How mobile phones to take “suck eye shine”? These eight tips to keep your photos are no longer mediocre

Although with the increasingly powerful camera phone, such as portrait mode, professional mode, macro, slow shutter, night and AI camera, making the performance of the cell phone camera
a new level, but many people still can not get rid of “readily beat” the curse, not shoot good works.


in fact, to break the” dilemma “the best way
readily take is to change the mentality, on this basis, as long as they use the right techniques, you can no longer create mediocre works.
So, in the end should be how to shoot it?
We came up with the idea of ​​shooting eight tips for you, I hope to inspire you.

1, a clear theme

theme, in fact, the photographer to be passed to the audience thinking, thoughts or feelings, this topic is not too complex, can be
a flower, a person, a cloud, or other life everywhere scene.
Such as shooting a beautiful flower, may transfer the natural beauty of creation; Another example is shooting a hazy cloud, it will pass out of the shooting confused feelings and so on.

mist captured, transmitted feel confused.

flowers, passing natural beauty of creation.

These inner thoughts to be passed to the audience, it must be clear, so that the audience would produce a clear impression of the work the first time, in order to guide the viewer deeper understanding of the feelings of the show
Therefore, before shooting, the primary consideration is inherent to these topics must be clear manifested, while other techniques are used to perform around it.

2, the beauty of simplicity

“Simplicity is the highest level of complexity.” Referred to “subtraction art” photography, this sentence
The same also applies.
For mobile phone photography, a simple picture composition and expression, both prominent theme of the film, but can also enhance your powers of observation, to develop good habits shooting.

and concise picture of the expression composition, projecting photographing theme.

The phone because of the limited sensor size and focal length, among other factors, although you can blur the background in different ways, but it is still possible to choose a clean, simple background to shoot, this will make it easier for Outlook
those who focus on the subject.

3, make good use of light and shadow

Photography is the art of light, light is the “painting.”
As the mobile phone photography inherent disadvantages (small sensor, the small lens), we must make a greater effort to master the light of personality, so light as I used to.

morning sunlight through the window, leaving a mottled projected on the wall.

silhouette of light due to the large ratio between the foreground and background, in the foreground subject resulting in our
I do not see any details, only able to see a dark outline.

on the basis of use of light can be found hereinbefore

“light and shadow” of art, ideas and creativity 7 shooting, shoot a different light and shadow tracts

in addition, note that, due to the anti-glare lens mobile phone
weak capacity, need to shoot backlit, try to avoid bright light sources (such as solar) appear directly on the screen, resulting in high-quality light spill damage.

4, another perspective World

photography phone, since the phone itself is small, with selfie bar, more in the choice of shooting angle
possible, it can be said that mobile phone photography “killer.”
Here are some commonly shooting angle:

a low angle:. shooting close to the ground, can bring a different visual impact to you, we often see many photographers,
lying on the floor to take pictures, because a low angle will give us a very strong visual impact.
We have to do, it is to reduce body position, or put the phone on the ground, find a suitable low angle.

low-angle shot platform, seemingly chaotic picture, it suddenly had low-angle shot story
sex, with another kind of beauty.

phone lowered, the leaves into the foreground, the effect is very shot impact.

b bottom composition:. In life there are many topics can be used to shoot a bottom composition, such as: buildings, trees, sky, flowers, etc. can all be used looking up
patterning shooting.

sometimes you just need to look up, ordinary scene becomes a non-trivial.

shoot straight up a bottom trunk, it is very tall and have a stronger visual impact screen

c patterning a top:. a top and a bottom opposite, to be noted that, patterning a top view, not necessary to go to very high place, may find the angle.
Overhead composition Select what angle, the object to be photographed, complement each other.

occupy the high ground in a top-angle shot conducive show space, scale, level, you can show the distance
scenery structured space a sense of perspective.

for food and still is the best thing for the overhead of the shooting angle, advantageous for presentation
the relationship between objects.

d is close to the beat: there is a famous saying in photography these words have a certain extent, “you looks good enough, because you are not close enough.”
some significance, for example, you hold the phone to the object being photographed shooting, it is shot close-up, so you can shoot bokeh photos.
When your phone closer to the object being photographed, the more obvious the blur effect.

to create blur closer to the subject

close to the shooting, in addition to creating a
blur effect, can make the details of the subject fill the frame in large part, it is helpful to describe the characteristics of the subject.
For example, when macro shooting, the use of close-up shot close to the representation of its texture detail.

close shot of water droplets flower, detail is clearer.

e bristling beat: take the phone vertically to shoot, it is often said vertical frame, the vast majority of people use one of the most frequent gesture, since the use of this
when postures, one-handed operation can be completed, it is very convenient.
Vertical composition of charm, it has a unique mood, which from near and far, from far and near in the way of seeing, progressive layers, it is easy to highlight the center.

by comparing the size, projection depth effect

found that the geometric elements

the importance of photographic composition, I believe we all understand, and “geometric element” as one of the basic elements of the composition of the painting, the impact on the screen can not be ignored, one point,
line, this geometrical surface elements to build very simple screen, and second, the geometric element can well guide the eye of the viewer, to attract the viewer.

convergence line has excellent sense of perspective and a depth that allows remote visual focus gradually extended to
you can add the body at or near the focal point.

In life point, line, surface and other geometric elements are very common, such as: the corner of the building object / profile, distant horizon, roadside railing, fence and so on.
Life in these common geometric elements can be used as the main screen, build the entire screen.

vertical lines, effectively highlights the whole trees dignified, solemn atmosphere.

tilting the phone, so that the original picture itself does not have a tilt tendency to form diagonal composition

In addition, repetitive structures have been widely used in photography, because the repetitive structure can be seen everywhere in everyone’s life, daily life building facades, windows and so can be taken.
This form will give the viewer a very positive experience unconventional order to form a kind of enjoy the sense of beauty of form, but when shooting, zoom focusing on the local scene chaotic environment trade-offs, which is easy to do in front of that

, gradient distance, black and white, light and dark contrast, a repeat of the screen is formed very
is attractive.

and dark, black and white

Looking contrast

in contrast, in our lives are everywhere, such as red flowers and green leaves, high-rise buildings and cottages, swans and frogs …… and so on.
It is undeniable that contrasts strongly works, easier to impress.

flowers and green leaves

in the photography, a screen
to create a contrast is one of the photographer’s common expression, if they can find something good qualities, to create, use contrast, is to enhance the visual impact of the screen, the subject of the photo more vivid, more attractive, more rich connotation of a good way.

to select a tree body is darker than the background light can be transferred from the main screen
separated from, even more prominent.

formal contrast, is the contrast on the screen, such as size, light and shade, the actual situation, color, distance, movement and so on, so that the screen is full of expression, attract the attention of readers; contrast the connotation
, which is the comparison of the content, such as war and peace, humanity and nature, sadness and joy, and so on, then let the picture is full of dramatic tension, causing the viewer to think.

virtual background, the actual situation in order to achieve contrast, leaves projecting body.