Flash Guide (a): There is no need to buy flash

First of all let me use a flash selfie photos, took place at the company gym .

gym actually looks like this:

” level will not increase contour light “my trick, so I added with orange color patch in the left rear of the model
flash, a contour of the light:

this time, the model’s hair, shoulders and arms immediately insert a bunch of Phnom Penh, richer level of light!

Second, the simulation of natural light effects, you can make the picture as beautiful like a movie.

One time I gave the little girl Thirith photo shoot in front of an abandoned store, because it is cloudy, the light is very flat, no features, but can only use my trump card – Manufacturing sunset
I with flash orange color patch plus a low hit the front light:

flash analog
the sunset light, it is easy to get a movie-like effect, will play a flash, you can let the sun appear anywhere you want in any
Anywhere, make your photos more story, the picture also will become beautiful.

Third, the practice of creative play, into another world of photography.

flash to simulate natural light, but it can also transcend reality, creativity take you into a new world of photography.
This picture is a little brother to me troops to shoot, its effect can not occur in natural light:

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