Deft how the popular, look at this is enough

deft on how popular has been the hearts of all content deft most want to know the answer.

on the deft popular because it means that your video is recommended algorithm to deft home, so
naturally there will be more people thumbs up, concern, comment on your video, you can increase the number of fans in the shortest possible time, increase the visibility of deft number.

Now that there are so many popular deft on benefits, then there is no popular on any feasible way to do that?
Do not worry, listen to me explain.

a, to maintain a healthy degree account

To the popular, we must first ensure that the health of their deft number, it simply is not illegal
If the lack of this premise, even if the follow-up made more effort, and it is a sieve.

deft irregularities into ABCD
four categories, once the violation, will be warned, can lead to more serious title.

A violation of the most serious category, such as the spread of pornography and violence.
Level 5 account penalties, while one-time deposit account balance is zero deduction and the deduction of all commissions month.

Class B illegal content is uploaded vulgar content, the class C violation of personal information is illegal, private access advertising and other illegal content.
Warnings were based on the situation, the margin deduction, net of commission business, 1-4 account penalties, out of channel, broadcast function restrictions and other penalties.

D-lightest violations, including the non-original content, and so copied.
Generally do not freeze the account penalties, but will limit the promotion of the video, and so on can not be popular.

Account penalty rules:

Level 1 penalties: freeze account 7 days

Level 2 penalties: freeze account 30 days

level 3 penalties: freeze account 120 days

level 4 penalties: freeze account 360 days

level 5 penalties: permafrost account

He said maintaining the health of the account, not the offending content is the most critical step in the deft popular.
Popular video copying a lot of old thinking and deft handling number of others to achieve the effect of increasing powder, not knowing that this is a doomed no return.

Second, do deft number positioning

positioning deft number is sowing the main excavation process and create a charismatic characteristics, sowing
master in the creative process should be aware of their own advantages, combined with fans preferences to optimize the work.

For deft platform, Gao Xiaolei, emotional type, like video broadcast eat all popular video are high-frequency type.
If the positioning more confused, you can try to start from the three types.

After good location, lack of creative ideas and a lack of material how to do?
Try the melon fly data deft deft version of the popular video function.

deft deft popular internet video contains nearly 6 hours to 90 are the most popular in recent days video deft
In addition to the high-frequency popular video types, as well as many industry classification 20+, no matter what industry you are in popular reference material.

There is also a video of all popular video audience analysis, detailed collection of fans to watch this video portrait.

can be compared by the creators and their fans data, and select an account type and their fans
portrait of fit popular video reference creation.

three, holding the video content verticality

accurate positioning when the video type, the next best to ensure the verticality of the video content, it simply is guaranteed
unified video content.
The more vertical the Video account type, deft official will help you accurately marked with a label, the easier it is to attract fans to have the same hobby needs.

Imagine that you made a video broadcast eat half a year, has accumulated 50,000 fans.
But one day a sudden whim want to make video dance class, when 50,000 fans will like it?
Double-click the thumbs will comment?
Do not forget to eat because they are concerned about your video broadcast.


deft popular condition is thumbs up and more and more comments.
If you regularly frequent changing work style, work your thumbs and comments will be fewer and fewer, and even the powder out of the situation appears, account activity naturally fall, not to mention on the popular.

deft official to label what you hit is not displayed directly, then how do you know your own account label it?
By combining data analysis can understand the melon fly data deft version of hot words and fan comments.

can be seen
While the above two main broadcast data deft version of the melon fly regarded them comes down to the food industry, but you can find more hidden information by observing the fan comments word cloud.

comments about confusion in the fairy comes to food Keywords fewer, more of the word “beautiful, lovely, gentle,” and the like, indicating that more fans by her charm
attracted by temperament, so melon fly data deft version of its increase is “beauty” label.

in contrast, Wilson sweet comments in the discussion of food is more and more
, in line with the main broadcast tonality food, so melon fly data deft version adds to her “big eaters” label.

compared to the type of video you send comments fans will be more accurately reflect your fans
demand portrait.
Creators can understand the fans demand according to data deft version of the melon fly Fans Comments hot words, adjust the direction of the video content.

Fourth, utilize deft Popular tags

Many times when you will find a lot to see deft video titles in all with the same label, such as ”
I want the popular “,” fast shadow “and so on.
This is how it happened?

as Deft video are marked with different tags will, by an algorithm different precision pushed to the user’s needs.
And the tag is identified by the software, each video title unique identification tag is formed by the video screen, caption information and so on.

above-mentioned positioning and retaining good video of the video content is to be formed perpendicular to the more specific labels, the user pushes a specific potential.

“I want the popular” like the label, it is to let the audience deft identified a wide range of popular labels, plus a popular theory on these labels will increase

So go look for these popular tags or labels which is deft popular it?
The answer is melon fly data deft version.
Melon fly data deft recent version of the new on-line “deft Popular Tags” feature is for these requirements came into being.

tag by deft popular feature, you can visually see the participation of the largest number of current deft
What are tags?
Popular video under these labels What?
How about the trend of these labels?

“I want to thank deft on the popular” deft platform is currently the most popular labels in the amount of more than a billion new players every day, is indeed the most popular tags.

In addition, the melon fly data as well as data deft version of the popular label of analysis, you can see that the ratio of the number of participants in each industry, most of which the food industry and funny video with.

by popular tags feature, you can quickly locate their business in the most popular tags.
Join reasonably popular tags in the video title, can effectively improve the popular works on opportunities.

how deft the popular, is a systematic and lengthy process, requiring long-term learning and adjustment.
Melon fly deft version of the data, data analysis platform deft as a professional can help you more efficiently optimize the deft work, boarded an early deft popular, pink rose realizable took the pinnacle of life.

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