How to shoot lighting effects using a mobile phone

What is the effect of light and shadow?

strong lighting effects using light and shadow to create abstract silhouette effect.
Especially in the case of the monochromatic light ratio, this effect can create a unique perspective.
When there is a scene in harsh lights or a bright light source, you can create a great light image.

shooting light and shadow on the phone:

When you use a digital SLR camera in bright light, you can use the sun f16 law.
The rules f16, highlights will be appropriately exposed, a black shadow will be appropriate, which will produce high-contrast image.
And by the way, you can use the phone to achieve the same effect:

Looking source:

Whether it is day or night, looking for a bright light or strong shadows.
When you shoot silhouette, background should be bright, the subject should be dark, if you shoot people, make sure you have fun shooting gesture or object nice profile.

manual, professional mode on your phone:

when you use the new smart phones shooting, they will usually automatically jump parameters to obtain the appropriate exposure.
You can click on the brightest part of the image to adjust the exposure to the proper exposure.
However, this method has a drawback, when you click on the screen, it also changed the focus.

manual mode so shoot.
Fixed with ISO and higher shutter speeds, to obtain the proper silhouette image.
This way, you can shift the focus to the topic you want without affecting the exposure.
In iPhone, for example, click-lock the focus press body, and the upper and lower drag increases, the exposure can be reduced to an appropriate silhouette effect.

ignore the main focus shadow:

sometimes, the shadow body will
create interesting patterns, add very interesting vision for the whole picture.
In particular repeating patterns and their shadows to create interesting images.
When the shadow falls on another subject, have unexpected results.


not all the time, your camera / phone can capture what you see.
So you have to use editing app to adjust the contrast.
I mainly to late to my phone’s photo with snapseed.
For high-contrast image, I only need three times to adjust.

  1. increase the contrast
  2. Enhanced high light
  3. decrease shadow detail

This enhances the bright portion,
reducing shadow detail, and high contrast is silhouetted picture.

above photo was taken with OnePlus 5T shot.

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