Anthony has the most wonderful shots all over the world, then everything else is more important what?

Active duty after

only got 30,000 points from James after a lapse of four days Anthony also completed an important milestone in the career 25,000 points, also became the third Nowitzki and James
Congratulations melon, melon is also distressed termination of seven consecutive All-Star trip.

2003 as one of the” Twins “, melon will always be worked with him
Yu Liang moment the man to do comparison.
Since entering the beginning of the league go hand in hand, we can not hold a candle to later.
Daguai upgrade the road between the two seems to be two extremes, and strive to attribute a balanced, defense, organization, grabbed the offensive, while the other goes as far as skill point increase in full-on attack.

Zhen into the Transformation attack techniques but also to put a label Anthony” scorer “(
Note that the super scorer !!).
As you read through Anthony play, you will not be like any other of the league scorers.
Ah, that is so absorbing powder.
I do not believe you can see the picturesque beauty of this shot:

world best picturesque
shooting, the triple threat of the most lethal in the world, the world’s most strong build in the ass (this is a bit exaggerated), and

< / p>

< b> Anthony offensive skills because too rich, limited space, divided into two parts ready to give us wonderful appreciation.

Part reads: spot-up jumpers, dribble shots, the basket end.
Next contents: Three threats and fight back.
Good below into the wonderful (zhuangbi) Analysis

1. Point jumper

Anthony shot very smooth (velvety).
Vertical ball (90 several degree legendary), with the help players such as muddy integrally with pitching, shot after significant pressure retention operation of the wrist (forgive me vocabulary, with the heart Figure).

< figure data-size = "normal">

melon knee motion is very small, slightly back, legs forward, the back pressure and full of beauty.

melon jump from the floor, the body in the air will have a slight waist as the center of
“rotation”, can cushion ground pressure at the same time greatly increased the beauty.
Especially the FIG:

Finally, melon release point is very high, combined shot
release speed (even so, the melon will still be released at the highest point, that is, air visually pause moment), possibility of capping zero.

2. Dribble shot

< p> as the league’s top striker, melon ball autonomous ability to create shooting space is just, and when reading the defense breakthrough stations, once the defender has not been a firm center of gravity moves immediately to a pull-up jumper (
almost all of this routine are dribble

if the defender is not out of position, so simple, active physical contact to create shooting space.

When the ball, melon pretending to break or look for other opportunities (do not look at the basket)
when the opponent relaxed, and instantly adjust the pace to complete the jump.

or hesitation step (Hesitate Move), pretending to attack from one side of the break, and then suddenly
completed shooting the ball close, in fact, this action melon range is relatively small, there is a significant reduction of Durant and Westbrook (Viagra very little exaggeration), later to give you an analysis.

3. End basket

< p> melon basket offensive efficiency is very high.
When layup, elbows are generally “open” and create some space, to avoid being capped.

Thanks melon very strong physical confrontation (and the ox), often also melon
and we will take the initiative to seek confrontation Fangzhong Feng layup to complete endurance, not to give you space off cap.

Even if the ball does not play, and the other bounce a few meters away, melon hesitate
brush a front plate, easy layup (not pumpkin really brush rebounds).

drives to the basket ball, homeopathy will be a small jump, the pace of adjustment
while leveraging off after increasing momentum.

In addition, melon basket shot feint feints also very realistic, hands held the ball up in his eyes, looked at the basket, opponents will basically eat Akira. Melon homeopathy went up to make a foul shot, or find another space.

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per Appreciation week will launch a series of technical players.

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