He said Chinese fans, but very brave president for six months, and married her boyfriend

Beijing time on January 13, Golden State Warriors president Rick – Wirtz issued a marriage good news on their own social media.
But, his marriage is a man named Todd – Gade man.
In addition, it is worth mentioning that this is the fans clamoring for China in the previous “Morey storm” in six months, but quite human.

City Hall in San Francisco one of the most beautiful public building in the United States among the local mayor of London – Brid presided over the wedding.

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on his Twitter, Wirtz wrote:
“in today 11:00, Wirtz and Todd – Gade married, what a beautiful day, nine-year love finally have a result!

In fact, as early as May 2011, Rick – Wirtz has publicly acknowledged their sexual orientation now, he became the only NBA a publicly that he is gay senior.

Currently, Wirtz has been working for nine years in the Warriors, the Warriors from the belly to the NBA championship aspirations, although poor record under his management the Warriors this season, but with the return of Curry Thompson, and
adding high-quality draft picks, they can look forward to next season is still big.

about gay culture, we all know that during World War II were bloodily repressed homosexuals in Nazi Germany, then the United States has become a lot at that stage
protection of gay people.
After World War II, American homosexuals have rights to equality itself again and again launched the insurgency, and finally to the United States from homosexuality a legitimate state in 2004 became today by all fifty states.

The birth place of birth is the president of the Washington State, working in California.
These two places are the American gay culture very prosperous place.
The top left corner of the figure of Washington State is the United States one of the most gay-largest state support.
So on Twitter, I also see a lot of American friends for their blessings.

and their wedding location is the local town hall.
1954, a world-famous wedding took place here – Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio.
City Hall and the United States can visit the office and can marry and can really be a lot of functions.

people get married off what matter I do, why I write this yet.
In fact, nothing, just want to find out about it through homosexual culture, and share with you the way.

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