Legend of the radome in the end how amazing? Why portrait lighting like to use it?


It involves portrait lighting, “radome” always not open around the accessory.

radome, English is called beauty dish, sometimes translated “beauty mask”, “beauty dish.”

This sounds seems to be born female portrait.

In fact, the radome is essentially in front of the hard bare lamp, a baffle was added.
It used to direct light to the face of that part of the light to the hardest hard cover.
Thus the ray of light and soft.
Of course, while the luminance is low.

Photo Profoto I used OCF white radome.

Many people will ask, the difference between the radome and the softbox is.

is the fact softbox softens emitted directly from the light cap by soft cloth.
But no matter how silky, soft box when using only the outside layer of soft cloth, it’s the center point of the optical axis, always be brighter than the surrounding.
The highlight of the region, the English called “hot stop.”

So sometimes when we use the softbox shooting, because the alignment of the entire cabinet body, possibly hot spot (the start wrong, thank you to remind the comments section.) Shine on the stomach
And if you want hot stop aligned face, then it becomes different irradiation range.

If two layers of soft cloth, then this will ameliorate this problem.
But it may be too weakened light.

and the radome is the opposite, because the central region is blocked, but the edge region of the irradiation range will be relatively

at the same time because of the placing of the lamp position, will be relatively bright area relatively far from the main body, the relative luminance would

while the reflection of different materials, this part of the light is relatively hard.

FIG example the light mildest partial alignment face.

and relatively bright edge light shine on the arm portion.
A return to the brightness fairly balanced.

so in actual use, these differences will cause what kind of effect it?

Now I will use two to explain the shooting of four radar usage of two kinds of them.

* Note, four methods were –

1 single shield, all attachments all
removed, including a light baffle.

This is in fact bare lamps and not much difference, just a little more padding.
Few people seem to use it.

2 the use of a light barrier

3 + light barrier using soft cloth

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2 and 3 is that the difference between softening rays.

4 using a grid

raster light quality does not change, only the irradiation tightening

4 also wanted to give a set of the new film, to explain.
But I have not had time.
Over a period of time and other finished up separately.

oil wind

this group shot comes from Pan Pan always wanted to make a black dress with black yarn feeling.

Then I took a piece of black velvet as background.

her own makeup line and a shooting on the.

on the first light distribution of FIG. –

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because in my room shot, where relatively small.
So keep things simple.

radome with a soft cloth, placed along a side light.
Height slightly above your head position.

In fact, when I say do a background with black cloth when Pan Pan is still very questionable.

Because black clothes, black armbands and then black background, then it is easy to mix everything not see.

So here I did not play Rembrandt, Rembrandt fact, I have very little to do in the true sense.

In contrast, I prefer the loop ring light.

this dramatic when light Bilunbolang weak, but a dark portion can be filled more.
At the same time because my wall is white, but also help me a certain supplement.

and the angle I was a little light trimming the next, to allow light to shine hanging over her head a little yarn.

So I just need a little late to pull a little curve, and the veil can be distinguished from the background.

* Note, due to the compression of network relationships that might otherwise barely visible black armbands will be compressed and become a black

Click the picture, high-definition picture quality will be better.

in this group of pictures, the first face of the radome played soft light.

Next on the surrounding area to add a bit.


< img src = "http://www.ask-why-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/aHR0cHM6Ly9waWNiLnpoaW1nLmNvbS92Mi03ZjkwMWM4NjI3NDJjMWVhZTkxOGQ4Y2U4MGJmNzVhMl9iLmpwZw.jpg" data-caption = "" data-rawwidth = "1800" data-rawheight = "1200" class = "origin_image zh-lightbox-thumb" width = "1800" data- original = "http://www.ask-why-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/aHR0cHM6Ly9waWNiLnpoaW1nLmNvbS92Mi03ZjkwMWM4NjI3NDJjMWVhZTkxOGQ4Y2U4MGJmNzVhMl9yLmpwZw.jpg">

I light but Paramount replaced.

At the same time I was slightly adjusted at an angle, so that the angle a little flatter.

because I have not put under the reflector, so I had to rely on the angle of light to a point below the neck shadow fill light.

and the soft cloth to remove the.

This is a very important step.

we said above, the center of the radome is hard to block the light, so the light becomes soft.

radome surrounding but, because there is no occlusion, and I the soft cloth also taken down.

circle around it is a hard light (relative).

that is why it is among the radome to one light plastic tool between the soft and the hard light.

The reason I do this is because the hard light can enhance the cheeks, cheekbones and dark where the transitional relationship.
The key here is that the radome to face intense close enough.

to outline the attenuation features make it more solid.

Because these photographs do not need too soft style.

Paramount is the best bit to reflect the light of this feature.

especially in view portrait of this can be clearly exhibited.

as Qudiao soft cloth, the entire luminance is also improved.

is also open to the back light modeling, using the second-curtain provides a slow gate + base luminance.

I only with the entire group of pictures 1/5 shutter speed, with full power output B1 of the shape of the lamp,
to create smear.

effect is still very good.

shot, I opened a live view directly, use of face recognition AF 5d4.

are all techniques of things to a preset program, to complete the light.

And I just need to put two people like the music, while chatting with the beat swing on it.

because from the beginning I took this into consideration.

So climb climbing makeup, apart from the color makeup as much as possible exaggeration, but I also let her try adding some elements of binlinbinlin.

Such slow door, which will sequins to the light reflected from the shape of the lamp.

Finally, add paragraph, the last time for everyone to explain the effect of the use of different focal lengths.

A lot of people want me to speak some more.
In fact, the basic principles of operation and, in that piece of paper already said everything.

I were to demonstrate to three photos here, showing the effect of various focal lengths under the same theme.

This is the use of 100mm was very neat portrait shooting.

in fact, in portrait photography, the use of a telephoto need to be very cautious.

We see many European and American photographers, often in the room will use 720.

That is because foreigners hold live features telephoto perspective.

But for Asians, its compression is simply a Sha Zhudao.

already if not three-dimensional face again pressed into the pie, it is a disaster of.

If I shoot a girl with a telephoto, then stated that this is my kind of recognition for her color values.

This figure is below 50mm shot.

was substantially away 2m.

at this distance, there are 50 distinct sense of perspective.

Next is 24mm.

Wide ride face.

exaggerated perspective view of a lens with such an angle can not create a common visual experience.

because it does not meet our daily life experience.

or have conducted deliberately distorted.

So I also slightly grotesque novel.

But now I exaggerated for effect is always cautious.

visual effects also tend to pursue peace, Zhou Zheng.

This will not only take such unusual style, will use a wide-angle look presumptuous.

is attached a Polaroid footage.

Follow us also welcome overseas platform.

There are some domestic harmony will publish the works.

Finally, an old photo of the artists and their works of art.


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