“Skills” to photograph his girlfriend seven small tips will learn

camera is a technical job, will take pictures of his girlfriend boyfriend is one in a million, not to take pictures of his girlfriend boyfriend everywhere, so brilliantly friends
summarized as “girl selfie is a goddess! surgeon boyfriend like a ghost.”

Do you know the consequences do not know how to shoot photos Mimi da for his girlfriend do?
Legend, in the near future, there is one species will disappear in the world, they call “will not take pictures of boyfriend”!
(* ^ __ ^ *) …… just kidding!

In order to soothe their wounded soul sister, her boyfriend how the majority of the church to the sister who shoot beautiful photos, so today we teach small Hi 7 strokes to his girlfriend to take pictures of children photography tips!

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to understand female vote take pictures of her boyfriend, want
Wang single off single, be careful of these machines, you have learn yet?
Society did not return to Duokanjibian, the so-called “reading a hundred times, its meaning from the see,” said is the truth, ha ha ha, Tanabata is approaching, I wish you a successful shoot his girlfriend make soap flakes satisfactory, good luck

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