Why deft and vibrato from growing?

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once,” North deft, South vibrato, “as the moment one of the most well-known of the two short video APP, shaking
tone and deft indeed split the field.

Now, trends and globalization vibrato already more than deft.
Not deft enough, but the vibrato of business processes, the pace of globalization will fall on deft behind, which resulted in a growing gap between the two.

As the “Dragon” in the Murong Fu Qiao Feng, even though fame evenly matched, but then really meet, they compete with established contractors.
And the martial arts world is different, vibrato became the “South Joe Peak”, has become a deft “North Murong.”

deft is the founder of vibrato is an innovator

Lift the short video, audio and still revered deft shake out “Big Brother.”
In 2015, deft short video on the adoption of well-known, and vibrato fire in 2017 when the network.
Deft have also created a “certain you”, the abbot, card and Qi Deng gold absorption capacity can compete with the red YY net annual festival.
However, for video deft lack of supervision, resulting in a growing number of Internet users turn trembled and sound to include more red-coming network also began to move closer to the vibrato.

At first, deft video content for the civilian population, records are some of the chores of daily life.
People to share with the viewer through their own lives for the record.
The ground air civilians way quickly assembled a large number of users.
Meanwhile, with the deft YY anchor they have in creating your own personal account to share some daily, deft short video is also rapidly emerging.

But the deft good and the bad quality of the content that time, some do not have positive energy, negative energy content and even influence the judgment of the market deft values.
Sometimes you can see the elegant art of painting, sculpture and so on, sometimes you can also see some “grandstanding” In order to win the sewage flow of vulgar things.
For example: raw chickens, affray and other often reflected.

These actions affect the Internet “Aboriginal” 95, physically and mentally healthy growth after 00, even more people to follow suit for the video content, which caused a lot of resentment and criticism of deft move to some media

compared to the civilian population and rapid development of inaction hand, is more like vibrato to life fitted with a “filter” that will entertain effect put first.
After all continue to meet the new generation of 95, and my heart’s demand for entertainment after 00 adventures, create special effects filters, editing and other cool tricks are played, the effect is more outstanding entertainment, video and more fun at the same time, through for hotspot operators, the star with the flow
to support the platform of people and settled many positive energy official account of the way, let people come into contact with the deepest level of information, the freshest entertainment play.

In auditing, vibrato more and more stringent.
No matter how good the intentions of video and, with a little non-compliance will not be released, while the network of people, as long as there are some bad negative energy data will be directly blocked, such as: gluten brother, gentle and so on.

Run deft slow vibrato global step

with two short video APP gradual improvement of the domestic market, the international market has become the focus point of force as they grow.
Wrestling in the international market, the two companies is a short video showing a different scene.

According to public information network was informed that the foreign media broke in August of this year, overseas deft team has shrunk dramatically, we are massive layoffs.
From the end of 2018, deft in Southeast Asia, the Indian market has stopped running his.
Currently there are only served deft in South America, and in the free Photography and Video category APP APP Store ranking of overseas regions and countries, deft APP has fallen the 200 away, only Brazil in South America, entered into the list
the location of a single one hundred.

Compared with deft, vibrato of Overseas Tik Tok despite the regulatory focus of many governments, but overseas markets are still very hot.

2017 In May, vibrato launch of the international version, began to advance overseas markets.
In the United States, vibrato has acquired Flipagram and Musical.ly two short video platform.
2018, vibrato covering more than 150 markets around the world, providing 75 kinds of services in the language, users billions of dollars.

According to data Sensor Tower, TikTok in global downloads of up to 12 million times.
Among them, the United States, amounted to 105 million download times, many times to occupy the US Apple App Store downloads top three; in Japan, the Japanese television station NTV quoted the words, “Japan’s mobile Internet users in ten people inside, one person to use or download Tik Tok
tik Tok “; in France, according to” Le Parisien “reported: 38 percent of French teenagers have TikTok account.

In June, vibrato and Overseas TikTok achieve global purchases in the Apple and Android app stores of $ 10.8 million, a record high, the cumulative purchases exceeded $ 100 million mark.

Consumers always concerned about the best products in the overseas expansion, between the further back, has shown the gap between the two.

vibrato deft significant commercial value is slightly weak and strong

for the deft and vibrato this traffic level platforms, how to make the flow of business value, which is their ultimate goal.
Their common feature is that one of the main ways either live or with a cargo traffic have become realized.

However, with respect to the live random “a reward” approach that allows consumers to take the initiative to frequent “pocket” with a cargo mode has become the best realizable channels and deft vibrato, after all, the electricity supplier
simply “traffic is king.”

In the electricity supplier industry has experienced two decades of development, online traffic dividend has peaked, the major platform costs rising, how to tap new resources flow to become the largest electricity supplier problems facing the company, which
just a short video APP advantage.
Thus, a short video is also an excellent combination of electrical and Suppliers together.

and deft vibrato but also great differences in the mode with a cargo.


fast flashlight’s primary mode is generated by the fan effect deft red mesh with a cargo capacity to produce liquidity.
To enable users a deeper understanding of the product through a short video to explain the real, live advertising.
But the initiative to introduce the product, make a purchase of a passive way, it makes APP user is extremely offensive.

based on the fundamental is to use funny video, entertainment means

deft short video to make the audience laugh.
But as the pattern appears with the goods, once that civilians, entertainment piece is gone, but common is stiff product introduction, commercialization system is too serious, a great impact on the user experience, resulting in not earn
money – companion – an embarrassing state of the vicious circle of no one.

Although vibrato is achieved with a cargo net by red.
However, the vibrato information in the article will be implanted in soft video among users while viewing the video, the passive acceptance of the value of goods.
At the same time when the user viewing the video a second time, commercial advertising will be a pop-up fashion promotion, and will not affect the user’s overall viewing experience for video.

When consumers want to buy items in the video, it will automatically jump to the third-party platform of cooperation were collections or purchase, do not need to go out to seek other ways for consultation and purchase, great
saving time costs for consumers.

As more and more users vibrato, vibrato many companies are built to be served quite cool video, or create your own vibrato number, thus amplifying the brand value and marketing.

consumer awareness of different business models differ

“vulgar” and “inferior” even with some “imperial” colors; “teenage pregnancy”, “stone, ho Nam net red Wars”, “Wang Xiaoyuan live dew point” and so some low words full of deft
such a platform.
“Thug culture” “vulgar curiosity” have become the most suction gold deft video.
Platform had a yearning for a better life, and it was a group of so-called “red network” confused foul, so the content was originally sought after by a number of Internet users, but as time progresses, these non-mainstream content gradually lost consumer
interest, they began to flee deft.

faced deft content requires purification upgrade, upgrade technology needs, the need to increase user stickiness of time node, vibrato is through changes in content and technology to attract a large number of incremental users.

fried Hyun streaming video technology network, a variety of high-definition well-made drama detonated sharing networks and a variety of sports, facts, life and work skills so that people in more than entertainment to enjoy the fun of learning

deft co-founder of Yangyuan Xi once said in an interview that the investigation deft user of the South China carried out shows that many users have defected to the deft vibrato.
Beating its products bytes total daily living has reached 700 million, 1.5 billion live month, in July 2019, vibrato is DAU (daily active users) over 320 million.

vibrato aspect has announced that as of early January 2019, vibrato Nikkatsu breakthrough 250 million monthly living exceeded 500 million.
This also means that vibrato within six months of daily active users increased by nearly 3 percent; while at the same time, active users of digital main competitors deft vibrato published late last month was 200 million, within six months increased by 25%
its goal is to reach 300 million this year DAU.
Vibrato places 5 months ahead of time to complete a deft years to complete this mission.

source: 2019 Internet trends report

Meanwhile, in the”
Internet Queen “Mary Meeker released” 2019 Internet trends report “shows that in recent years, China’s Internet industry has maintained a rapid growth rate.
2018, China’s mobile Internet users has reached 820 million mobile Internet data traffic grew 189%, wherein the short video for a long time and the use of Chinese Internet traffic growth contributed.
In the short video platforms in the head, vibrato has become a well-deserved first place.

are saying “North Express South shaking”, but after several years of development, the gap between the deft and vibrato farther and farther.

(Source: deft, vibrato website)

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