According to the United States portraits at home, you can easily get the phone, you start from here!

National Day is coming slightly, we want to go play with?

Is not go out for fun

but felt holidays
where are all people … (not instant mood)

rare seven-day holiday

want more quietly at home

phone point photo shoot Xiu Xiu circle of friends

today, little to teach you the recipe indoor
Portrait quick fix

let the little friends at home can easily large areas

1 to indoor portrait punch

we often say that indoor portrait, shot most points in the home, restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, theater, theater ……

(but sometimes more people inside, the light is not particularly good, the problems will affect the shooting effect.

such as cafes relatively dim, can sit next to the position of the window, so that the window according to the half of the face
People shoot demeanor, facial expressions, the focus will focus on a human face.

© sugar

in the bedroom
shooting, sitting or
Standing can, shoot the effect of warm light, more warmth.

© whaight


2 indoor portrait bACKGROUND

indoor portrait background can choose bed, sofa, window, large white walls … background best pure white background more

large white walls, bedroom clean

< p> © Studio 7042

▼ sofas, beds ▼

© Daria Shevtsova

best to wait until the window taking pictures when there is lots of natural light
house area, towards good, good source , sheet into effect will be better.

natural light shot out of the characters more three-dimensional, the morning and in the evening is a good time to shoot.

© bolin


4 good interior view

Shades: < / b> blinds is a good spot to take pictures, shoot may have contours, light screen.

© dhark4511

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© Niao photography museum houses

blinds at chiaroscuro strengthen, increase
exposure, face illuminated, more layer
Secondary sense.

© Niao photography museum houses

© Niao houses photography museum

bed according to:
the bed is very good indoor portrait photograph point, a lot of pictures, in this Private photos
Inside shot.
Among them, get up, backs are a lot of people shot.

© dhark4511

Pillow try to choose a solid color, simple
, do not choose Rounds uniform background, the color will be too intense overshadowed by the protagonist.
Select clothes color, easy on it.

© a large grain of rice child

in fact, according to home bed can also shoot Parents and children, girlfriends, lovers are possible, so more intimacy.

But when taking pictures do not jump, do not stand up , because it will look weird.
lying, lying, sitting is a good posture.

© Tirachard Kumtanom

© Snapwire

mirror: selfie mirror, make good symmetrical composition,
allows you to himself in the mirror and more interactive.

© Min An

Sign in
makeup mirror paint
Is a good choice, you can record life better, make the picture more real.

© Pixabay

the following two
a map, I
We saw all the characters in the mirror, but only a small fraction back.

This type of FIG gives more room for imagination, opposite the mirror, the mirror may be large, it can be selected from a small mirror.

© Min An


© Silvia Trigo

windows: People in the house,
Sign came out through the window
The best in the window, outside the window, the light is good, bad light will each take a picture, and finally choose the best one.

© Michael

also < b> Photography
Normal Sign outside the window
, reflecting glass Street, simple implementation of “double exposure.”

© Lin

4 < / p>


© TONG Hai Bao teacher

cis-ray: means a light source is not directly irradiated object shadows on the front, the main subject.

Shun light I believe we all know, not explained in detail.
Here we talk about three other light: backlight, side and top light .

© Xupei Nan

backlight: under
a backlight, interior
Also you can shoot silhouette.
Do not stand straight, to highlight the action figures and body, discrimination, light outline of limbs.

© Vojtech Okenka

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© Artem Mizyuk

side light: light
Hard line, the left and right sides of the large dark contrast
Especially the window side light, the contrast of light and shade stronger, more three-dimensional, shot out of character Wu Guan clear outline.

eyes looking out the window, causing Lenovo readers.
(Do not look into the camera there is a benefit that will not be nervous more natural)

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