Studio portraits how light? Six points of light rays old cloth summarized photographer

portrait photography portrait photography more difficult as there is a lot of photographers shooting in a studio, it is difficult to express.
How vivid portraits taken, not only the photographer and the subject character good communication, more importantly, with their excellent photography, pave the way.
How to shoot portraits in the studio light, combined with his nearly 30 years of experience to share photography tips for light photography enthusiasts.

1, shooting portraits in the studio, we must first adhere to a” principle of sun “,
whether the main light, auxiliary light, modeling light, modified light, hair light, contour light, background light, the light and top light, there is only one “sun” is the main light, everything else should be the main source of light fitting.

main light in the shooting, like nature, like, have the primary task lighting.
In the lighting when the main light is first determined position, the angle of the main light, the height of the main light, hard or soft light of the primary light, the output power of the main light from the main light and the like, it determines the success of the main light shooting

2, an auxiliary light with a main light, there is a critical concept called”
light ratio “, i.e. the ratio of the main light and auxiliary light, play an important role in the portrait photographing.

is the ratio of light different quantization portrait highlights portions of the light intensity shading, the best ratio of 4: 1 or 5: 1 is suitable for low-light ratio of portrait photography, according to the subject of the main light may front sidelight
between 45 ° to 70 °.
Master the camera and the subject figure axis angular relationship.

3, background light, which is provided at the lower rear of the subject’s, the seamless
semicircular illumination on the background, the farther away from the subject’s darker.

in the photographing portraits by background light, a space sense, sense of distance, between the background and the mystery being photographed.
Key: up play disposed from the background light, light should be uniform.
If the background is black, light blue tint to play as well.

4, rim light.
On the back side of the subject, only the subject’s contour highlight edge portion, resulting in an edge light.
Light profile was 150 ° to 170 ° toward the object, contoured, a subject from the background dark contrast in tone from the camera lens optical axis.
Subject light to make the character outline form three-dimensional, dynamic space.

5, modified light.
In the lighting process, some of the local brightness of a subject, a special modification of light, projecting topical, local light as illumination.
Key: modified light is irradiated only on special wear jewelry is emphasized character beard, jewelry, flowers, other light rays can not be irradiated to a position having been photographed, or otherwise formed overexposed chaotic light.

6, light hair.
Hair light arrangement, diagonally opposite the main light and the subject figures, hair irradiated with light only.
Key: hair light is not irradiated to the subject’s face, hair styling light does not coincide with the light.

described above, each of the primary light output power of the other light, rigid soft light beam and scattered light, and each level of the main light beam, the camera and the subject person dialectic
relations, logical structure is very important.

Zhao Xu born original, I hope this article helps photography enthusiasts.

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