Cell phone camera tips: 12 simple camera position, using a mobile phone to help you shoot beautiful photos

There are some recent small series of small partners may ask, how can we use mobile phones to photograph themselves look good, what posture to take pictures and have no skills, Xiao Bian today
this is a problem for everyone, for everyone to sort out a cell phone camera dry, introduced 12 mobile phone camera to take pictures of simple gestures, so you can shoot beautiful photos phones envy of everyone.

1, according to the standing leg

stance as our
often photos, but if you do not do what blankly, then it would seem a little stiff and awkward, very stiff, so standing photo shoot using a mobile phone, they can make their own center of gravity on one leg, one leg lifted,
a little playful and sporty, but also seemed legs visually.

2, do not look into the camera

when you find yourself in front of the camera when it will seem awkward, then it do not look good shot, and where to look backwards can be, just do not look
lens, and you can interact with plants and flowers, watching from afar and so on, so not only can have a mood, and even more natural random.

3, stretch limbs posture

If you do not know how to pose, then let his hands and feet move, stretch their limbs, that which is very cute and lovely, but also
from the visual reflect good size and length.

4, lovely line to sell Meng

If you’re the kind of girl like to go lovely route, then the occasional jab Duzui face, sell Meng is also OK, after all, to look good
to lovely thing.

5, smile

goddess like to take pictures with a camera gesture: smile, if you have a good-looking shot from the side, there is a warm smile, that no matter where you go, so that small partners to help you use the phone to capture a Review photo absolutely wrong tree

6, sitting feet staggered

when using a mobile phone sitting photo shoot, I remember a principle that must take two feet staggered or staggered, because side by side, then, how
look how short.

7, take lots of pictures shot from the side

If you are confident of their side faces girls, so when taking pictures, remember to take lots of pictures shot from the side it to advantage, put their best side
show up.

8, move up to capture

you might find that a lot of the actress shot a variety of travel photos, many will create a lot of buzz, Xiao Bian said that in addition to the above stretch limbs, they will
use of walking up and snap, so there is a photograph to capture natural.

9, relying on pictures

Travel tired to play, in addition to looking for a place to sit down and rest, you can also find some railings in front or to rely on it, is the opposite of relying on the can, as long as
find a good angle, this camera posture in general can shoot good photos.

10, blocking Dafa

proper shelter, more than you can cover some of the shortcomings of his body, but also to make the picture look good, such as the use of some nice little thing covering her face, can face significant
thin, of course, you can use sun care action, pull hair and other camera movements to hand blocking posture, filmed using a mobile phone is very nice.

11, the back

according to this background camera position, simply universal Dafa, no matter hello ugly, unnatural posture from a turn, you may be the most beautiful one.

12, a mobile phone camera props

there can be many things as cell phone camera props, such as snacks, fruit fruit shop, bookstore books and other supermarket, not only allows you to place to place
hand there is something to be had, but also rich photo eliminate the tension, simply wild.

, that’s small to give us a phone camera tricks dry matter, although there are 12 so much, but just remember that each is very simple, like we keep these pictures posture, help you with a cell phone can also shoot each
kind of good-looking photos.

to learn some camera skills: paizhao66

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