NBA History: fifty you have to remember the name

History fifty largest star, NBA new pyramid

fifty largest star is divided into seven RANK
different categories, each with different

EDITORIAL : fifty largest selection of players from the NBA to now, has been the past twenty years.
For two decades, regardless of the media or the fans, still endless, in order that the two names before and after the quarrel with.
This is what I make of this new pyramid of power: everyone in the eyes of NBA pyramid will be different, and I must take my perspective recorded.
This is not “in my mind, the NBA’s fifty best players”, but “Fifty most of the priority to be remembered NBA players.”
I put the pyramid is divided into seven layers, and each layer are different; more or less describes the chance of fate, we have that sort of sleight of upset between each layer.
Although I make this list is not satisfied to let the spectators, but it is not interested in enmity with various fans.
Essentially, each internal ranking RANK not have real standard possible, before and after the rankings, just in name only.
So, let’s get started.

RANK.7.4 yellow and green

open NBA history, many times you will see two names: Lakers, Celtics.
In the world of basketball, the wealthy have become wealthy, because they always have great star.

50 Dave Cowens

I do not even know what kind of words to describe him: You probably have not seen him play,
Maybe even heard of his prowess; but you have to respect what he had done.
He was in the finals in 1974, and “sky hook” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar doing enough to fight go down in history: the defensive end by all means, consumption, interference against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; the offensive end, constantly trying to come with 17-foot jumper
let giant across the loss.
Many people feel that wearing the green jersey, Cowens is the white version of the 1970s Bill Russell.
As tough defense, as the team comes first, even as good rebounder and ball.
Coins may be passing on the history of the most underrated center, perhaps not add one.

49 Bill Sharman

Bill Sharman, is probably the best comment “yellow and green” this title.
At the beginning of the Celtics dynasty hero veteran of the Los Angeles Lakers during the first crown of meritorious coach.
We can say that in the history of the two giants of yellow and green, Sharman plays an important role.
But my opinion, he has another more great historical significance – he is the dividing line between the old guard and shooting guard modern.

NBA Sharman was the first to hit rate raised to 40% or more of the guard, which may seem a little today, but look at the history of the NBA, known as the iconic enough to break through.
Prior to his contemporaries or Slater Martin, Max Zhasi Pavlovsky and others, he had no such ability.
Four championships and four first team, maybe just a footnote of his great achievements it.

48 James Worthy

Worthy is difficult to evaluate players – a lot of people think his place in history should not be higher than Dominique
If not 1988, that magical FMVP, on his honor book, about the personal honor is almost empty.
But do we really use this standard to judge Worthy, regard him as Tony Parker or Dennis Johnson as “ordinary good luck to get the All-Star FMVP of” do?

Worthy referred to as BIG


JAMES, not only because he broke twice in a playoff.
Throughout the playoffs, he is a better player than the regular season.
Dirk Nowitzki because of its performance in the playoffs instead of the regular season on this list the top spear (the playoffs are more than 3.3 points more than in the regular season), Worthy also deserve such an honor.
What’s more, Worthy FMVP can be described as extremely heavy in weight – the Lakers in seven games with the Pistons, Worthy is really about the ultimate outcome of one of the two people (the other is the last time to the days of two free throws hook
Plus he is an important figure Lakers showtime sign of the times, this position deserved.

RANK.7.3 alignment Destroyer

NBA in three superstars – the first is to do things others can not, such as Kareem
; second is to do our best to extraordinary things, such as Stockton; and third, they rely on devouring their matchup, leaving a section of fame.

47 Elvin Hayes

Hayes’s career was quite dramatic.
In the first year of his career, he won the league in scoring.
Imagine if this happened now, what a shock there?
Well, Wilt Chamberlain have done it, but Chamberlain but ah, what he can not do it?
Among the rest of the people, than Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have failed to achieve such a feat.
Of course, since the season, scoring Hayes and nothing won on the throne.
This is a story about the sacrifice of personal data for the team to give up the personal singles BLABLABLA …….
However, what really is a pity that, in the decade of Hayes peak, the power forward position, he did not have enough people to bear in mind a rival.
People called him “Big

E “, it is that time, fans of the basketball star, the best compliment

” Big

D “DeBusschere very strong, but his peak and Hayes somewhat staggered, but the two never met in the playoffs. Gus Johnson is also good, but the peak of his past earlier, 1972
he left a bullet, when it is summer in exchange for a large E team as his successor. Jack Sigma E and big tit for tat in the finals, but the face of big E, his performance is not the footsteps of his famous basket so bright
eye. McGinnis regular season strong, but in the NBA playoffs, his eye-popping. compared with them, the large E regardless of strength or honor, are unique –6 second best team, including three for a while,
.. plus a 1979 win a championship this guy is a little scary

46 Bill Walton

Q: NBA history to
a crown and famous superstars, whose career most regrettable a:?. Bill Walton Walton is one of the greatest NCAA several players, while he ruled the NBA, it has just begun, however Hom
the stop of the 1977 playoffs, Wharton is left to future generations a beautiful center of poetry – the first round of battle big train Gilmore, West and Kareem Lakers never under a high, if not injured.
he was supposed to lord it over in the eighties, and Kareem Moses or become the second edition of Russell & Chamberlain we should be pointing to the original video for his new fans shouted: see no, this is basketball, not
! Now that the ruling only singles match score

Unfortunately, all this failed to happen Kareem life met three deadly opponents: Wilt Chamberlain, Moses Malone in which Wharton Wharton and his victory
most people praiseworthy rebounding, defense, passing, and scoring ability of desperation. in 1977, he stepped Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Julius Erving won the championship that year. the next year’s 78 seasons, an MVP
trophy affirmed his personal capacity he will pass on the history of the center was to remember (although I seriously doubt it); whereas we can only upset, if not injured, he will become a much better <. / p>

45 Gary Payton

Payton is a malicious role. so, he in the end how hard? 96 years of the last two finals, he is
? What career masterpiece

now fans, watching James, Curry play, can not imagine Payton scoring: each two points are almost hard, either after the basket hit back askew
shot, or dribble later cross a mind insane jump shot him in the cast like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant so accurate, do not like to break so sharp Ross Parker and yet he is able to beat his opponent – whenever
when he played, he believed himself to be the strongest field even if it is old age 06 season, he has been to Wade shouted:. “but I TM Gary Payton!

After all, basketball is to rely on winning? Score more? Better defense? Maybe all right. But if you put your opponent devouring, played Mandizhaoya, who cares about you
? whether some type of gambling round stoppage, or partial jumper galaxy it 1996 Western Conference finals, Payton played Stockton ashamed – averaging 20.6 points 5.1 rebounds and 6.0 assists, while Stoke
Gordon averaged 9.9 points and 2.9 rebounds and 7.6 assists while shooting less than 40 percent Payton this is not the first time the lessons of our old John: as early as 1993, had gloves Sentimental period selected so that the dream of a big star Stowe
Hatton tasted bitterness.

Payton career best team nine times, including two for a while, take away nine times a season and 96 anti-DPOY. but my opinion, all of these, plus 06
in the championship ring, not as good as what he is doing great in the playoffs 96 .96 supersonic should join the discussion of the strongest runner in history, you know, but they defeated the peak of the rocket and the two old dream of Utah

RANK.7.2 glory

their long and glorious career, life-sized honor, fame, if not subject to time constraints, they should have ranked
closer to the top position.

44 Wes Angsaierde

rookie season won the regular season MVP how hard? Well,
even without considering his rookie season, if you can at the same time MVP and FMVP near the body, and that historical status also enough to make future generations of admiration. into four career finals, the 79-year story of triumph over adversity, if placed today, but also a lot of sadness
. it

now fans discuss post player talent, true to its word and height, bounce and Angsaierde then on the other hand has an amazing talent -.. rarely seen in history not the world out of the Shoulder Shoulder
and excellent strength, let him take root walls are like a wall. rebounder, defender on the pitch, cover, pass, Russell about to retire on the occasion, the Union Angsaierde a connected his classes.
Unfortunately, as he retired with Wharton’s injury, missed the people no longer appreciate, these do not dominate the game by scoring the super center have a truly heroic.

43 Duo
Wolf · Schayes

put this list in the Schayes need some courage: he had not won MVP, even just to take the championship only in the distant fifties
under a 54-year finals to face the Lakers, who have failed to score in double figures as the players headed to the field, he can be described as leaving a stain career. perhaps you will say MVP awards from the 55-56 season began, but you look back
Schayes the first six seasons of his career, it seems from MVP also still have so little point distance. so, how do we evaluate Dolph Schayes it?

some critics think the ball, if
Dirk Nowitzki because of the range and become a power forward in the heterogeneous, then Dolph Schayes is the first to extend the scope of the projected 20-foot big man. he can jump anywhere on the field, it
He is the first NBA history to be able to dominate the game of power forward.

If George Mikan was the first NBA dynasty league superstar, it would be able to count Schayes second.
Or that he is almost that time the second-best player.
When McCain’s career to an abrupt end, Schayes glorious deeds continues: he built the first quarter from the NBA, has been hit in 1964 the heyday of the Green Kay dynasty.
In the first twelve seasons of his career, he was all-NBA, while six six two arrays.
Many people even like to put his 1955 win Albert, 03, and Duncan, 11 power forward Dirk Nowitzki this win compared to single-core.
He did everything in the fifties, perhaps you may not know, but will not be covered up.

42 Paul Arizin

Paul Arizin is an outsize character.
Many people called him jump inventor, but at least most people agree with this technology jumper he put Joe Fulks invention to flourish.
However, he’s not doing great with this, quite successful in his honor on the table, but not the lack of essential shortcoming United States.
People often curious: if 52–54 years, because he was not going to miss the US Navy for two years at the pinnacle of NBA, will get what success?

Even so, he still is the two-time NBA scoring champion, three times for a while, the tenth All-Star winner.
He has worked with two great centers, 56 years led the Warriors won the season championship.
If there FMVP, I want to be worthy of the Year Ali gold bars.
In addition, he is the first in league history, averaging 25 points a perimeter player, probably also the first professional basketball history.

Ali golden decade of NBA career, he has always been a star.
10 seasons, ten-time All-Star, in the final season of his career, he averaged 21.9 points with 6.8 rebounds and 2.9 assists, and a field can get 50 points 25 rebounds teammates, solitude away, not
leaving nostalgic.
Since then, Ali alliance is no longer gold, but everywhere his legend.

RANK.7.1 career longest wait

They are hardy people in the NBA – and can not wait for the harvest in return, perhaps only lead to adhere to
The only slight difference is that one of them grabbed a seemingly life-saving straw, while another, the roots have not met straw.

41 Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant discussed here seems a little bit too early.
But since even the library can be ranked before this, Durant also discuss nothing wrong.
Durant is already the fourth leading scorer in the league – and Iceman, AI tied for third history.
Nine short career, he has won five times while seven-time All-Star, and a total score of 17,566 points.
In 2012, he reached the finals; in 2014, he won the MVP trophy.
All this is almost known to everybody in basketball circles, it seems that his ascent is already a matter of course.

However, sometimes cruel world basketball point.
You can be one of the best players in the league, but only one winner.
Carrying a dozen long playing career may seem, in fact, gone would pass.
Durant in the Thunder did some unique things, but we are now in the rankings, still only place him in this position.
Perhaps the next few years, he would take many, many champions, but it will be what they say?
Well, I do not know, just as you can not predict the future.
However, the Thunder 9-year career, a shock move to the Union, no matter how you think, he already is a special player.

40 Patrick Ewing

Ewing subject than bitter, bitter perhaps Durant eat hardly anything.
Ewing in New York have a very wonderful career record – in the playoffs if you do not consider all the frustrated words.
He is not a dominant center, this is not a problem born of years, maybe today he could earn more in a few while, but still difficult to ruling coalition.
In this regard, he as good as Bill Walton; but his long career reached seventeen years, in 17 years between him and thus to defend the honor of the Big Apple …… Well I almost moved to tears, but in fact he did not
defend live is not it.

Ewing’s career a bit awkward, as you know, he was empty-handed and, unlike Durant, he was not even the MVP meddle, not to mention his once-pitiful while.
Well, you say he was born in the era of the four centers, but think about it, fifteen years his Knicks career, in addition to the Big Apple of sensual pleasures, and several consolation best team, and then he almost
I did not get anything.
If he did not receive major injuries early what will happen?
Only God knows.
In 1994, Pat Riley became the team to create Jagged Corps, and fought a rocket called the worst in the half-century standards finals.
In 1999, nearly three decades in New York and most chaotic lockout-shortened season to join the finals, but this time, Ewing became the story embarrassing role.

Think about it another idea, these days even LaMarcus Aldridge Portland and the transfer can not stand, and Ewing in the Big Apple’s insistence, really make sense?
Well, at least in those days, no matter who wants to name for oneself in Madison, had to start with the cross over his head to try.

RANK.6.3 artists and the outcome of division

always some fans and critics say the ball, histrionic basketball can not win.
You have to hate it, and wait for them every three or four balls are colliding and then stick muscle score, or run countless players have passed their own how many times the tactics of the ball.
However, the real master of the eyes, simple, clean, hundreds of times, but also take away the victory from the field.

39 Steve Nash

Yes, yes, everyone knows that he won the MVP twice.
People have never tired of telling his story, describing him with Dirk Nowitzki, Amare Stoudemire is how a natural fit.
Or, how he became overnight the sun league, Shaq how his dissatisfaction MVP, and he and the Spurs, Mavericks and hate in those years of Blessings.
His Art on the court, affecting the generation of fans – time NBA in China is the hottest time, Nash wear flowers around the steps, people panic-dropping passes, as well as the playoffs unreasonable emergency stop
, drift, etc. various ways after lying jumper, training too many fans.
Artists say basketball, he has a well-deserved number one.

However, people often questioned Nash’s style of play is not enough to bring victory for the team in the playoffs.
I think this argument is unfair: after all, the league can only have one winner, you can not say that other teams do not know how to win.
On the contrary, Nash can say is among a handful of point guard outcome Teacher: When he saw the hope of victory, he would not hesitate to get Antiaris.
2005 Mavericks, Spurs 10 years of the series, nothing so.

Unfortunately, the 2007 Robert Horry’s elbow, so that Nash’s career was forever hanging of regret.
But if not regret, historical status is raised, the story is also a bit less regret beauty of it.

38 Clyde Drexler

Drexler played so beautiful.

If you are like watching old videos of NBA fans, you may not like Dr. J’s style, style violence against Camp is not very cold, but you will never enjoy not come Bradley
Kessler basketball.
His slender figure virtually increase the beauty of the action, so he do not have a flavor generally not as good as in the case of the difficulty of Jordan.
Glider nickname is so vivid that some people do not see him play can imagine its charm.
Large-scale cooperation, omnipotent, magnificent pass, break, fight back and kill jumper, Drexler enjoy the game, the moment could not stop.

In the event of a big dream before the glider reached the finals twice.
Although many people think that support the Blazers are five black and treasure to work together, all soldiers of the team, you can not deny that most of the time, the glider is the best player in the team (unless Terry Porter hit a hapless Sri Lanka
Unfortunately chess fight nameless Bureau, the finals of the arena, if you are the strength of the weaker party, then the United States performances, and then a comprehensive skill, can not get rid of the haze caused by the failure.
Fortunately, he met a 95-year dream, two people the achievements of each other.
For 96 years they lost to the Sonics that support is undervalued, but also is something.
If it were not only a career best team for a while, he should not have landed this position is full of shortcomings.

37 Jason Kidd

have not seen Kidd pass, you do not know what modern basketball.
I am not exaggerating, Kidd’s passing skills are almost the best PG in the history of, and may magician par.
Even look at all positions, may be only slightly worse than Larry Bird and Arvydas Sabonis two.
But his strength may not be limited to pass – Jason Kidd made the Nets era, a bit like a poor man’s LeBron James, what the team needs, he would make up what is on.
When the team’s lack of scoring, he helped the team score (even if the hit rate is not high); defensive loopholes, he went up on; rebounds unhappy, he took the lead to grab.
When the smooth functioning of the team, he seclusion behind the scenes, too cool to show their pass.
This is different from the general and his passing at point guard, Kidd will do everything to help the team in the field, including irrational individual singles.

Kidd related to honor, in fact, I do not go into too much; a burst of four and even two finals, be praised for what he did in those years.
As for 2011, that breathtaking championship, Kidd Kidd Although not the best, but he is still playing basketball belongs to him – when the team needs, no matter what is done, there is his shadow
Some people say that Kidd greatness lies in his passing, but to me that is just unparalleled Kidd great passing footnote.

RANK.6.2 Lingboweibu

Dr. Naismith Basketball invention, basketball is nothing more than play sports with two things: the hands and feet.
Hands are pliant, at the foot butterfly step.
If you make good use of the feet, but also worry Sleight of Hand unable to show it?

36 by George Gervin

“Iceman” George Gervin with his finger roll, and his elegant jumper and famous.
But whenever Skills are outstanding players, they will be more amazing footwork, and vice versa.
No soft touch, even if your dream dance ten times stronger than a dream, a hundred times, but also wasted effort; no nice pace and extraordinary, that effort can be even more useless hands up.

finger iceman

and Chamberlain’s finger roll

roll, the biggest difference is that the Iceman finger roll that moment, there is often a whole arm to follow the action.
You kind of pick the basket like Scottie Pippen, even in a different way, perhaps still a good score; but the Iceman can pick the basket at any position color Strip.
At the same time his footsteps so special, that does not rely on physical confrontation Akira open space to pick the basket or jumpers.
Compared to pick the basket, a jumper Iceman equally prestigious.

twenty-seven minutes of recording

single already passed away, but four or five times and scoring burst enough to fill his resume is very beautiful.
Just history, honor, after all, just cold figures, the story of the Iceman and his finger roll elegant, much more interesting than those who honor

35 Kevin McHale

McHale is considered one of the best players on the low pace of history.
He is a true monster in the low post, both encyclopedic means of attack, but also a unique unique skills.

Move “is really a amazing action, in fact, Jordan or even dream of action, generally golfers can learn how to, Haier this trick too difficult, only to their own mix Siyangbacha. This action
the core difficulty is that the need Dianqi pivot foot and then began to turn around, and finally pick the basket look great difficulty.

NBA finals in 1986 is a far underrated classic showdown people. I still
think of that year FMVP should belong to McHale – think about it, before Olajuwon’s dream dance fame, in the finals 86 years, he and Sampson’s Twin towers, is a low pace and after Haier
Yang hit a jumper disgraced in my opinion, McHale finals in 86 years to do, can be selected power forward masterpiece on the finals – he FMVP than two-thirds of this year’s play
We are better.

in addition, McHale is an underrated defender, not to mention his career three times three times two, an anti-defense, that was the other players also praised his defense.
at least I personally, do not want people to talk about the future McHale, is this: he took three titles, a star power forward this is a bit too wasted

34 Alan Ai.

AI deeds would not have me in. What the final 48 minutes lone hero, ah, ah what Akira down Jordan What street culture generation – ah, especially in African-Americans
in, AI’s influence is quite large, so that the generation of basketball players most of them to follow his example. “I want to be the future Iverson!
“Listen up very ambition,” I want to be the future O’Neal!
“It sounds a bit ridiculous.

Many people say, AI 183 to height, achieve such success in the long forest NBA, the more meaningful than others. I do not think this point
properly, the final AI life, it will not be considered due to the small thin acquire fast pace of sympathy .AI others on the court, it is due to the amazing talent and unmatched sense for the ball. he stop Taiwan stay on the pitch
can be described as unique in the world. instantly changed to such an action and the final basket of the wrist effort, there are big confrontation with the body control, is a leader in the history of the NBA.

a little list of AI
honor, a MVP, scoring four times, was the most frequently mentioned, but his contribution to the NBA more than that, in my opinion, a total of six NBA history, to tell you “play basketball can do that!
. “They are Bob Cousy, Connie Hawkins, Pete Maravich, Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry and Allen Iverson. Among these, AI influence when the first few rows
, a matter of opinion

RANK.6.1 championship title

now people have a misunderstanding evaluate historical status, honor book look and say.!!:
XX took a while how many times, how many assists XX took a number of points, XX? he just took it a few times champion, hold the thigh. champion not fall from the sky, if the Horry, Fisher and his ilk to evaluate this
several of the championship favorites, that would be a laughing stock.

33 Sam Jones

Sam is famous because of two things, one is
he has won 10 championships (second only to the Father of our Lord of the Rings), and the other is that he was once a bank shot masters. people underestimate his voice heard, but forgot him in the middle of the Celtics dynasty
2067 period, the team has been the second best player he has only been to three two front, went into after a while, because while the world is gripped with two not out of the monster: Jerry West and Oscar
Robertson, but it does not matter, he had a year’s eastern Conference playoffs and Oscar Robertson as well as Hal Greer fight to the bitter end. 1963 eastern Conference finals, the Boston Celtics and the first Royal to battle Cincinnati
seven, Sam scored 47 points to lead the team poise, and big O’s only 43 minutes without success. such a life and death battle, has experienced too many times in Sam’s career, and each time
he can help the team, saved the day

I have so many people describe and Sam Jones:. “can you imagine, Paul Pierce’s entire career, both in the 2007-08 season repeat it?
Even so, he still was not as everything Sam did.
“He is a master jumper, almost every series and every death-defying history superstar, but he was never afraid. Sometimes the history of Forgetfulness is a bit too much, in the discussion of the strongest in the pitcher, actually forget Sa
Tim Jones names. If fifties which players will rise to one hundred percent data today, then I must say that he, Sam Jones.

32 Scott Paper

Pippen very powerful, though perhaps not as much as you think, but he really is very powerful. in the first period of three consecutive Bulls, he can only be considered Jordan
supporting around; but when Michael Jordan retired the first time, he entered the quick success of the Union column superstar Michael Jordan comeback even after, people at least, the Bulls Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen called two-man team this feeling.
like, you remember nothing from the people around Batman’s bat woman, a role turned into a popular Robin, it certainly feels very Lai, right?

Pippen’s finger roll we already mentioned
We arrived, and his strength, his defense, his versatility and organizational ability. despite the jump unstable and at some point he was able to cast a pretty jumper. in contrast, he did not attack him fully
skill so well. G7 94 years of the eastern Conference semifinals, he scored 20 points, 16 rebounds and five assists, evil thought, if there is a thigh, then perhaps a replica of the 2010 finals G7. in addition to this
outside, Pippen career opportunity is most unfortunate in the 2000 Western Conference finals G7: If it is not the team that somehow the fourth quarter off, perhaps now Pippen evaluation, can raise a lot of it now, regardless of skin II.
how God unwilling, in the end he was Batman Robin around it.

31 Walt Frazier

Walt Frazier is known as
“Grand Theft Auto” because he bore a striking resemblance in dress with quite the sidelines when the movie “Bonnie and Clyde,” the actor, of course, how much of this nickname and his style also has contact Fraser of the year can not just steal a master
he “stole” the victory is also a fierce reputation as from the other hand. his old-school style of play but cold-blooded, always in the most lethal when shot to kill. I sometimes wonder, Takehiko Inoue reason in the Slam Dunk
in creating a Fukatsu into this role, whether that is inspired by Fraser saw the ball and subject.

scoring Fraser, the most deadly one in the cast or that year of Knicks
overall, the team still played very, in addition to others outside Reed rarely happens Fraser emphasis on personal singles but will be shot forced a record jump in the most terrible – and then waiting for the other horror fans Da mouth,
crazy was watching the ball off the net. the greatest masterpiece of his career, is probably the 1970 finals in the G7. Willis Reed return of the king of the night, scored 36 points, seven rebounds Fraser 14
assists and emit the most gorgeous salute.

perhaps he is also a “coalition owes me a FMVP” representative, in 1973, no matter how look at that branch champion Nick Fraser is
Sri Lanka’s best players, but still close FMVP Reed away.
This time will only think about it, if the NBA and ABA as the establishment of the playoffs MVP, and when it will happen then?

30 Dwyane Wade

Okay, okay, you stop, and I said, “Wade owe a league MVP” of.
Wade is very great, and now his career is also not the end.
He scored a career total of three titles, no matter which you can not say that casually come.
06 years FMVP?
Scoring 2009?
Everyone commendable.
Well, maybe “five centimeters short of Jordan” is a higher praise?
Over the years, to break with the youth of Jordan similar stature, and indeed only him.

Wade career like Pippen and Sam took so many titles, but he has been surly people think, he is one of the league’s best a few people, even if this year without you
imagination so much.
He may be in league history, most will play pick and roll point guard, helped him save a lot of physical strength on the court; and he’s even 1V1 1V2 breakthrough, but also outside of Jordan that the best grade.
On the other hand, like Kidd, as Pippen, despite shooting unstable, sometimes he was able to throw the ball pretty decent star.
Once, in his turn distance is also good, though did not last long.
I will not go into space to spend what he did in 06,09 and 11 years, but 11 years that low-hanging FMVP also very regrettable, and at least much closer than the illusory MVP come.

RANK.5.3 the strongest men on the planet

Mr Charles Barkley famously said: “I am the best basketball player on the planet
Jordan? he is an alien. “really has those players whose careers have not been able to be perfect, after all, they are not gods.
But they claim to have at least qualified, he is the best basketball player on the planet.

29 Charles Barkley

Sir Charles Barkley, you simply sent down from heaven to punish the messenger of ignorance ball commentary.
Less than two meters tall, when just entering the NBA seriously overweight guy is simply a ball in the eyes of critics compile jokes the best choice.
Fortunately, Buckley met in his life and elegant – Moses Malone.
Buckley Moses taught how to self-discipline, how to adapt to the NBA, and even taught him how to compete every frontcourt rebounds.
Buckley mentioned more than once, he benefited from the guidance of Moses’.

After obtaining the guidance of Moses, Barkley quickly became the league’s top players.
In the late eighties, it has been thought that he was one of the best four players the league (the other three but Magic, Bird and Jordan!).
MVP voting in 1990, Barkley was voted the most votes in the first, but the Magic rely on the second ballot to score the go-ahead last took home the MVP.
76 times Buckley terrible enough, whether regular season or playoffs, he is a monster head badly.
87 He even took the league in rebounding, not to mention he can swing in two places up front.
Let marvel at how much everything he’s capable, plump ass and he was quite a shock explosive, few people do not feel admiration.
But at the time, who would have thought such a figure even for life without a crown, and only once been to the finals?
Command also be

After losing the 1990 MVP, Barkley’s 76 in the second round of the playoffs lost to Jordan’s Bulls.
Jordan into his fate were scored 40.8 points, which is the first time Barkley lost to the Bulls.
Turn to the New Year, 1991, Barkley again met the Bulls in the second round.

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