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Air monarch has something to say

spaghetti, do you when shooting backlit portraits, is not very easy
It appears the main exposure is not adequate or dark a picture of the problem?
Want to know how to shoot beautiful portraits at it?

Today let photographer Jun Air – mustard taking pictures, teach you the recipe tips, allows you to instantly become dark original piece fresh portraits at night.

and always wanted to share a group of the toner: a great difference before and after retouching
the humble original recall engaging tone.

But in fact this is not just post-toning credit, In fact, when you use a certain amount of pre-shooting skills, to do a certain amount of light in order to control late in tune better

So what is the kind of skill, only to photograph so good-looking it?
Then take a dry absorb it!

efficiency comparison chart before and after

< figure data-size = "normal">

give you look simple demonstration, only one pull bright step, the original
Figure on the moment perfectly clear up.
has only one step Oh!

In summary, the angle of light really very important.
So we need to take lots of pictures and more studying in the shooting, I can refer to the light angle as described above.

so how to make it engaging and more color photos, below began to explain
part of the palette.

to make pictures color comparison chart protrude, requires drawn
three S-curve, amplitude of the reference curve follows.

overall color
after layering tune out, then begin to adjust to monochrome.

First, adjust the color of the skin, skin by red, orange, and yellow influence, So we focus on these three tone color.
yellow overall direction to adjust, so that the screen as a yellow, Japanese more.

After adjusting the background color tone of the skin again, green background is primarily
Here I personally prefer dark green, so I’m used to tune into the feeling of deep dark green.
Specific steps are as follows:

longitudinal comparison step of FIG

If you
original orange feeling that is not enough, you can adjust the camera calibration in the red.

▼ < / p>


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today’s topic

you when shooting backlit portraits, which encountered problems?

quick chat in the comments section of it ~

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