Light the dazzling colors of the Raiders


Two months ago, I am ”
Although the tremor of Parkinson’s but became a good-looking photos accidentally “how to share a dual lamp
Rear-curtain sync with filters to create a psychedelic effect.

Today we will upgrade the entire lighting, color of light and shadow to create a more dazzling.

can be seen from the chart below, I played left and right side light staining the white walls of the bedroom.

when rendering color in the color filter is used, the most important step is to select colors.

Generally speaking, I would select a complementary color to match.

because that visual effect will be very prominent.
The whole look and feel will be very strange.

This time I share the color of the body before it had cited many examples.

When shooting a black background, this is actually no problem.

However, when shooting a white background, white becomes complementary color after superimposed on the background, weakening the overall atmosphere.

So overall the colors, you need to be close to the color of the color coordinated combinations.

Eventually I selected blue-violet.

at the same time, I is responsible for the shift in less light purple light, a white radar installed
+ grid cover.
M, with a depth under the umbrella

blocking much of the light (4th gear) blue lamp.
It is possible to brighten the light functions, reduction in battery pressure.

and both soft effect.

because this would not hinder body side light or the hair, the face shot and
messy shadows.

and dynamic capture, with the change of the angular position of the character, capable of converting light between light and fill light profile.

FIG lighting

such a close distance, the attenuation can not be used to control the main influence for the background light.

I used a wishbone, B2 on the edge of the screen, and as close to the face.

and then I use a honeycomb + 20 ° four flaps, the entire light control of the size of a crack.

from the base so that when light is emitted, is just right illuminated face only.

modeling lamp

as a model, always to find the location of the light.

As a photographer, the model should help to find the light.

group, especially in the light of this, only the main light emission range of just a little better modeling lamp can easily determine whether they let out the model range of light.

Solid modeling light simultaneously with the second-curtain synchronization, also created a false picture of the entire smear.

is set to the entire group of pictures F 4.0 1 / 13s – 1 / 6s iso 100.

In addition to the degree of control the shutter here feint Phantom, but also determine how much influence the modeling lamp 3200k color will be yellow.

on the face and this background of a complementary color, has become the focus of most prominent screen couple.

hair & makeup with

because from the outset to consider the theme of brilliant color, so little clothing on as simple as possible.

can neither Qiangjing black sweater, without being affected by color.

and makeup pearl and gold earrings can reflect more light, thereby enhancing the feeling of light shaking.


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