James: My son may not be able to play high school into the NBA bench brownie in the end what level

LeBron – James Anthony this season – playing so smooth under Davis’ aid, as of today before the Bucks 21 wins and 3 losses record with the eastern side by side
the league.
However, in his mind always had a little regret, that is not always too busy to watch the eldest son Brownie – James’ high school game.

To make up for this sorry, yesterday away to the Magic after the end of the game, James specially aboard a private plane to Ohio, where watched Brownie Sierra Canyon High School and his alma mater, St. Vincent – St. Mary High School

This ball, has become a brownie after entering high school playing the best ball game, in his father’s attention, he eventually scored 15 points, helping to Sierra Canyon High School 59-56
beat St. Vincent – St. Mary High school, and was named MVP of the game.

Because the relationship between his father, Brownie long to win a lot of attention, James himself has said many times in the future in the NBA and son wanted to play together.
But this can become a reality?
There seems to be no small question – perhaps James can hit the 40s, but now brownie just a high school team bench ……

“I can not guarantee he will be able to achieve very good
level to enter the NBA “said James, son of James and if Browne can simultaneously play ball in the NBA, they will become a father and partner in NBA history a game.

James Wong son, in the end what level?

Brownie – James was born on October 6, 2004, as a child, he had tried basketball, soccer and many other sports, but for security reasons, his father would not allow him to play football
or hockey.

father of gene movement soon brownie who has been reflected.
In 2014, he was only 10 years old, with a period of widespread match highlights begun to attract the nation’s attention.
2018, where he led Brownie school team won a league championship independent schools.
At the same time, he also AAU (Amateur Athletic Association) race won many honors, including the 2015 Gulf Coast led the blue-chip team won the championship four grade group.

Brownie small monasteries, and received the greatest player of active duty hand tuning, the level of basketball players at the same age which seems outstanding.
As a linebacker, his dribbling, passing, breaking, shooting technique is very good, especially in the field of vision and calm temperament of the game, but like most of his star father.

James plus a huge influence in the circle, brownies early on gained attention beyond their actual ages and levels.
When he was 9, Ohio State University head coach Thad – Matta once joked: “He will be included in the list of recruitment …… I want to give him a scholarship.”

in February 2015, there has been news that brownie
Upon receipt of a major college basketball scholarship, but the specific list were not disclosed.
His father was commented: “It should be against the rules, you should not recruit 10-year-olds.”

For his son’s future, LeBron obviously was filled with hope, I said long ago and wanted
son together, play together, then in the NBA.
And in recent days, he still drying on the social media arena photograph of his son, with the text as: “!. The young heir to the throne of the King”

Brownie course, look forward to one day inherit his father’s business
in AAU period of wearing the number 0, he joined the Sierra canyon after high school jersey number changed to No. 23, its meaning is clear, however.
Le Blanc was also just comment, said he proud of it.

In addition, the brownies are still on personal social media drying out myself wearing a Lakers jersey and his father stand with PS photos, with text, said:. “Future”

James Wong PK son, in the end how hard?

Although father and son appeared together in the hope that one day the NBA staged a legend stories, but to achieve this goal, the difficulty is not small.

First, it needs to LeBron play long enough for the job.
According to the current draft, the relevant provisions of the NBA, the young players to be at least 19 years old to enter the draft into the league.
This means that the time was born in October 2004 Brownie first appeared in the NBA, will be 2024-25 season.

From the point of view of age, at the start of 2024-25 season, LeBron less than 40 years old, and not too old.
However, since he graduated from high school to enter the Union, that time was his first 22 NBA seasons.
And in the entire NBA history, he can hit the example of the first 22 seasons in the league, until this year did the first time.

Vince – Carter announced this summer with the Eagles one-year deal, while the 2019-20 season NBA career, he also became the first 22 seasons, this data, the success of a new record, unprecedented.

Previously, NBA record for the longest number of years by the effectiveness of Texas – remain common Parrish, with – Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin – Kevin Garnett, Kevin – Willis and Robert
21 years.
And in addition to several of the above legend, the other played for at least 20 seasons of league players only – Kobe Bryant and the “sky hook” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
(History of the first high school player Moses – Malone, a career spanning 21 seasons, but the first two years spent in the ABA).

It should be noted that, from a LeBron into the starting lineup is the absolute core of the team, scored a record eight consecutive finals, and more
It is appalling.
Although there is less than 35 years old, out of the stadium times and playing time of his career has been far more than the same age players.

Up until today, LeBron regular season 47,135 minutes of playing time already ranked 13th in the history, more than all active players – including already playing the first 22 seasons Carter.
In addition, LeBron playoff games played streak has reached 239, ranking fourth all, behind Derek – Derek Fisher, Tim – Tim Duncan and Robert – Robert Horry; playoff 10,049 minutes of total playing time is more
It is the highest in the history of the first!

Of course, while all of these data, it seems to stand “LeBron get his son into the NBA” the antithesis, but we should not forget that LeBron no means mortal.
This season, James, in the case of obvious personal attack reservations, averaging can still contribute 25.9 points and 7.1 rebounds and a career-high 10.8 assists per game, while on entering personal 17th NBA season remains such a good state players
also unprecedented.

So, although the difficulty is not small, but hit 40-year-old LeBron insisted, and even the possibility of refreshing in this season, Carter created the effectiveness of the longest NBA record still exists.

James Wong son, really into the NBA?

Because of the rapid progress in the last year of high school, Brownie quickly jumped from 25th place before the start of the 2023 session of the nation’s high school graduating students of the rankings, in a year in July
ranking among Canadian teenager he even beat genius – had been occupying top spot Elia – Fisher, promoted to the first.
However, after entering Sierra Canyon High School, Brownie in a more mature and physical development of rivalry among seniors, but it looks a little struggle.

Because the relationship between his father, currently look around the brownies are unprecedented body.
Howard can not exaggeration to say that we had never seen any player in his high school career, faced with this level of media coverage and hype, including LeBron himself.
But Brownie is clearly in terms of talent, the father has not yet reached that level, which is not surprising, since the entire basketball history, is also not a high school player on the talent level is concerned, can be more than LeBron.

In addition, the strength of Sierra Canyon has the nation’s top high school basketball school team, team competition is tough, like the 2022 session of the nation’s top ten sophomore Amari – Bailey, 2020 session of the rankings
the nation’s seventh has now agreed to join BJ- Boston University of Kentucky, 2020 ranked the nation’s fifth session of Ziyal – Williams, including Bibulangni two years older Zaire – Wade, are also very good
So far, as a freshman brownies just a substitute in the team, averaging only 5.8 points.

recently occurred in a game between Sierra Canyon High School and Duncanville High School, best reflects the difficulties faced by Brownie.
A time when the game because of the Thanksgiving holiday, after just 48 minutes tickets on sale were sold out, organizers therefore provisional decisions and take swift action, the venue moved to the Lone Ranger American Airlines home from a local high school arena
centers to meet the huge demand of the fans.
It is reported that the highest-site ticket prices have more than $ 200.

people clamoring to pay to see a high school basketball game, only one purpose, that is, wanted to visit the famous “Star
II “in the end what level.
They want people to be able to see all the stars that he and his father tied to the performances, such as a dunk, chasing a hat, or a no-look pass.

before the start of the game, when Brownie and his teammates ran up the site, people stood up, took out his cell phone, like paparazzi, like, cameras and other equipment in the hands, pointed at his meal
a quick photo.
Some fans even small issue exclaimed: “That’s him that is LeBron – James, son!!”

However, after the start of the game, Brownie demonstrated, and more to do with his age
relative lack of experience and physical capabilities consistent.
When he goes to the bench 6 minutes 08 seconds left in the first section, one up on the continuous shot is not so full of expectations of the audience disappointed.
When the second half of the opponent’s defensive pressure, he has series of mistakes, as the game situation is becoming tense, the coach had to let him get back on the bench.

Brownie want to affect the game very seriously, but in the end he can only get a miserable two points.
The opponents seem to have always wanted to prove himself in his head, defender Juan – Reina had to desperately to his teammates the ball, two consecutive rounds in defense under brownies hit three ……

in fact, despite his star general treatment (Sierra Canyon High school and even his sake equipped with security personnel), but the brownie was just a 15-year-old boy.
As teammate Trent – Frank said: “He’s like an ordinary 15-year-old child, Han Han, playing video games.”

as a 15-year-old age, newborn, Brownie open
high school career the way not unacceptable.
But his father and contrast, you can still see the obvious difference.
Remember when, in his next higher LeBron, has averaged 18.0 points, 6.2 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 3.6 steals in the performance, under his leadership, St. Mary’s High School with 27 wins and 0 losses impressive record
He won the Division III state title, making them the only team undefeated Ohio end of the season of high school basketball team.

Of course, the level of basketball in St. Mary’s High School and now apparently unable to Sierra Canyon in comparison, but not as good as LeBron Dad, it does not mean brownies can not be reached the NBA.

also in the game against Duncanville, although Brownie poor performance, but on him, but people also see a unique
temperament: from beginning to end, he was not swayed by the tsunami Shan Hu around the crowd, no matter
How to behave, it has been to focus on the playing field.
When almost Pele and opponents clashed, he calmly pulled him; when other teammates vacancy occurs, he shouted to encourage them to shots; and after the game, he also desperately applause, and his teammates from the heart
to celebrate the victory.

More importantly, only 15 years old Brownie, also continue to make progress.
Just a year before, but also because he tries to dunk on the break (because of insufficient height hit the rim) and let the sidelines watching the excited father, and now he has been able to complete a variety of its capability to fly buckle
, picked buckle, smashing buckle, buckle ……

Also, Brownie talent in terms of shooting appears to be better than the father, an NBA draft expert had recently commented that brownie shots than
Dad better, LeBron also reply agreed with this statement.

All in all, though now Brownie just a substitute high school team, it seems that those who do not deserve the attention and praise he has received, but as long as he can get down to go, not necessarily can not have success
high school and college basketball career.
Of James Wong and his son can meet NBA, we have also maintained a cautious optimism.

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