The logic of history ranking position, Zhan Huang rely on to fight 2, why Curry fell to the third point guard

Since 2020 is the 74 anniversary of the NBA, so ESPN made version of a 2020 history of 74 Greatest Players ranking as a souvenir – I translate it, even though 74 years instead of five
nor is 10, a bit nondescript, but somehow suspended during the whole point of the topic, so the force found a reason to deceive saliva – in the following table:

obviously you, this table there are a lot of guys do not agree with the rankings, can speak a lot of points, there are many points at ESPN deliberately set, we look like.

The series will write several issues, from the historical to the second point guard Curry was once again the “big O” repression
let’s start.
Basic view

But before the official start of content, I must first talk about a few of the historical position of the ranking, these basic ideas
in a subsequent article, I will always play a role.

a basic point: the historical status positions are not scientific questions

Whether the panel voted, or sub-scoring method for calculating cumulative, have drawbacks.
ESPN rankings belong to the former, this method gives a higher degree of freedom of voters basketball different values, for example, some people will pay more attention to the team honor, and some people pay more attention to data, while others consider more
the outside factors, which have been allowed to exist, the voting result is the integration of a variety of basketball concept, the disadvantage is that the judges of the personal likes and dislikes, knowledge, seriousness will greatly affect the voting results, and all these years we are increasingly able to
I appreciate, I believe that “US experts” level and impartiality are not reliable.

itemized cumulative score calculation method, the fan base is relatively respected way.
The advantage of this approach is that,

Let calculation method for determining the location of each person, at least on the surface can reduce the double standard, removing the personal likes and dislikes.
But in fact is still unfair, because the calculation method is still dignitaries to be, then how many points a MVP value, a value underboss championship how many points, how many points FMVP a value, which can be adjusted according to people “need”, such as
If you have special needs black beard and brother James, then the total vice MVP runner-up on or worthless, conversely, if you are their supporters, they may give these two achievements set a very high score.

History scoring position, with our high order data evaluation capabilities of the players are different.
The former scoring rules, there is no objective results, let’s go to disprove the scoring formula is correct, but the latter have a lot of competition results to be confirmed as objective facts, so as to continuously adjust, so that the calculation method of high-order data closer to the truth.
Want to verify the accuracy of the historical status of the scoring rule, eventually need to be compared with the results of the expert group ranks to vote and to be confirmed on the stereotype of the history of star ranking by most fans, it was back on the issue of personal likes and dislikes, and
voting no difference.

So, historical ranking position is not a scientific question, not an absolute right ranking method.
It’s more like philosophical questions, with their theory and evidence, trying to convince each other, will eventually fall on a balance.

Basic point: not simply translated achievement

we all know, there are different issues gold achievement, competitive NBA differences between different years, but also to get different achievements at different times of difficulty,
but not a determined conversion method.
For example, many people agree that 80 years ago the achievements to be discounted, but how much is the discount specific to a controllable data, the weight will directly affect the level of some of the important players of the history of the ranking position.

ancient and modern players than the players how to be, on the top floor there are ways to be more and more difficult after 20
Of course, these previous position or 20 chiefs of most of the people most concerned about – fortunately, these people actually not so difficult row.

NBA from 1946 to the present, can be roughly divided into several stages like this:


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the NBA, founded in the beginning, the end time of uncertainty, 24-second rule may be the beginning of the 54-55 season, it can be the beginning of the 55-56 season MVP Award, or Russell came into the league 56
-57 season.
This era NBA now with no comparable sign star George – McCann, there is nothing he lined up the ranks very high position, of course, the fans do not care about McCain in what position, in which he only
depending on how much you give respect to historical sages.
Therefore, we will not go about the immemorial discussed.

Age supremacy monster

is referred to, Russell led Cornish
people 11 championships, as well as a variety of brush anger Chamberlain’s history.
Time until Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the top league, is the number one star Russell and Chamberlain, both close achievement.

NBA’s “medieval”

70-71 to start the league season, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, continued
throughout the 1970s.
This is considered by many to be the NBA’s dark ages, it is the number one star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Among Shuangsha era

to Magic – Johnson stunning anger cut finals MVP
continuing throughout the 1980s.
Magic and Bird is the number one star, two people close achievement.

Jordan era

From the 90-91 season, Michael – Jordan defeated the Magic,
winning the first NBA championship until the end of the 97-98 season, Jordan’s second retirement.
There is no doubt, Jordan ruled the era.

s game era

from Jordan retired, until the season 10-11 Connaught
Wei Ciji beat the Miami Heat “single core” win.
Despite the Spurs dynasty again after restoration, but after 2011, in addition to James, not anybody’s game era of top players, again entered the list of the top three in MVP voting.
This era is very competitive, the number one star is Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, three people close achievement.

Contemporary NBA

Oscar – Robertson and Jerry – West, is the era of hegemony monster 3 to 4 people.
Due to a large number of contemporary MVP is harvested Russell and Chamberlain, the championship has been taken away most of the Celtics, leading to big O is only one MVP and a non-championship leader, LOGO only one championship, a bunch of sub-MVP
and overall runner-up, they are actually closer to the big honor Garnett this level, but the higher their position in their respective era in which, therefore, should be ranked in the middle.
Then the low status of a file Havlicek, and Elgin – Baylor, not enough to enter the top 20;

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medieval chaos to break up the achievements of this period, whether it is early contender Reed, mid McAdoo, Cowens
, late – Bill Walton, components are not enough.
Taken together, Dr. J- is outside of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the number two players of this era, but the early 1970s when he played in the ABA, and so he got the MVP and NBA championship, has also been the early 1980s.
Although he was the second best contemporary players, due to the need to discount Dr. J- peak in ABA, so he can only be in the top 20 of the rear section (but taking into account the contribution of the revolutionary Dr. J- ornamental value for the race
he would be appropriate to enhance the ranking);

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Moses –
Malone was the first person the middle Ages and the transition period “magic Bird” era, ranked No. 3 overall achievement in the 80’s big brother in, so he should be in the middle of the 11-20 names;

Olajuwon is the undisputed second man Jordan era, ranking 11-20 names, he should be at the top anyway.
Karl Malone as contemporaries third person under the Jordan, dream big, it can only be the middle of the row.
Since Jordan plunder belongs to the era of great honor too hard, other people can not get the championship, leading the era of only three places;

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Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Garnett, who is no doubt that contemporary achievements 4 ~
5 people, hard honor can no longer compete up, so they can only be the bottom of the top 20.
“Anybody’s game” Time can get five places, as the name suggests, is because there are a lot of heroes;

Curry and Durant as contemporary NBA second person contenders, they got all the contemporary NBA James
a considerable part of the ruling, which is 2 to 3 in which the identity of the era, to support them ranked in the 11-20 range on the name of this segment.
The era of achievement ranked No. 4 player, hard not to honor the top 20 on the level, after all, their career generally played only half or two-thirds, so this time only three places.

Overall, 11-20 in the name:

forwardmost should be Olajuwon;

Curry Durant and there must be a person in the front stage, should not be lower than the middle of another person;

Nuoweiciji Garnett and only bottom;

Oscar – Robertson, Moses – Malone,
West, Dr. J-, – Karl Malone in the middle.

So, 20 years ago, the most peculiar thing Oscar – Robertson, as the era in which
the first 3 to 4 people – between he and West is higher or lower, in fact, you win – not only beat the era in which the second and third people’s library, which also beat era
2 people Olajuwon, occupy the position of 11th place – – 2016 edition, he also ranked No. 11– in various rankings of American experts, the big O goalkeeper steadily from 10 to 11, have to say,
before the big O, the eyebrows have, this is the son of the pro-US media class treatment.

Oscar – Robertson, a career total of 14 years, has played for the Cincinnati Royals and Milwaukee Bucks, his achievements include:

63-64 season MVP;

the total 70-71 season, the second-best player in the team championship (it was also considered to be the third-best);

total season runner team starters;

9 th burst;

2 th two array;

61-62 season three pairs, career
the first five seasons, the data are averaged over 30 + 9 + 9;

6 times assists.

compare, Curry achievements:

14-15 season MVP;

15-16 season MVP, in the history of the only unanimous MVP;

14-15 season championship
the best team players;

total 16-17,17-18 champions two seasons first two good players;

15-16 season total team most runner
good player;

3 th burst;

2 th two array;

73 best player team wins;

1 times scoring;

1 times steals.

Two people than honor, more than the big O 6 for a while, before his career is not over yet Curry, The Big O
the current peak period longer stretches – big O for a long time, was considered the first point guard, even the first guard.

But the gap between the two top honors and excessive:

library a plurality MVP;

Curry three total
champion, the boss a clear winner, two championship teams are the first two good players.
Big O to take the championship, brother Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is obvious.
Big O is not as big headed and even led the Finals.

Speaking from a gimmick, the Big O averaged a triple-double “miracle” is far overrated, not because less prestige and later did the same
things that make the big O pale, but he surrendered a few seasons most abnormal data, no one is precisely the NBA’s defense, most data explosion a few years, we look at the 61-62 season statistics:

Chamberlain: 50.4 +25.7 points rebounds;

Bellamy: 31.6 points +19 rebounds;

Russell: 18.9 +23.6 +4.5 rebounds assists;

Pettit: 31.1 +18.7 rebounds;

big O: 30.8 points +12.5 +11.4 rebounds and assists

such a
Compare, even if the big O averaged three pairs at a time or only of, but also a variety of abnormal posture of Bale.
+ Than 402 three-pointers in the history of scoring the first efficiency Curry, Big O averaged a triple-double exponential am afraid there are less than stunning.

They combine position in their respective age in (Curry age 2 to 3 people, the era of big O 3 to 4 people), basketball court hard achievement (libraries
in 2MVP, 3 crown, large O1MVP, 1 crown, no great masters led to the finals experience), and gimmicks on the comparison of the data (Curry history +402 efficiency of the first scoring three points, the big O averaged a triple-double)

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