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Every person

love life are concerned about the “mobile phone photography”

for years, many people phone photography there are certain prejudices, and believe
, cell phone photos texture not as cameras, mobile phones can play how good photography?
Today to summarize, my personal experience and methods of the past few years with mobile phone photography, photography to tell you exactly what the phone need to learn what?

Before you might have seen a lot of photography tutorials, tips, articles, how-to articles which are possible but fragmented
knowledge, no systematic, resulting in the majority of people are still confused about photography after seeing a lot of how-to articles, feel difficult to learn photography.

Here, let us draw a mind map, mobile phone photography needs
learning all aspects summarized, you can glance through this Nengkanmingbai maps.
Pictures more content, it is recommended to watch click to enlarge picture more suggestions keep this figure.

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tips: articles may be longer, it takes 10-15 minutes to read thoroughly, text with pictures are all taken by mobile phones

mobile phone photography in the end to learn what?

  • Basic Operation

phone photography first need to learn is the basis for the operation of mobile phones to take, to equipment, focus, exposure, shooting mode, shooting techniques to be used
there is a certain grasp:

1, familiar with the equipment

we do not talk about the camera, the focus for mobile phones, mobile phone basic shooting interface, function, lens focal length, performance, and so in a backlight wants to understand the situation, each brand of mobile phone performance may be some nuances, such as Huawei’s focus on the shooting mode
and function, slow gate photography is very good; Apple pay more attention to quickness taken comprehensive imaging; OPPO, vivo bias portrait photography, etc., according to their preferences to buy camera phones.
In addition, mobile phone photography accessories have to know how to use, what theme to use a tripod to shoot, when to use an external camera, selfie equipment.

2, focus and exposure

focusing accuracy is a photograph taken any basis, in order to focus accurately
exposure in place to ensure that the main screen.
We need to know how a control point photometry frame exposure, exposure compensation know how to use.
Recovery coke shooting, photo effects such as virtual focus, which is the basis for the operation of mobile phones to take.

3, shooting mode

Now the phone functions increasingly
the richer, shooting more and more features and modes, such as super Night, electronic iris, portrait mode, streamer shutter, slow doors, etc. (different brand of phone may function differently).
It is worth mentioning that most cell phones are equipped with the professional mode, you can adjust the sensitivity (iso), shutter speed, white balance, focus mode, do understand the role of these parameters, how to use professional models, how to bring up the phone Professional Photography

4, imaging techniques

on the basis of the phone photographing operation more commonly used imaging techniques, e.g. panorama
mode, macro photography, slow shutter photography, time-lapse, slow motion, etc., panorama mode how to operate, how to take panoramic pictures avatar; macro photography requires an external camera, an external lens how?
Apple, Android phones taken door slowly drawing effect, light rail need to use what mode software; Notes shooting time-lapse photography, slow-motion photography and so on, these shooting techniques need to try to get to know yourself to do more shooting shooting
operating essentials.

  • framing

a second aspect of photography is to learn framing and composition skills, why our photos are no beauty, no mood, viewing angle is probably not good, but not light photography, composition method is wrong.

1, framing

that is we want to take this picture of the picture, what scene, environment
shoot of a tree?
Construction or food, take a photo first thing to do is to determine the subject and shooting scenes, and even a lot of experts in photography did not begin before the shooting, had been conceived in the brain of a scene shot, and finally just everything is ready, press
shutter only.

is also a need to find the best imaging angle, and to find the right shooting light.
Good shooting angle can be refreshing, the right light to ensure proper exposure picture, rich color, and why many photographers always looks around before shooting, to see is the viewing angle and direction of light.

2, the composition

There are many ways of photographic composition,
such as the rule of thirds, squares, symmetrical, chiaroscuro, blank, box-type composition, the use of line, color matching and so on, these patterning method using nothing more than to make more prominent theme of the screen, the picture is simple, the mood is more abundant.

as Photography
beginner, these commonly used patterning method to understand according to the shooting scene, the theme of flexibility, but we can not just mechanically, shoot the scenery must be three points, must golden spiral?
Not necessarily, as long as the screen theme, mood prominent, any patterning methods are feasible, even adding their own ideas and creative shooting, the photo shoot unique.

  • late Retouching

a third aspect of the study of cell phone photography: retouching late, very late appropriate necessary because the original film more or less there are some deficiencies, exposure, composition, color, etc.,.
I often get this message: P you this picture, right?
Original still feel the best, the feeling is not true of late.
Photographer often have this idea is not enough to understand the late retouching, retouching experience less caused.

1, retouching software

commonly used software and software for mobile phones late retouching to master,
snapseed, VSCO, Mix, union, pungent retouching, butter and so on camera, how to adjust the parameters of the software, the functional role of parameters, such as how to select a filter palette.

2, FIG repair process

Most beginner shooting
students often have no idea of ​​the late retouching, adjusting parameters to get the picture of chaos and filters, the final color photo excessive, too much contrast, in many cases color distortion.
This requires us to master the right post retouching steps and processes, first of all secondary composition adjustment (crop, select, correct angle, etc.), followed by basic adjustments (exposure, color and other basic parameters), is once again adjust the details of (local, brush tool
), and finally the overall adjustment (overall toning).

3, retouching personal style to develop

retouching much later, often have some of their own retouching habit, like the habit with which several software, which several tools, parameters
, filters, etc., which is actually a personal style retouching, and according to their own aesthetic preferences retouching.
This requires us to have more keen judgment of photos, post-tinted photograph direction, which is used to adjust the tool parameters and have a general understanding.
Of course, this requires a certain process, basically to photographers at this stage, the level of photography has been relatively good.

  • aesthetic lifting

photography, the aesthetic is very important, basically what we could take pictures of the beauty of good mood pictures, most of which are determined by the photographer’s aesthetic.
Why do you say that?
Photography aesthetic basically the photographer’s ability to grasp the shooting scene, acuity of light, color, choice of themes for the screen.
Photo looks good people tend to have their own unique perspective, to know what kind of light, the scene can take good pictures.

the photographic aesthetic is not a good person, most beginners, often through a pat, but not the light, do not understand the trade-offs, there is no photo shoot
too much beauty.

How can enhance the photographic aesthetic?
There are four methods:

1, look good photography works, from which photographic works well, use of light can be seen, the subject, the composition, etc., of toner,
We can learn from the good works of the shooting method, to learn more.
Recommend a few to see photographs of the software: Figure worms, National Geographic, vision, lofter.

2, The quality of photos and more analysis, see the photos as much as usual analysis of photographs,
I feel good shot, good?
What good reason is?
Especially multi analyze their past photos, photos often this analysis, be able to find a lot of answers, the next shot will not make the same mistake.

3, to find expert coaching, coaching master himself behind closed doors is better, do not understand their own
problem, not operating, may only need one minute teaching experts, to find a “master” to study photography will be much faster.

4, and more shooting practice, read so many tutorials, listened to so many
of course, if you do not shoot, still no progress, to develop the best plan to shoot himself, weekly / monthly cycles to shoot different themes.
More pictures, more thinking, more summary, progress is very fast.

  • summary

this article is a summary of the four major aspects of mobile phone photography to learn, help you build a mobile phone with a framework to study photography, providing a study of the idea, if you are a beginner, you can learn as a reference based on this framework, the foundation, composition
to the late, to enhance the aesthetic, practical learning step by step, rather than piecemeal style as before, there is no systematic study, progress is slow.
I hope this article can help.

article length is limited, not for each shooting techniques, in-depth to explain the main points, and will write more tutorials to photography
depth explanation.
Of course, you can also pay attention to our phone photography class, to learn more.

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