NBA has two heroes: leaving O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, left James Owen

NBA has two heroes: leaving O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, left James Owen.

2000-2002,21 century three crowns, was swept OK combination, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, the Lakers to create a new dynasty.

Even so feats behind, there are painful memories.
Bryant O’Neal battle for the team chiefs and not very much noise, the two contradictions grow bigger, even publicly accused each other, eventually had parted ways.

However, both OK combination of dissolution what a pity, no doubt Kobe Bryant
is lucky, he has
The ability to create their own dynasty, does not have to depend on others.
Otherwise, despite OK to take a combination of more championships, K forever after O.

history always rising spiral-like, similar
not the boring repetition.

As of today, everyone knows Owen’s terrible, but he and James to get more championship, also will never get rid of the title of James brother.

Owen leave, not for the championship, in order to prove himself, do dragon head, why do underboss!

Today’s Owen big kill four, but I’m not surprised.
He can be dumped his left hand, it can organize attacks, moving the ball, and good defense.

He has the ability to have all of the King.

since then, Owen has become the NBA’s Celtics
23 single-season history to
16 streak less team.
In addition there are 22 teams in the finals 12, wherein 10 championship aspirations.

and this battle calf, Owen played 38 minutes, 16 of 22 shots scored 47 points and 6 assists 1 steal plate 3, a terrible hit rate 72.7%!

Owen has become a god!
Only a thin their championship.

Bryant to create their own dynasty, and Owen, can
We’ll see.

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