Emperor after all, or that the emperor

After Ingram received the pass, Staples Center erupted for a while “shooting” the cry, he shot, but unfortunately
He did not hit.
Along with a loud sigh, LeBron – James data Tonight fixed in 44 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists 3 cover – With these 44 points, he completed a career total score on Wirth – Beyond Chamberlain,
history of success among the top five.

This promises to be a countless remembered celebrating the night, but in the mouth of James, we heard some of the more sincere answer: “I know where I come from, but also know how much to pay efforts
only come this far. I never meet before, I have to be grateful to God, grant me this incredible ability, and I make good use of all this. of course, I have to appreciate the 16 seasons I’ve ever met
coaches and teammates, they let me have today. “

break the career record at the same time, helping the team get a valuable 4-game winning streak, by virtue of the excellent performance of the night, the Lakers will own
the record raised to the seventh place in the west.

“This is a process that we want to progress every day. I believe that from the start of training camp, we have been doing in these efforts, we are getting better every day, hoping it all
. continue “

James answers seem an understatement – this is a process, not only James, the entire Lakers getting better.

Tyson – Chandler’s arrival to the team injected an incredible energy.

Before Chandler came to Los Angeles, the Lakers lost points every hundred rounds reached 111.5 points, ranked 23 in the league, averaging inside lost 59 points, last in the league, the opponent’s penalty area hit
up 63.5%, Alliance 21; 4 games in Chandler joined, the Lakers defensive efficiency gains to 101.2, third in the league over the same period, the area lost 40.5 points, fifth in the league, opponents restricted area hit 56.2%, the first league

When Chandler debut, Lakers defensive efficiency reaches an incredible 94.8.

Indeed, sometimes the data it will fool people, because the effects of sample size and the type of opponent, will lose the real meaning of some figures – when the Lakers meet those more adept at the use of screens for big defensive
when man team, Chandler’s defense data will inevitably be some decline – but the pitch is not never lie.

McKee defensive way will be even more dangerous.
Although he was close to three times per game capping far better than Chandler, but everything is more like he had the will power up after defensive end out of position, the next surface is very lively, but the overall effect is difficult to have a defense
big improvement.

Chandler can provide higher quality Bi Maiji cover for the person holding the Lakers to help
they create a more open, comfortable space to attack.

Of course, his teammates strength and enhance the understanding of one of the reasons that led the Lakers become increasingly great, but if only talking about this night, I think, that this is James Potter personally destroyed
Portland Trail Blazers.

the beginning of the game, the Blazers defense for James still put to vote outburst prevention, and James called in the online high pick and roll, Aminu and Turner will choose to bypass a timely manner from the people behind the pick and roll to prevent James
the sudden acceleration breakthrough.

But clearly, this information does not apply to this night: James only six times in the shot beyond the arc, but hit five of which, including consecutive hits in front of the midfield.

For example, soon after the opening of this round, with Bauer to James Mackey made a Cishi double cover, James slowly lay transported to beyond the arc, standing, aiming the basket, and then calmly shot,
the whole process, the Blazers defense did not take him seriously, looked at James hit the long shot.

However, when James began after consecutive three-point line, took the lead Blazers established defensive strategy is completely changed.

James play pick and roll with Bauer, James walked to the top of the key, Lillard referred to a very high position large delay of the way through the pick and roll ball Hou Ami slaves brother were chasing the defense, determined to wait until
after James to break, fill the seats inside Noor Keech came over, that even move, Chandler was emptying, James easily done with air, to help his teammates get two points.

Another example of this turn.

indeed, he demonstrated that in some moments the state would create a number of concerns, but more often, such doubts from the “nobody
able to overcome the time the old man, “which sounded like a coming alarm clock time
Hit our nerves, urging us to suspect “that now is not it?

And this evening, James, with his outstanding prove to everyone what he now owns significant – as long as he wants, then nothing is impossible.

the Lakers pushed the official wrote that a few simple words: “Lebron James is not a human.

Emperor ah, after all, or that the emperor

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