Everyone is waiting to see his jokes, George, this sad reminder of the season

In June last year, free-agent market and had no relation to Paul George, received a change in the four league teams and even the pattern of calls.

“Do not you want to play with me, back to Los Angeles?” Phone people are Leonard, he had just
He led the Raptors to get the first championship in team history to win the undisputed performance FMVP.
Before July, Leonard and George Drake twice in a villa near the Los Angeles met to discuss the future plans of playing together, Leonard made his request to the Clippers: The Clippers want to find him an All-Star level
players to enhance the lineup.

Clippers not neglect the fleeting chance to win, at all costs they traded for Paul – George, his three first-round picks
right, the Miami Heat’s first-round pick to get the two trading
, Two chances swap first-round picks, a talented striker Gallinari, and let a newcomer full of praise Rivers West and Alexander.

Last season Paul – George, MVP votes third, named to the All-Defensive team and the league for a while,
averaging 28 points, 6.8 rebounds and 4.1 assist in the offensive and defensive performance is one of the top stars, has given away so many chips, but get the right to use the next three seasons and 29-year-old Leonard to join a burst of star, the Clippers pain and pleasure

before four seasons, George has come out from the shadow of a broken leg in the year, has played at least one season record of 75 games.
But early this season because of a shoulder injury he dragged November 15 was ushered in his debut against Pelicans game, although the team lost 127-132 pelicans, he has contributed in just 24 minutes
33 points and nine boards four assists, which also made him the first player in NBA history to get 30 + a new team in the first game with less than 25 minutes to return home opener, he was 21 minutes on the face of an eagle
17 10 scored 37 points, 70 points by the two get less than 50 minutes, each of the clippers fans are curious, Wang LA fried composition how much power.

November 25, Clippers challenges ushered in the eastern giants Celtic, George 8 of 18 shots 25 points, eight assists and five boards
Leonard and 6 and 17, plus the time after World war II, the clippers 3 win.
George looks at the time and the Clippers did not have to run, and his status last season red hot.
Who would have thought George subsequent performance Clippers let the fans more and more disappointed.
Strike out playing weak teams, face teams submissive.

George season games played in 34, 10 games balls hit rate of 30% or less.
Against Philadelphia, 15 3, 1, 4 thirds; the face of the Raptors, the audience voted 14 3, 12 three-pointers in 2; play against Kings twice his total of 35 in 8, 18, 5 to play the Lakers, the Rockets hit 15
4, 6, 20 playing jazz.

p> Clippers original plan <, the battle last season, missing 22 games Leonard, the need for load management during the regular season to deal with the accumulation of physical season after the game, should come forward instead of another superstar to lead Leonard The team forward, the result of the presence of George lying-time Bilunnade longer.

George God a ghost of a state on the one hand and his injuries are related, on the other hand, or from which he relies offensive way.
George has 72.7% of all offensive end with a jumper, his impact on the rim of year after year, this year the proportion of the basket shot down by 6% compared to last season, the number of free throws per 36 minutes less than last season
1.1 times.
Rely heavily on natural jumper lack of stability in many cases, need not any foul George that year’s explosive power and speed startup, after losing 76 games, underperforming He also played a spray referee, said he too free throw
, 11-19, foul shooting can kill this on the inside than the breakthrough made less foul, how can you blame the referee do?
He was also because this sentence League fined $ 35,000.

To make matters worse, George and Leonard run-in is not ideal, this season, George Leonard is not present in time, every
We can hand over 36 minutes 33.7 + 7.9 + 5, 49 + 49.8% hit rate.
2% of the data, Leonard and his co-appearance, he every 36 minutes 21.3 + 7.1 + 4.6, hit rate of 36.8% + 31.9%.
Two top wing, not to mention the 1 + 1> 2, and 1 + 1 = 2 can not do, coach Doc Rivers hearts, bench Harel + LVMH has enjoyed higher than George the ball right treatment

fourth quarter this season, the Clippers game, George is averaging only 3.1 shots, the team ranked only fourth.
George had a lot of people joking 3D play exactly like the top players, and now the Clippers, he was often on the court is really playing the role of a top-level 3D, attack the ball Leonard has had LVMH, his task many times,
defense and fixed-thirds vote.

Over the years, George had enough off early in infamy, from “I want to win a championship to Indianapolis,” to “I just want to go to the Lakers
other teams do not hit my mind, ok? “, from” I’m looking for in Oklahoma City
To feel at home “to” in Westbrook side I can play more freely, “last summer to join the Clippers, George did not shoot three films, but soulful said,” This is not just a basketball decision, which relates to my
mother and my hometown. ”

Leonard, the George just to meet the killer can replace the taciturn partner to win the great cause of (Leonard last summer
to call the Butler, he was denied only to find George
), For the Clippers, the greatest value is used to seduce George Leonard this big fish bait, for Rivers, the 路威哈雷尔 more like his confidant, George of the year for his daughter
Probably still discarding his heart aching, so you do not despise 3D character.
Clippers fans, George is worth half the first round + Alexander sell Bidaiweisi expensive pit father trading.

there was a little history on the level of the players mingled from the home fans to league fans are waiting to see his good play point
George If you do not get back the state point of the season, waiting for him
Vocal opposition, certainly Zhongkoushuojin made him want to flee again, I do not know what he is a new excuse.

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