Therefore, the portrait photographer time the shutter in the end worth?

Last minor repairs as we confirmed the real hammer!
Your photographer is the most lucrative!
watching the algorithm Party, 12 points math college entrance millet could not stand!

millet Party today and go very carefully, using data to tell him, press the shutter, in the end worth

Equipment Cost

Take Portrait photographer standard equipment for:

Canon 5D4 body, the official price of 19999.00;

EF 50mm f / 1.2L USM, the official price of 8799.00;

EF 85mm f / 1.2 L II USM, the official price 11999.00;

EF 70-200mm f /
2.8L IS II USM, the official price of 12299.00.

body can be about 5 years, 5 years after the second-hand resale withdraw 5000.00 (refer busy fish prices), annual consumption

lens relative preservation, more than three shots, a total of 33097.00, 5 years after the second-hand resale recover 22,000.00 (refer to free the price of fish
), consumption of 2220.00 per year.

the above, the camera and lens is well protected, and no apparent damage to the scratches, if drop the
bumped, second-hand does not sell, let alone to rain, or stolen …. such devices, and cars, bought the Lord burn son!

In addition,

SD memory card capacity 32G, a 99.00, requires a minimum of two.

a camera bag, can not load-bearing human Le Taobao goods, how have 400.00 a.

lights, tripods, thousands and thousands of types of brands, millet pinch a finger estimate (actually listen casually nonsense of minor repairs
), even if it 1000.00 per sample, a total of 2000.00.

Retouching is a computer and want to reach the point where PS Dad running smoothly, even assembly machines, prices are 7000.00
about, let alone those of the MAC.

These are basically consumables and sell used five years later, basically impossible, a total of 9600.00, annual consumption

terms of equipment, photographers spend 7140.00 per year.

Of course, the real photographers take heart, may have much more than that, millet and photographers who
when the friend went to Wuyuan film, a device with a trunk!

Learning Cost

depth of field, aperture, focal length, shutter, light ratio, a large backlight, small backlight, front light 45 degrees, 135 degrees, light reflectors, to create a light, flat, side
, portrait seven, three portraits, according to the body, overhead, Yang shot, sensitivity, than light, the flash from the machine, the guide lines, points of interest, the main, accompany the body, golden, diagonal, silhouette, blown-out highlights
, histogram, black death, dead white, AF, focal plane, WB drift, spot metering, evaluative metering, bracketing, catch light, 18 gray, high-profile, color temperature, low profile, the gray gradient,
gradient lens, ND mirror, flash output, cut, horizon, multiple exposure, HDR, virtual background, the screen language simple picture, E patterned foot light, beautiful light, crocodiles light, small fresh, close-up, fisheye
, capture, shot put, body language, photo photo, top light, shadow, light triangulation, K values, the shooting mode, lockup reflector, shutter, tripod, image quality, sharpness, ISO, half press the shutter, metering
lock, CCD, white with black subtraction, black, gray, luminance value, optical zoom, digital zoom, full frame, the film 135, soft, light scattering, hard light, gamma line, the DX format, APS-C format, APS-
H format, image stabilization, a large plain, LR, PS, LB, RAW, ACR, exposure mode, focus, shutter priority, iris priority, AF-S ultrasonic motor lens, the lens aperture ratio, B shutter, C-PL mirror
, high-speed synchronization, ghost, the focus, first-curtain synchronization, second-curtain, TTL, partition exposure, tab, sugar tablets, transparency, hue, saturation, black inversion, the HSB mode, three primary colors of the RGB model, CMYK
mode, JPEG, shoe, slow door, track, tone scale curve, high sense, noise, blur, sharpen, perspective, seats, the depth of field, spot metering, metering matrix, intersection thirds composition, in parallel
lines, horizontal lines, vertical lines, frame type composition, tolerance, dynamic range, suspension portrait, flash index, parity metering site element, prospects deep, medium shot, the depth of field, tone, color contrast, large depth of field shallow depth of field
, out of focus …… and so on.

content so much to learn, coupled with new technologies emerging, the photographer want to always be ahead of the trend, it
to continue to learn charged.

to learn calculated once a year, minor repairs recommended high-end course, cost is generally at 2000.00, even entry-level, need
500 to 600, where estimated to 1000.00.
At the same time

The learning expertise, in order to make their stay on the line aesthetic, photographers need to enrich their aesthetic connotation
, to see the exhibition, to attend the forums, gallery to buy quality Mito and other costs, at least 1000.00 yuan per year.

Total 2000.00 yuan per year.

< b> operating costs

National marketing era, the small individuals should have their own brand
especially photographers.

number of fans and well-known, almost directly determines the level of income of the photographer, how, one million fans microblogging photography
division, only 1,000 fans and photographers, as the contents of the package, the same as selling a set of 1888, who would sell better?

microblogging member 10 dollars a month, micro-channel authentication needs 300 dollars once, in order to rise
powder send gifts do organize activities, each of which must be the money!

Those hundreds of thousands of fans of the big V, who does not depend on the pink tickets in exchange for it!
Not rich, probably not dare to dream net red, right!

millet to $ 200 per month to estimate operating costs, major platforms operating expenses a year need to 2400.00.

< b> creation costs

say that photography is the art of light and shadow, since it is art, you need to photographer
continuous innovation, through different scenarios, themes, light and models, shooting different picture.

creative needs space, personnel, props, transportation, tickets, and so on all kinds of expenses.

site : Even if the photographer is familiar bed and breakfast or coffee shop, at first
before shooting the scene, the photographer want to know the venue, the idea of ​​shooting ideas, as well as to determine the style, can only their own money to experience.
A year later, even if only for three sites in two main need at least 500.00 yuan.

people : makeup artist photographer needs be fit, do as the model before shooting
Shooting day, at least 2-3 styling, makeup artist 500.00 yuan ordinary start, senior makeup artist than a thousand charges also normal.
As a camera assistant, even if he is free to follow the photographer.

prop : photography props importance of self-evident, and most of the subjects are ordinary people, a
facing the camera, I do not know where to put the hand, and props will be able to resolve this issue, both
Full screen, letting the natural model relaxing.
Props loss quickly, and replacement soon, quarterly, or even have purchased a new, one year, estimated 500.00 yuan per month.

Total 1500.00.

< b> we retouching costs

Mito Xiu Xiu points that can be the end of the paragraph, it also
“retouching system” do it?

The most common on the market retouching Quote: 20 / Zhang (studio level).
Beyond that a variety of different grades of finishing on the plus synthesis, design and so on, with the customer’s requirements the higher the cost to repair the higher the chart, eleven thousand are small scenes.

Millet 10 connected to a single monthly, every single cross piece 12 is calculated, year repair
FIG cost 28,800.00 yuan.

< b> time costs

who are not selling their time, in exchange for their labor income it?

Many people often only see the photographer took a day to earn 1888, or even 8888, but can not see
throughout the filming process, the photographer how much to pay.

communication docking, if direct communication face to face, fast and convenient, usually takes 2 hours, and if the micro-channel communication, usually
will be off for several days, of course, specific to the actual communication time, at least 5 hours.

Shooting day, 12 hours a day, photographers basic running at full capacity, white-collar workers usually 8 hours studio,
the photographer was not so lucky.

As for the late retouching, nice to meet customers better, if encountered discerning customers, a change of ten times
that is the norm!

outsiders see is shooting day, while photographers paid working hours, at least 16 hours, also
It is two working days.

to 300.00 a day’s pay to count, taken 120 days a year, we need to 36000.00 yuan.

oh really expensive time!

above, a photographer of the year to be at least:

7140.00 (material loss) +2000.00 (learning charge) +2400 (operating costs) (creation cost) +28800 (FIG repair cost) (time cost) +1500 +36000 = 77840.00

assume photographer does not need to eat, live flyover, wearing a suit of clothes a year, thanks to foot traffic, even dirty as a beggar, Party do not mind.

So his monthly take 10 single, year after 120 single calculation, every shot a single, photographers need to pay the cost of about 650 yuan.

So, then press the shutter to be worth it in the end?

price calculated in accordance with the above: a single 650.00, cross piece 12 refined.

Well, at least the original image to the customer 30 to choose from, plus invalid shutter, count each press of the shutter twice he has a valid shutter (available for customer selection of films), then this
single, at least: 30X2 = 60 times the shutter.

This is calculated as the price for each shutter: 650 ÷ 60≈11 element.

Therefore, If according to a certain cost to count the words , a portrait photographer should be at least divalent single shutter in 11 Element or more.

so, the cost basis of the users at least in 300X11 = 3300 dollars, not to mention there are other costs as well as the camera
head – this can not be a measure of the presence of the actual price of it

but not above criteria,

as: time is not the most expensive,

more expensive than the time that thought,

is more important than thinking,


< b> cost of risk

this year saw many colleagues had died, some in order to angle
so that customers get the best picture, exposure to the high-speed traffic, high-rise roof and the roof, the water in the rapids, etc., accidentally, and it is possible to say goodbye to this world.

there’s photographer, because guests do late reminder of the urgency, daytime shooting day
, but also stay up late at night retouching, frequent news of sudden death.

millet can not calculate the value of life, just want to say,

encountered a group of 399,499 of those deals, but also your favorite photographer, you are making the deposit paid for it!

Maybe he read this article today, found himself pricing, not even costs are not enough

As for the album package included, swing sets, prints, etc. products, its own on Taobao search
search will be able to know about the price.

So, photographic industry profits in the end not violent, did not mind point (beep) number?

millet feel, good looks of course more expensive, people pay so much, from so many worthy

that are blind photographer pressing the shutter will be able to make money Party Yeah, go and book a group of those 299
, while they have not found them even costs are not enough of it!

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