Owen Curry and soared like a god to fight? Then you have not seen Kobe Bryant zero seal Iverson

seen the gods fight it?
Owen and even Curry whirlwind That it, a 37 points 18 13, 24, 16 to give a 49 min.

and Celtic warriors are now half region of each of the first name, the two teams
the battle is also seen as a test run for the finals.
From now form the point of view is very likely indeed.

east side, comprises main rival Celtic Cleveland and Toronto.
Knight’s performance this season is very unstable and can not appear in the east of the stadium must really necessarily.
Raptors here want to have good results you have to look Lori has played, he scored this season is very obvious decline, falling from last season, averaging 22.4 points to 16.5 points.

but on this field can be put into the all-star averaging 16 points, you say let Paul and
Louis – which reasoning Williams went on.

beginning of the season, many western warriors opponent, rocket, San Antonio, thunder.
But the Spurs Leonard injuries repeatedly, the Spurs and the Warriors might have lost the strength to compete.
Thunder Big Three still have not running well, but they also lost defensive thigh Robertson.
If you experience the playoffs the Warriors, I do not know Westbrook can not beat Durant’s team.

such a calculation, the Warriors actually rivals in the west of the rocket on the left.
Although this season has been two negative rocket, but the two add up to less than 10 points points difference, as long as they do not wave, throwing more than two-thirds library, they will not have lost to the Rockets.

Versus Celtic warrior back, Curry and Owen topic of the whirlwind.
After yesterday’s game, the two embraced compliments are able to have such a great opponent and happy.
Historically there have been such a whirlwind super scorer of the play, but many of them are not satisfied with each other, such as Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson.

96 in the summer, Iverson
as a draft pick into the NBA, quickly became the NBA’s hottest scorer.
But he is not convinced of Kobe.

98-99 season, Iverson scored 41 points and 5 rebounds and 10 assists in the Lakers, Bryant 23 points is not too bad.
Iverson is to face after the game said he and Bryant on the bit, then who can not guard anyone.
But Bryant did not appreciate, that he should get 50 points, Iverson got 0 points.

to the season when the Lakers and 99-00 vs. 76 again, in the upper half Iverson
Course had 16 points, Kobe Bryant then volunteered to defend Iverson, although he did not get 50 points, but he did zero in the second half sealed Iverson, Iverson scored a game-freeze in 16 minutes, the audience
hit rate of 28%, 25 voted in only 7 goals.

are each highly anticipated duel Kobe and Iverson, with almost Bryant
perfect career to prove himself perhaps more powerful elected draft pick in 96 years.

to they both retired, Bryant finally admitted his own career, Iverson is the greatest
one of the opponents.
Today, Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson never see the gods fighting, the fans cherish showdown between Owen and Curry like this super scorer.

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