecutive championships.
In the beginning, the relationship between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal did well, but slowly with Bryant’s growing strength, not happy with his start under O’Neill to be a team underboss, because the identity of underboss never chase

However, after 15 years, the Cavaliers lost the finals, tile
Laiqiao was traded away, he
Think this is LeBron’s idea, so start feel resentment, and even in the finals 16 years and James clashed.
although after two untied the misunderstanding, but really good friends and this kind of thing is not because of trouble breaking, but is also seen two brothers surface.

Fourth place: Derek Fisher and Barnes

Fisher and Barnes had played for the Lakers together, as two of his teammates have also established a good
However, in 2015, when, he served as head coach of the Knicks When Fisher, but secretly at home in Barnes and Barnes ex-wife dating, Barnes also happens to be caught in the

Although it was Barnes’s ex-wife, but in fact, Barnes and his ex-wife has maintained close ties, Fisher’s behavior is tantamount to
“engage in Yisow” so even though he was beaten through a Barnes and no one to speak for him, but his behavior is truly a surface brother.

Third place: Ray Allen with the Celtics captains

07 in the summer, before the season was averaging 26.4 points and 4.5 rebounds, 4.1 assists and Ray Allen to join
Boston Celtics, with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce formed a reputed moment Celtic Big three together.
established in the first year, Ray Allen in the playoffs, averaging 15.6 points 3.8 rebounds and 2.7 assists, helping the Celtics win the team’s first 17 championship history,
and they finally come true.

after = “ztext-empty-paragraph”> years, Allen has been helping the Celtics in the eastern occupy a place, to spare no effort to contribute their efforts.
However, Rondo and Ray Allen broke out several times because of small differences, Ray Allen tactical position has been declining, and finally in the summer of 12 years, the Celtics Ray Allen turned down a contract extension to switch to the Miami Heat.
Ray Allen had never for disaffected teammates, never call teammates, but retain Ray Allen Ray Allen left after he began shelling, Garnett more directly pull the black
Ray Allen of the Information, until then people know that they had only superficial brothers.

Second place: Westbrook and Durant

People have always thought that Durant and Westbrook is a friend, a good brother, together they will build into alliance Thunder
the most competitive team.
But in the summer of 16, reportedly decided to leave Durant in the Thunder when not even notice Westbrook, Westbrook which also makes very sad, do not know is because of this incident, or simply
Durant left dissatisfied with the relationship between two people fell into the freezing point.

After years, Durant and Westbrook is ignore each other on the court, except when the spray trash talking each other.
even though the two men now seems to have reached a settlement, but before the appearance of a variety of point of view, the two can be called a good hidden surface brother.

First: Arenas and Crittenton

Arenas and Crittenton was once the Wizards teammate, and the relationship between the two
quite good, but then one thing ignited the fact that they exposed surface of the brothers.
year, Arenas, McGee and Crittenton because of a dispute while playing cards, leading to the two sides began to put relentless, Crittenton shot to even say “kill” like Arenas

Who knows, Arenas nothing and he brought a few guns in the locker room two days later, so that Crittenton to take a ”
kill “themselves, and Crittenton is ruthless, he directly took out his already loaded gun straight
Then pointed at Arenas, the situation was out of control.
After this incident, the rise in the career of the duo were both suspended, and after all gone downhill since, has become a typical lose-lose, but because a little small on the opposing drew only two natural
brothers surface only.

What kind of relationship is the real good?
Participate Bryant and Gasol, James and Wade, , even if the separation had also maintained a very cordial brotherhood, this is a real good relationship, instead of once “brothers” to join other teams
on the break, as the “brotherhood” it can be said to be “surface brother.”

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